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messagePregnant? Start motherhood feeling positive and empowered
Posted by hypnobirthingplace 15 January, 2017 10:00

Weekend Hypnobirthing classes - For anyone due in Spring/Summer.

The Hypnobirthing Place classes will prepare you for a smooth and calm labour, and you'll learn techniques to help if things don't go quite to plan. Start motherhood feeling positive and empowered.

Here are just some of the things my lovely couples use Hypnobirthing to help with:

- Being able to make informed choices and to proactively respond to changes if needs be
- Learning how to balance themselves and stay centred
- Ways to remain calm and free from anxiety, for a smooth and comfortable labour
- For their partners to be helpful, to feel confident supporting them; that they are in it as a team.
- Helping make sure the experience is a fun, enjoyable and happy time
- Building a positive and trusting relationship with medical caregivers
- Perhaps one of the most important ones of all, going with the flow.

Weekend group courses with places (all days are 10am-2pm):

February - Sunday 5th and Saturday 11th
March - Saturday 4th and Sunday 12th
April - Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd
May - Saturday 6th and Sunday 14th

Local Hypnobirthing mum Ness describes how she found the course...

"I felt completely supported by Zoe. I knew I was doing the best that I could to make my daughter's birth a positive experience for her and for me. I had a VBAC and it was an incredible experience knowing that I could do it. And I totally did it... me, my baby and my husband, we did it together."

Join a course and know that 10% of your course fee (295) will go to charities supporting safe births for women in developing countries.

For more info and to book:

Many thanks,

Zoe x

messageRe: Pregnant? Start motherhood feeling positive and empowered
Posted by hypnobirthingplace 16 January, 2017 13:22


I've been asked whether it's OK to attend this course alone. The answer is yes, absolutely fine to come by yourself. If you do so, I will accompany you for any of the relaxations usually involving partners. You can also bring along a friend if they are going to be your birth partner.

Thanks, Zoe

messageRe: Pregnant? Start motherhood feeling positive and empowered
Posted by hypnobirthingplace 01 February, 2017 20:27

Hi there,

I'm excited to be teaching from a new venue, Goose Green Clinic. The space is perfectly suited to Hypnobirthing - big, bright and airy. All courses will be held at the Clinic from now on.

February's Hypnobirthing Place class is fully booked but there are still three places remaining for the weekend course in March if you'd like to join us?

You can book here: []

Or feel free to get in touch and find out more - finding a teacher who feels like a good fit is vital for getting the most from any Hypnobirthing course. Email or ring me on 07989 587 112.

Warmest Wishes,


messageRe: Pregnant? Start motherhood feeling positive and empowered
Posted by coreilly 06 February, 2017 21:21

My husband and I attended Zoe's class in January, and as practically-minded cynics, we would highly recommend it. We're going to be first-time parents shortly, and it's really important to me to be as informed and in control Exclaimation for my labour and early days of parenting as I can, really to have labour be something I do rather than something that happens to me, if that makes sense!

Zoe was excellent, really practical and definitely open to the fact that labour and birth happens in lots of different ways. I found the book and some online recordings were slightly less flexible in terms of a natural birth being the "only" option. Zoe equipped us with the tools to deal with changes in plans, and to go with the flow! It remains to be seen how the labour goes of course, but for the present I'm now regarding it with confidence and calmness rather than fear!

messageRe: Pregnant? Start motherhood feeling positive and empowered
Posted by hypnobirthingplace 17 February, 2017 09:29

Lovely to read your thoughts on the course Carmel, thank you for letting me and others on here know how you found it!

For anyone due in Spring/summer, there are a couple of places left for our March weekend course. It's on the 4th and 11th, 11.30-3.30 both days.

I'm an experienced teacher with plenty of testimonials on the EDF - or you can find more, along with all sorts of other useful information on my website:

To book, just click on the shop or classes page and if you book with a friend, you will receive 20 back as a thank you. Just let me know who else is joining in 'any other info' on your booking form.

Any questions, just shout.

Warmest wishes,


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