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messageNo longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by DulwichBorn&Bred 20 April, 2013 11:43

Anyone else noticed that East Dulwich Forum has an increased amount of posters from areas out of Dulwich?
I get excited about purchasing an item or going for a job only to find out the item or job is in Beckenham/Brixton/Clapham/Honor Oak etc not so easy to get to without a car . I like using this forum as I am naturally assuming everything is local and walking distance .

I think we should get ell posters to attend Dulwich library with proof of their identity and address in Dulwich, anyone who doesn't live within the boundaries of Dulwich will be denied membership of EDF. I jest of course but pah! I like it just being Dulwich related !

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by Jenny1 20 April, 2013 11:57

You could see this another way though DulwichBandB.

Slowly but surely - postcode by postcode - and then city by city - East Dulwich is stealthily, but effectively - becoming the very centre of the known world.

Soon we'll have people in Shanghai advertising their secondhand sofas and farmers in Brazil wondering if anyone has a particular sized spanner that they'd like to borrow to mend their tractor - in exchange for a home brewed bottle of wine.

Will not everyone - everywhere - soon be claiming residence of SE22? I think so.........and perhaps it will make the world a better place.

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by sugarmouse 20 April, 2013 12:00

I'm no longer technically Dulwich - after living there for 8 years, we've slunk off to Sydenham where we could actually afford a house. But I still buy and sell regularly on the EDF as it's such a brilliant forum - the Sydenham one isn't half as lively and doesn't offer the same quality of stuff. But I do always try and offer to deliver within the ED area rather than let Dulwich-ites rough it out here in the badlands collecting my goodies!

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by stacey-lyn 20 April, 2013 12:21

I wonder what home brewed Brazilian vinho's like . . .

I have colleagues in Merton, Wimbledon and beyond who use this forum. A victim of its own success.

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by Pickle 20 April, 2013 12:23

I sold a phone a year or so ago, and when the person who bought it contacted me regarding collection he asked where East Dulwich was! He came to collect it (eventually) and had travelled for 2 hours to get here.

I guess the ED Forum pops up pretty high in Google searches these days which is part of the reason. And also that we are brilliant winking smiley

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by Mrs TP 20 April, 2013 17:41

It would become a bit like a local primary / secondary school - loads of people on the waiting list to become forumites and threads re the forum catchment area.

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by Sue 20 April, 2013 18:16

I do think it would be helpful if people selling things who don't live in ED said in their thread where they live.

I was interested in something until I found out I would have to go to Surrey Quays to see it big grin

messageRe: No longer ' East Dulwich ' Forum?
Posted by 26 April, 2013 23:16

Ditchwater Otta, ditchwater

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