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messagehow do you store your lego?
Posted by kmoon249 November 10, 04:46PM

Our kids are really into lego but hate taking their creations apart. They do keep playing with their sets, so its useful to keep them together. I'm looking for furniture ideas they can use to put the lego away intact.
So tired of stepping on lego.
What works for you?

Many thanks.

messageRe: how do you store your lego?
Posted by Knomester November 10, 09:31PM

Honestly? Nothing works for us. I have tried stuffle bags, separate containers for sets, bags / boxes for spare pieces, keeping the original boxes and recently a huge underbid storage box with a lid. It still ends up all over the floor / house / everywhere.

I have lost count of the number of times I have offered to lend my services with a black bin bag...

If you find a solution which works for you and your children please share!

messageRe: how do you store your lego?
Posted by Medusa November 11, 04:44PM

I had this problems (with lego-fanatic triplets) and tried various things. What worked best was a combination of a huge tool box with compartments for special pieces, something like a Trofast Ikea storage unit with shallow drawers for general pieces and a few floating shelves on bedroom walls where built/worshipped items could be placed.

messageRe: how do you store your lego?
Posted by bli November 11, 09:02PM

There were some threads on the forum about just this a few years ago - not sure the link below will work, but if you search on Lego storage you will see itís an ongoing issue (and some interesting solutions if still available to buy).



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messageRe: how do you store your lego?
Posted by RedRoundel November 13, 09:00PM

Our son has a massive Lego collection and he keeps it sorted into different types of bricks in several PP drawer units from Muji, with printed labels on them. We do have to help him do a big tidy up every now and again but it works reasonably well. The bigger ones can take whole sets but to be honest we encourage our son to take his creations apart after a few weeks so he can build anew and they don't just gather dust. They are a bit pricey but it looks really neat and if you have a big collection it works really well.

messageRe: how do you store your lego?
Posted by Peachpie November 15, 08:55PM

A huge under the bed drawer with lots of small open boxes inside for organising but any organising doesn't seem to last long!

messageRe: how do you store your lego?
Posted by Lula November 21, 04:26PM

We have something similar to this that my mum bought for my kids.

It's good because we encourage them to play with the lego on the play mat then you simply use the drawstring sides to tidy up and slide into a sturdy sided toy box. We also use low flat plastic boxes to pack away under beds and sofas.

I wish I was more organised and kept the mechanical pieces separate but all we've managed is to put the lego people into a separate bag.

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