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messageHomeless girl in London Bridge Station
Posted by Juno70 27 November, 2018 16:00

I am an infrequent traveller through London Bridge Station but last night around 11.15pm as I was running to catch a train to Dulwich, I saw a young woman with red hair in the area of London Bridge walk way between the tube and the station . She was sitting on a mat with a sign and was visibly very upset and crying.
She told me that the police kept moving her on and that she was going to have to sleep in a local park that night a s she didn't have enough money to stay anywhere else.

I am really worried about this young girl who looked very vulnerable and I wish I had stayed and talked to her to try and help.

Has anyone else seen her and maybe we can do something as a community to help?
Any police or charity workers out there with advise?

messageRe: Homeless girl in London Bridge Station
Posted by Penguin68 27 November, 2018 16:28

There are a number of semi-professional beggars working out of London Bridge and other stations - there's always a clutch on the Overground. Some are almost certainly genuinely hard cases - but others - who I see frequently - are obviously doing this as a regular thing. They are very good - not aggressive - weepy - grateful, but you should not fall for their blandishments. Give to registered charities, buy The Big Issue, but don't encourage street (or train) begging. The Charities apply your money well, in general, and direct it to the genuinely needy, many of whom are in fact aggressive, ungrateful, scary. Many of these 'charity targets' on and around public transport are too good to be true. And aren't.

If you think the person you saw is genuine - look for a charity which seems to be addressing her needs and give to that. That's the most effective way to get aid to those, maybe like her, or appearing like her, who actually need it. Or, if you think someone is in genuine and immediate danger, call the transport police.

messageRe: Homeless girl in London Bridge Station
Posted by IlonaM 27 November, 2018 16:50

You can report someone who you like to help to Street Link - []

'StreetLink exists to help end rough sleeping by enabling members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that can support them.

If you are concerned about someone you have seen sleeping rough in England or Wales, you can use this website to send an alert to StreetLink.

The details you provide are sent to the local authority or outreach service for the area in which you have seen the person, to help them find the individual and connect them to support.

We ask you to provide the following information:

1) A specific location for the rough sleeping site. You can do this by using a map to pinpoint the exact location and then providing a written description of the location.
2) Details of the time that the rough sleeper has been seen at the location.
3) Any information about the rough sleeper that will help find them (gender, approximate age, what the person looks like, what they are wearing).

You will receive details of the action the local authority normally takes when they are told someone is sleeping rough in their area and an update on what has happened as a result of your alert within 10 working days if you have requested it.

If the person needs urgent medical attention or you believe they are under 18 years of age please call 999'

messageRe: Homeless girl in London Bridge Station
Posted by Juno70 27 November, 2018 16:58

Thank you, that sounds like a good practical solution.

messageRe: Homeless girl in London Bridge Station
Posted by PeckhamRose 27 November, 2018 19:54

And now we all know. Love this page. Thanks for sharing.

Humanist Funeral Celebrant

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