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messageBullying case
Posted by JohnL 28 November, 2018 10:20

This bullying case is disturbing and I've rarely seen a story move through twitter so fast (and it's not just in the UK). Who to blame though, boys, parents, media coverage, Theresa May.

I've a feeling of something wrong here.


messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by edcam 28 November, 2018 10:28

Was reading about this last night. The bully is from a scumbag family with form. This will be by no means an isolated incident in these dark times when the far right and racists are emboldened by Brexit and the general political climate.

EDITED TO ADD that the bully has now been charged.

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messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by TE44 28 November, 2018 11:21

This is a horrendous story, it has taken this vid to be filmed for it to be news. Even though it is being reported his arm was fractured under a similiar situation. It us also being relorted his sister has also suffered at the hands of bullies.
Bullying is a huge problem in education, an intolerance
to differences on many different levels, although
this is recognised there are many parents not satisfied
with how this is dealt with. There have been suicides linked with bullying, but we never hear of what is learnt from action taken.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by TE44 29 November, 2018 10:18


This incident happened on the 25th of October, shortly before this incident the police investigated another incident regarding the young boys wrist injury.
This article above says the incidence in the vid was an on going investigation. Now another vid has been found on phone of his sister also being bullied.
I understand people wanting to help but I don't understand how money can deal with this problem.
Unless being able to help move the family. This needs to be investigated individually as in any incidents, as it also needs to be recognised this is a common occurence.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by malumbu 29 November, 2018 19:49

It doesn't help that you focus on a single incident and also use pejorative and self-righteous terms like lowlife scum, where you lose the moral high ground. Happy slapping (what horid term) has been around since the rise of social media and isn't limited to right winge bigoted racists. There is also the big picture of why does society encourage sharing real physical and mental harm as a form of entertainment and that includes the videos of us doing tricks and falling flat on our face (ho ho ho Harry Hill).

That said, before you get on your high horses, the general point about the rise of populism, racism, bigotry etc really worries me. Just be careful in your use of language as holier-than-though posts may not necessarily help the cause.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by Blah Blah 29 November, 2018 23:59

Worse than that, Yaxley-Lennon has used it to claim that this boy was himself responsible for prior incidents of bullying (so victim blaming) and is now facing being sued (he never learns).

Whatever the truth of all the stories now circulating, it seems to be the case that this particular school may have a problem that it has not been addressing for some time.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by TE44 30 November, 2018 00:55

Bullying along with physical and sexual abuse are problems many schools are struggling to deal with.
There are many parents who have been faced with schools unable to respond in a way that has stopped
horrendous experienced there children are going through. It worries me that bringing money into this
may create a diversion from the bigger problem. I cannot find anything on the page for funding that
suggest how money would help.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by TE44 30 November, 2018 01:09


I don't mean to go off topic but link above is a case
this week where a local authority paid out for not being able to protect a child. The family had to pay for counselling for this child whilst fighting the authority.
I wonder what support has been offered to Jamal and his family before this vid was released.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by Angelina 30 November, 2018 09:28

but they still won't accept any responsibility - that's just as shocking.

what a sad situation, poor little thing. Six years old and terrified in what is supposed to be a safe place.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by Blah Blah 30 November, 2018 14:00

There was a government minister on Newsnight a couple of nights ago who was pretty angry that this happened, so maybe he or another minister will now look into what is going on at this school.

Yes it can be difficult for schools to deal with bullying, but either you create a culture where children can safely report bullying and see action, or you don't. This school seems to sit in the latter.

There have always been school bullies. But schools do have a range of options for dealing with this. Doing nothing is not an option though.

As for the money raised in this case, it could be used in lots of positive ways, including giving Jamal and his sister a chance at another school somewhere else, one where they will be safe and treated with dignity. More importantly, it sends the message that the UK is still a country where most people are decent and giving. And that message is more important than the money.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by TE44 30 November, 2018 18:19

Blah blah. I get what you're saying and theres no doubt this money could be used to help Jamal and his family. I think by hearing of cases where no help was offered and people have had to fund therapy themselves, others having to do without what should be offered, does not show decency nor caring within institutional systems for the thousands of people who feel isolated and unable to get the help and protection for there children.
It is more important that the families are all shown some decency and offered help for the damage done.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by Blah Blah 30 November, 2018 20:35

I agree but what does that have to do with a gofundme page being set up by someone and others donating? Anyone can do that.

What you are talking about is central government funding, which is something government decides on, not you and I. And plenty of people are always campaigning around that, often to deaf ears sadly.

messageRe: Bullying case
Posted by TE44 30 November, 2018 21:56

Blah Blah I feel it is a bigger problem than what money can do, regardless of where it comes from, i do not think it is more important we come across as a country that is giving and caring, it is more important something must be done. I realise people are refusing to accept schools have not been transparent on there confusion over how to deal with dangerous behaviour.
Parents and brave teachers determination to support and not accept what is happening shows we care and although it may seem it has fallen on deaf ears, it has brought out many horrendous situations that were hidden. I know anyone can set up a gofundmepage, it just worries me it takes away the bigger picture.

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