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messageharrased in peckham
Posted by mimifantasia87 March 21, 09:53AM

hi all,

I'm a dulwich resident and have been for over 15 years. I travel to work via peckham rye station as it has better connections then east dulwich station.

I just wanted to make everyone aware and to take care when travelling to and from peckham station and to keep an eye out on a not so nice young man. mixed race, around 5,11, around 25 years old, wears a hat.

Last night i was harrased and nearly attacked by the above guy standing outside the station asking for money. when i said i didnt have any, i walked off, he obviosuly thought i was rude and proceeded to follow me to tell me he was going to kill me and who did i think i was whilst going to his hoody pocket as if he was about to pull out a weapon of some sort. He came right up to me. i did freeze and didnt say anything and thank god he stopped and walked away.

it wasnt nice and i was extremel shaken up but jsut wanted to make everyone aware of this. i didnt call the police as i didnt think they would do much anyway.

The guy was clearly 1.on drugs or 2. had mental issues and clearly needs help.

but please everyone be careful and stay safe in and around the area.

messageRe: harrased in peckham
Posted by nxjen March 21, 10:00AM

Sorry to learn you experienced this. Please do report to the police, I doubt you are the only one to be subjected to this and if there are a number of similar complaints, the police will do something.

messageRe: harrased in peckham
Posted by Jules-and-Boo March 21, 11:27AM

You should inform the police. They can keep track of the number of complaints/ incidents.

messageRe: harrased in peckham
Posted by IlonaM March 21, 11:30AM

Yes, do report to police.

When I lived in Dollis Hill we used to have to run the gauntlet of various touts, dealers etc which was very daunting to cross and scary walking home. The local police stepped up their presence in the evenings which made such a difference.

messageRe: harrased in peckham
Posted by edcam March 21, 02:14PM

So sorry you had to go through this but you really should tell the police.

messageRe: harrased in peckham
Posted by NewWave March 21, 05:39PM

tell the could save someones life by doing so
and at the very least stop others being similarly threatened.

messageRe: harrased in peckham
Posted by LJC04 March 21, 10:05PM

I know exactly who you are talking about, he has hassled me before and got quite aggressive when I wouldn't give him money but not to this extent. I hope it hasn't shaken you up too much.

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