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messagetouch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by floradora 06 September, 2017 21:05

Hi all - I'd like my 12-year-old to learn to touch type during the coming half term and would like any recommendations - ideally would like intensive course over the space of a few consecutive days.
Any local courses to SE22? Or any teachers?
Anyone got any feedback or tips?

I know there are various online programmes you can use but think actually having a teacher might be best route rather than me trying to oversee the process at home.

messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by Herne Hill Guest 07 September, 2017 07:04

I see that you have mentioned the online courses.
I'd just like to let you know that I learnt to touch type on a rainy Sunday from one.
In my 40s.
It might be worth trying it for a couple of hours at least.

messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by chris- 07 September, 2017 08:26

I learnt to touch type over a week with a kaz touch typing cd. I did it for 20 mins a day for a week and i could touch type but was slow. Now my typing is really fast

I would reccommend it to anyone who wants to learn. Its much better than going to a class for it.


messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by jesska 11 September, 2017 14:11

The learning support department at my sons' school recommends this course/school:


I believe they do half-term courses and also a class that runs on the weekends. Due to a schedule conflict, my oldest wound up taking a course with this school, which ran a course in Fulham.


messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by east-of-the-Rye 13 September, 2017 22:07

I'd recommend Yes as well. My son had a number of Saturday morning lessons there after I watched him laboriously type a Yr 7 project on Brazil one-fingered at a few words a minute. He didn't appear at the time to take much in,"your son did seem a little drowsy this morning" but several times since then (he's now 20) he has spontaneously said "thanks for getting me typing lessons Mum". Mind you, like any skill, typing can be used for useful and not so useful things, Reddit and Tumbr seem to be the current areas of his typing activity...

messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by floradora 14 September, 2017 19:16

Thank you everyone for help and tips. Very helpful and appreciated. I will get on the case.
I learnt myself by going to a drop-in place on charing cross road when i was in my 20s where everyone sat around with headphones going at their own pace with keyboards that were completely blank, no letters or symbols. it seemed to work pretty well!

messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by Jennys 14 September, 2017 20:26

Years ago when I learnt we covered the keyboard by wearing an apron and draping the lower part over the keyboard.

messageRe: touch typing - course/ teaching wanted
Posted by hammerman 14 September, 2017 22:42

floradora, I think a teacher would be your best bet. Touch typing is a key skill and takes a while to learn. Then again, when I started to learn touch typing it was around the late 1970s and I can still remember typing a s d f laboriously for days on end on an old manual typewriter but can imagine it's a lot easier now.

I left school at 15 to work in all types of copy/audio typing jobs and it's something you never forget like riding a bike or driving a car!

Mrs Tate was my teacher at Kingsdale School and I'm grateful to her as it's something I now take for granted!

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