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messageis it possible to find a specific kind of "tenant"?
Posted by vito 10 January, 2017 17:39

Hi, I ll keep it short, although it s perhaps an interesting story on Brexit and its damages..But I understand probably not all of You wanna really know especially those who believe Brexit means only Brexit...

Anyway I have a 2 bed flat In ED. I m looking for a specific tenant and don t really know how to start my search..
I m not in the age of sharing flat anymore unfortunately but I need to be in London 6 months per year. I need to be here summer months but away all winter months. Roughly 6 months here in the summer and 6 months away in the winter.
I m looking for someone in my situation but in need to be in London 6 winter months
The idea is that both of us, me and my tenant, can live under the same roof but in different time of the year. Still each of us will have his own room so we can leave our staff and lock the door behind for the 6 months we are not here.
In this sense I will be able to let my 2bed flat as a 1 bed flat for 6 winter months. Tenant will have the advantage to live in a beautiful flat, paying bit less than renting any 1 bed flat in the area trough normal channels and plus there will be no need to move staff every 6 months as tenant will be allowed to leave everything he needs in here

Where shall I look, or advertise etc for a single person or a couple that needs a 1 bed flat in London for 6 winter months only but on a regular basis over the next few years...????

It s a tricky one, hope it makes sense for you reading..
Thank You


messageRe: is it possible to find a specific kind of "tenant"?
Posted by rendelharris 10 January, 2017 18:05

When I started teaching self and three friends rented a house in Wimbledon from a guy who spent winter in Italy, so we only had an eight month lease. We got it through an estate agent who said that they'd never had trouble filling it in fifteen years, and it was a very welcome stopgap while we sorted a more permanent rental. I'd say find an estate agent who will take it on - it would surely have a market amongst people whose house purchase has fallen through but don't want to lose their buyer, they could still sell then rent from you...I'd say the only trouble you might have is getting a repeat tenant, you might be better off going for a different tenant each year.

messageRe: is it possible to find a specific kind of "tenant"?
Posted by vito 10 January, 2017 18:19

Hi rendelharris
thanx a lot for Your reply I will check it out with the estate agent tomorrow; I did not think there was a market for 6 months only. I thought everybody wants 12 months min but as you said for instance a young teacher....and it doesn t need to be precisely 6 months. I could live for instance with 2 months sharing..

Any other idea welcome in the aim to find perfect solution to share with the same person on a 6months per year basis..
Maybe some university ..some business..?

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messageRe: is it possible to find a specific kind of "tenant"?
Posted by Jeremy 10 January, 2017 18:21

Yep, individual 6 month rentals are going to be much easier that finding a single person who wants to return every year.

People between moving houses... people have building work done.. those who want to try living in an area before committing to a purchase, etc.

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