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messagePiplings Nursery in East Dulwich
Posted by Loren 11 July, 2012 12:20

Hi everyone

We went to visit Piplings Nursery near Peckham Rye a few weeks ago and although we've been really impressed with the building and the daily activities (as described by the owner) the staff in the babies' room looked very young and didn't seem to interact that much with the babies. In fact, they could have been looking after goldfish it would have been the same... They didn't talk to the babies and looked pretty much like they'd rather be some place else. I apreciate however that I looked at them less than 2 minutes during the visit so it would be great if I could get some feedback from parents who currently have their baby there. Many thanks in advance.

messageRe: Piplings Nursery in East Dulwich
Posted by Browncoffee 11 July, 2012 14:53

Hi Loren,

My daughter has been at Piplings for almost a year (first FH & now ED branch). She absolutely loves it there and has come along heaps! They go out to the park almost everyday to feed the ducks, visit the playground etc. I usually run into them at the park on Fridays (when I'm with my daughter) and they are always engaged with the kids and focused on their activities.

I agree that <2 minutes is not a long time to make an assessment and think it's certainly a good idea to speak to other parents. Finding the right childcare as we all know, is a huge deal and you need to make sure you pick the place that you're most comfortable leaving your little one. Do feel free to send me a pm if you would like to chat in more detail about my view of Piplings as it compares to other nurseries. I did a lot of research before I found the place that ticked most of my boxes.

Best wishes,

messageRe: Piplings Nursery in East Dulwich
Posted by Monkey 11 July, 2012 22:51

Hi Loren

I came out of the two nurseries my daughter's been to feeling a bit like you (i thought one of them hardly had any toys which was rubbish) Yet, now, when I look at the bond between my daughter and the staff, I could not be happier. I don't know what it is about nursery visits but they do strange things to mums! I think two visits to each nursery on your list (at different times if posible) would be a good idea. Good luck.

messageRe: Piplings Nursery in East Dulwich
Posted by Saanjh 17 July, 2012 10:53

Hi Loren,

I'm too looking for a nursery place for my 8month little girl and as a mother I understand that we try to dig as much as we can to find out the best possible nursery out there for our children. I'm sorry to of heard what you observed at Piplings. I haven't seen Piplings in east dulwich myself but my freind brings her little boy, She's very happy with the staff and he has settled very quickly because of their key person system I think it's 1:3 ratio. iv heard the nursery is managed very well and the senior staff is always very welcoming and knowledgable. Im still pretty new on this forum so If you want more information or want to send me a private message here is my email

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