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messageEczema troubles
Posted by sweetgirl November 21, 09:12PM

My LO has what I consider to be quite bad eczema, mainly behind the knees & on the arms.

Does anybody have any ideas or treatments that could help make it more manageable?

We're currently using hydromol, but I have found the eczema has recently got worse.
It's causing sleepless nights & constant scratching during the day.

Any ideas appreciated

Many thanks in advance

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by Sue November 21, 11:36PM

You probably know this already, but eczema can sometimes be due to diet, particularly dairy intolerance.

Don't know how old your little one is, but if they are having dairy products had you thought of cutting them out for a while to see if the eczema improves?

I think oranges can also sometimes make eczema worse for some people?

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messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by sweetgirl November 22, 12:22AM

Thanks sue

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by KatieJ November 22, 09:25AM

Aveeno (which used to be available on prescription) all over the body every day worked for us (sometimes twice a day depending on how bad it is. Then for the really bad areas (on mine it was backs of knees, neck and arms) but some Hydra cortisone cream from the chemist and put a v thin layer on for no more than 3/4 days in a row. Its works really quickly but don;t use for longer. The carry on with the Aveeno.

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by RoseJadeH November 22, 02:36PM

Also recommend Aveeno.

It is still available on prescription, you will need to ask the GP specifically. If not, supermarkets/boots etc will sell it.

Also get some rolled oats, stick in some tights and leave in the bath/under the tap, really helps to moisturise (i'm sure this is also used to sooth chickenpox itching)

Also second hydro-cortisone, can buy over the counter its relatively cheap and fast working.

Good luck!

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by emily88 November 22, 07:46PM

My little one had the same we started with aveeno but his skin was so dry i couldn't put it on quick enough as his skin would just soak it up. Then went onto the hydromol would put it on every nappy change and every feed. I used thoes times as reminders just to get the stuff on as much as pos. We did ended up with proscribed steroids for his skin. Used them just as proscribed and worked a treat. I also got some little mitts from asda found that these were the best ones and didnt fall off at night. I also reduced the number of baths he had as this can dry put the skin to only when he really needed one and with a combo of all it has helped.

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by Gooders79 November 22, 09:33PM

We had some good advice from a dermatology nurse specialist at a clinic in GP on burbage road which changed out overall practice of managing eczema. Use the hydrocortisone to manage a flare. Look up finger tip units for the volume you should be using.
Keep going for at least 5 days and then wean use.
Use emollients at least twice daily, you can get emollient packs which have loads of different types so that you can see which one suits the skin best.
If it looks at all infected, red, inflamed you might need antibiotics or anti fungal creams to settle it. This time of year is hard and we are seeing a flare in previously well controlled eczema.
Good luck

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by sweetgirl November 22, 09:47PM

Thank you all......

Any more experiences welcome.

I am due to see the gp about it, hopefully next week.

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by dutchestatefamily November 23, 09:18AM

I really feel for you. We got cream from the doctors for our daughter. But I found Salcura to be the best. They have a kids range.

Do you have any pets? A cat?
After what felt like a very long time the doctor finally agreed to a blood test at kings. But by the time the results came back I had realised that it was a cat allergy. Can't believe it took me so long to work it out!! But with eczema you can feel like you are going round in circles.
Good luck

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by bkkmei November 23, 01:47PM

My son has had eczema for ages. I've even made my own laundry gloop because I think usual washing detergents and softeners are triggers. Obviously all the central heating doesn't help. I do use steroid cream but sparingly.

A few other tips:
- natural clothing - cotton, bamboo. Avoid man-made and scratchy materials. Avoid tight clothing.
- Moisturise at least twice a day. Moisten skin before moisturising. If using something from a tub, use a spoon to get it out rather than bare hands, to keep the emollient clean. Unfortunately, they took Aveeno off the list of prescribed medicines for us. However, it actually wasn't strong enough to keep my son's skin hydrated anyhow, and we are on Hydromol.
- I've had conflicting advice regarding steroid cream. One doc told me to start with the lowest dosage then work way up. Another nurse told me to start with higher dosage then work way down. In either case, gradually tail off use rather than stop suddenly. Also they both told me that a weekly thin application on likely flare up areas helps keep eczema at bay as a preventative measure.

Hope it helps.

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by bkkmei November 23, 01:48PM

Oh yes, and keep nails short!

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by sand12 November 26, 11:47AM

Struggled with this for years and still do. It does get better as they get older and your learn more about their skin. A lot of it is genetics. Came to that conclusion once I had gone through a whole two years of blaming myself about not using the right nappies, creams, food, etc., anything and everything that was available at the time we tried. Later, had nephews who suffered through worse flare ups. So, it is something that runs in families, and environmental factors do make it better/worse.

All the above, but with the reminder that every kid is different, so it is trial and error, like so many other things with little ones. A cure,for one child may not work for another. Here are some additional things that helped us:

1. Kept the temp very low and dry though out the area where LO was. Moist/dampness and heat cause more sweating and make it more likely to get infected.
2. The steroid prescription creams work and so does the hydrocortisone as a preventative. Best to use them before it gets bad.
3. If still in nappies, we got rid of wipes and just used flannels and a spray bottle filled with witch hazel or tea tree oil diluted-I think burts bees makes it. Lots of health food stores carry it.
4. Bath every other day in tepid water and with goats milk soap and lotion afterward. I think the brand was Cana? This made a huge difference for us.
5. Cut out all dairy, including formula and didn't go back to cow's milk till several years later. For weaning we used goats milk too. Some kids have this triggered by wheat too, so our allergist recommended completely no solids for at least a year and then very gradually added in least allergic foods.
6. Organic cotton under shirts & tights (H&M) were great to keep a layer underneath that no matter what we put on allowed her skin to breath. Generally keep clothes very loose or no clothes at home. smiling smiley washed everything in sensitive skin detergent, even our clothes and bedding.
7. Aveeno, aquaphor, loads of prescription emollients, we went through them all. The goats milk stuff was the only thing that really worked.

Hope that helps and I've been there and hate to see any parent or child suffer through it. It can seriously mess with you mentally as well, so please look out for yourself too and enlist all the help you can muster. It is really hard to see pics of other kids/babies when your kid is suffering from it and looking splotchy and exhausted from not getting a restful sleep. Caring for our kids is more intense and we need more support/understanding.

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by MummaB November 26, 03:43PM

Hi sweetgirl

I can see you've already had loads of advice :-)

I just wanted to say that I bought a cream recently for dry skin/eczema that I developed around my eyes randomly. It was really getting me down. I've never had eczema before but the skin was red, almost inflamed, itchy and uncomfortable so I had a desperate search online. It's called Exeskin and I've included the link below (I bought it on Amazon). Its absolutely amazing and the dry skin has completely gone! Bought some for my mum for Xmas as well as shes got psoriasis.


Might be worth checking out? It does smell a bit funky and has a similar consistency to Vaseline but I've had incredible results and wanted to share it with you.

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by Pam50 November 27, 10:49PM

Hi Sweetgirl
I feel for you!
When my little one was suffering with it some forty years ago, I found tremendous support by joining the National Eczema Society and getting involved. It gave me the opportunity to share many self-help strategies with other families and to hear the latest research from professionals on the national executive. Many were top paediatric dermatologists and far more informed than our local team.
I checked and the NES are still going strong.
Might be worth having a look at their website


Best wishes

messageRe: Eczema troubles
Posted by Deen888 December 07, 01:34PM

Hi, I am not an expert, but I was excited to find out that medical marijuana can help to treat eczema. It seems that cannabis, when applied topically, can help to quench the inflammation that occurs by initiating an immunosuppressive effect. The flare-ups and inflammation on the skin are due to immune cells responding to the trigger. Applying a cannabis preparation appears to help put out this inflammatory fire and ease the symptoms. At least I found this info at [] , a reliable Canadian source dedicated to medical marijuana.

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