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messageRe: Diversity
Posted by teddyboy23 29 April, 2019 13:15

Let's try some spelling then cupcake,your a wind up cont,see eye can spill.

messageRe: Diversity
Posted by TheCat 29 April, 2019 15:15

Fishbiscuitre and Siduhue...thank you both for your balanced and on-topic comments...I was beginning to lose hope for this threadsmiling smiley

Fully aware that 'Diversity' doesn't just mean gender, and I totally conscious that Ms Reid was referring to the various other aspects of diversity.

I am indeed supportive of Womens issues/equality etc - but as with a number of virtuous causes, I sometime get frustrated with the manner in which some stakeholders attempt to achieve their goals (For example, I am a big proponent of supporting methods of tackling climate change, and it was actually my job to try and do just this until quite recently, but dont get me started on the efficacy of direct action with regards to climate change - so I am critical of Extinction Rebellion, but that doesn't mean im a climate change denier (when in fact quite the opposite), it means I think there are better/more effective ways to bring about positive change.

So when groups like the WEP, go about their business largely to the exclusion of men (Men who may indeed be able to offer up some differing perspectives - in particular how the WEP might make its message more appealing to other men for example?) - I find it frustrating - and reading a comment where their diversity is being trumpeted (it wasnt just in this article, they have a press release/section of website dedicated to it as well) - it just irked me somewhat. I would prefer if they said, the 'most diverse group of women' - rather than just the 'most diverse' when comparing themselves to other parties - perhaps it is nitpicking - but this is the type of thing that probably annoys those people who are skeptical of the WEP.

To the point you both have made about the usefulness of the WEP having a male candidate....well...having a male WEP candidate clearly will not improve the gender balance in parliament in the short term, but (just as the sight of female candidates/role models has encouraged other women through the years) perhaps the sight/message of that male candidate will encourage other men to consider these issues more fully? and in the long term is actually a good thing?

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messageRe: Diversity
Posted by fishbiscuits 29 April, 2019 17:10

Looking into it further, there are a few male members. I wonder if any of them have ever put themselves forward? It seems unlikely. It would take a brave man indeed to claim he'd make a more suitable candidate (and potential MP), than the female members he'd be standing against.

messageRe: Diversity
Posted by seenbeen 29 April, 2019 19:44

If they wanted to do something valuable they should make sure that ALL schools teach Diversity INCLUDING (now there's an apt word) LGBTQ+ issues especially since tolerance of differences is enshrined in UK Law. Some faith schools I know do not even discuss LGBTQ+ issues but do discuss disability, race equality etc but IGNORE LGBTQ+ and the kids are overtly homophobic at times...and are rarely reprimanded.
LGBTQ+ are PEOPLE too and it's about time that tax-payer funded schools were MADE to introduce the differences in humanity to children- sensitively- from an EARLY age

messageRe: Diversity
Posted by Davis 01 May, 2019 12:38

Is it even legitimate to distinguish between genders according to the current social political context in the UK?

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