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messageInternet provider scam
Posted by Lynne March 03, 10:02AM

Is anyone else being inundated with calls saying we're about to be cut off unless.... (at this point we hang up). It's been going on for days and we haven't been cut off yet, so a scam of some sort.

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by IlonaM March 03, 10:32AM

Had a few pre-recorded calls over the last week. Put phone down. Have had them in the past, but just started again.

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by TheArtfulDogger March 03, 11:40AM

I love the emails I get that go something like


Hi, your account has been hacked! Modify your password right away!
You do not know me me and you really are most likely wondering why you're getting this email, is it right?
I'm ahacker who crackedyour email boxand all devicesseveral months ago.
You should not try out to talk to me or alternatively find me, in fact it's not possible, because I forwarded you this message using YOUR hacked account.

I started malware soft to the adult videos (porno) website and guess you spent time on this site to enjoy it (you know what I want to say).

While you have been watching videos, your browser started out to act as a RDP (Remote Control) that have a keylogger which provided me the ability to access your monitor and web camera.

Afterward, my softwareaquiredall data.

You have put passcodes on the web-sites you visited, I sniffed all of them.
Of course, you are able change each of them, or possibly already modified them.
But it doesn't matter, my app renews information every time.

What actually I have done?

I compiled a backup of every your device. Of each file and contact lists.
I created a dual-screen videofile. The 1 section shows the clip you were observing (you have the perfect preferences, huh...), and the 2nd screen shows the recording from your own camera.
What must you do?

Clearly, in my opinion, 1000 USD is basically a fair price for our small riddle. You'll make the deposit by bitcoins (in case you don't understand this, search ?how to buy bitcoin? in Google).

You will have 2 days in order to make the payment.

To tracethe reading of a letterand the activityin it, I installeda Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (Everything thatcan be usedfor the authorities may helpus.)

If I fail to get bitcoins, I shall immediately offer your video to each of your contacts, along with family members, colleagues, and many more


Two things strike me as untrue

1. I always cover my webcam over 😜
2. I've been getting these for months now and no one has received the promised video 😏

Still my spam filter catches them, and I get a good laugh


messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by Chick March 03, 12:57PM

I had an almost identical email and don't have a camera but it did say "one of your passwords is caroline1". I once fell for a scam and signed in to a site that was supposed to be AOL. They emailed all my contacts pretending to be me having been robbed in Egypt and asking for money. So that email account and the old password must have been sold on recently.

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by DulwichFox March 03, 01:51PM

It's a common scam.
This your internet provider. Your service is going to disconnected Today.
Please press 1 to speak to an engineer to resolve this problem.
If you want your internet disconnected Please press 2.

Don't press anything. Put the Phone down.


messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by sjw March 03, 05:17PM

yes i have up to 3 of these a day in spite of being told to go away only in other words I have activated the BT nuisance call line this works by you dialling 1572 after the call then all subsequent calls from that number go directly into a junk voice mail box . This is a free service from BT

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by JohnL March 04, 10:02AM

LOL first time I got the 'hacker' message I replied straight off "Wrong password saddo, I'm coming to Russia this moment to sort this out with you" (or more colourful words to that effect) and of course they spoof the sender so it went straight to me.

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by Lynne March 08, 02:19PM

Still getting them and had the old favourite, the "Telephone Preference" this morning. In effect, just tell me your account number and dob and you'll be a safer person.

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by kindrem April 04, 12:03PM

I think fraud, they often recruit me from different structures, ask what services I use. I never answer, just hang up and add such numbers to the ignore list

Be lucky like I with []
Just play and win!

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by Pugwash April 04, 01:03PM

I got a call from allegedly OFCOM stating that my email account had been hacked and was going to be cut off within 24 hours - press 1 for more details. Just put phone down.

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by sjw April 04, 01:59PM

yes also inundated with these calls. I do add them to the 1572 blocking number but i guess they just use a new number as i have done this about 10 times !

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by PeckhamRose April 04, 04:24PM

1) If you are with BT Dial 150 and when you can speak say FRAUD and you will be put through more quickly to someone who can advise.
2) Do the 1572 thing and block the last number but they can of course make it look like it is coming from lots of any numbers.
3) For emails, if you are getting a BT bill that looks wrong, forward it to

The call I got today told me she had my BT account number and my BT phone number and knew my name, when I asked her. She had rung my mobile! So I said what is my name and she came out with a different name. The 8 digit number was wrong (I am a sad so and so I can remember my BT account off by heart), and didn't have the first two letters. The number the phonecall came from was a mobile number 07xxx and she put the phone down on me when I asked too many questions. If you phone 150 and then say FRAUD when finally allowed to speak, you will be more quickly put through to someone. 1572 is useful.
But another one sent to emails is interesting, that says your bill is available now. I have a few email addresses and it goes to one NOT my main BT email address. So forward them to

Hope this helps.

Humanist Funeral Celebrant

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by malumbu April 04, 06:30PM

Work has been hit by the 'you've been looking at porn scam'. I had a slightly different experience - I got sucked into looking at the Daily Mail comments about the Cabinet Secretary leak on his Brexit report. I'd got away with doing this before, having a genuine reason to look at an article and not looking at the gossipy sidebars with the provocative pictures. Honest. But this time clearly I have a virus as immediately I got an e-mail saying they knew that I had been looking at the Daily Mail and unless I paid the ransom they would shop me to my employer. Cost me a pretty penny or two.

I hark back to the old days of paper copy and always paid heed to advice in Viz magazine - along the lines " Mail readers, I always place mine in my copy of Razzle to hide my embarrassment"

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by sjw April 04, 09:14PM

today I had a call from "BT" informing me that as I was such a good customer they were going to give me 3 months free from rental charges!! then they asked for the name of my bank ! to which I replied " this is a scam you f****** b******* and once again blocked the number on 5172

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by snoopy17 April 04, 11:07PM

When theynsay prees 1, what happens if you do press 1?

messageRe: Internet provider scam
Posted by DulwichFox April 05, 09:11AM

snoopy17 Wrote:
> When theynsay prees 1, what happens if you do
> press 1?

I Think I must of accidently pressed '1' on my bedside phone after it woke me up. Still half asleep.
It has a key pad on the handset.

A voice said "You have missed a call from (cant remember who) Please wait for an engineer/assistance. ???

I just put the phone down.


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