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messageSound Healing and Reiki Healingattachment
Posted by soulaurganic 01 July, 2016 14:49

What is Sound Healing?
Sound Therapy is an ancient system that stretches back to the far reaches of human history. Humanity’s belief in sound as a creative force is as old as time.

Previous Literature
“The creative voice of God I heard resounding as AUM, the vibration of the Cosmic Motor. AUM the blissful comforter is heard in meditation and reveals to the devotee the ultimate Truth” - ‘Paramanhansa Yogananda - Autobiography of a Yogi’
“Before its incarnation, the Soul is sound. It is for this reason that we love sound” -‘Hazarat Inayat Khan – The Mysticism of Sound and Music’
“Nada Brahma - The World is sound” – ‘Joachim-Ernst Berendt – Nada Brahma’
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”- ‘John 1:1 - St James Bible’

As Johnathan Goldman states in “The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing”:

What will I receive?

· Body Scan using voice

· Sound Healing/ Sound Bath with a variety of instruments:

o Tibetan Singing and *Talking Bowls

o Crystal Bowl(s)

o Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks

o Chakra Tuning Forks

o Nerve Tuning Fork

o Drum

o Spinning Gong

o Shaker

o Voice

*Tibetan Talking Bowls are originated from Nepal used by the ancient monks. They are rare as they give out a sound that sounds as if dolphins are talking when water is added while playing.

*Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks

Ut=396 Hz (=9) (Ut quent laxis) For liberating guilt and fear

Re=417 Hz (=3) (Resonare fibris) For Facilitating Change & Support

Mi=528 Hz (=6) (Mira gestorum) For Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair

Fa=639 Hz (=9) (Famuli tuorum) For Connecting & Relationships

Sol=741 Hz (=3) (Solve polluti) For Awakening Intuition

La=852 Hz (=6) (Labii reatum) For Returning to Spirit

With the Sound Healing, Tibetan Talking Bowl(s) will be placed on your body (front or back) as you lie down if you wish. With Sound Bath, you can just find yourself in a comfortable position whether sitting or lying down.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

EVERYONE. It is open to all. It will be beneficial if you have a particular intention for the sound treatment or if not, it is still fine : ) The Healing takes place for the highest good of the individual. Each person will experience different effects. The experience may vary from person to person and from time to time.

About me

Hello, my name is San, a trained sound healing practitioner at ATLANTIS COLLEGE OF CRYSTAL, REIKI and SOUND HEALING in London. I am also a Usui and Tiebtan Reiki master and trained Karuna and Anubis Reiki Practitioner. I am also a Munay-Ki Practitioner and do animal reiki. I am into crystal healing and making my own skincare products and chakra sprays.


"Sound is a very powerful method of healing, clearing and harmonising the energy fields. Sandy holds a beautiful and powerful healing space." Steve Ahnael Nobel. Author, coach, founder of Soul Matrix Healing. Ex Director of Alternatives (based in St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London)

'I had a lovely sound healing session with Sandy. I experienced a state of deep relaxation as the sound of the bowls penetrated deep into my body. I could feel my body releasing stored tension as my body shook spontaneously. The more tension I released the more I could feel the life force energy circulating around my body which was beautiful as it felt as if all my cells are dancing happily. I could feel the uplifting effects of the session for a long time afterwards.' Debra G.

'I enjoyed the sound therapy, even from the body scan I felt it tightened in my chest. I got an even better feeling when it was 1-1. I felt the vibrations all over my body, and went into my thoughts. I had the picture of my dead mother smiling upon me. It was a lovely experience. Don't knock it till you try it. Thank you for a lovely experience.' Eddie B.

'I had the pleasure of getting the treatment from Sandy. Can honestly say I felt better and it took me back to my past. Have travelled far back I know what I must do now. Would recommend this treatment for soul healing' Julia O.

'Well, I wasn't so sure at first, but curious nonetheless. However, after actually trying it, I felt pretty good. My body relaxed and I felt renewed. On a side note, it is coming from someone who suffers from insomnia and is usually quite stressed.' Nicolas H.

'San's sound healing session is very relaxing and really worth a try if you haven't yet. She's got the most calming voice which made my whole healing session very pleasant and enjoyable. Once the session started, her voice was sort of like the light in the dark leading you to recharge and boost your energy and different chakras. She'd gradually tell you what you have to do and whats her next step so you'd feel safe and sound. This healing session also gave me loads of visions apart from just "healing". I saw different interesting things and they all had different inspiring messages to send me. I highly recommend San's healing programme and will definitely go back if I get a chance to!' Duffy S.

For more sound healing reviews, please visit

FB: []



Thank you for reading!

With Love and Light


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