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messageRe: Danny Baker sacked
Posted by Sue May 12, 03:06PM

Billy Bragg has a good take on it, I think:


messageRe: Danny Baker sacked
Posted by carlafindle May 12, 05:22PM

Seabag Wrote:
> I like Danny Baker as a broadcaster, and in the
> past when he was on BBC Radio London, his shows
> verged on genius.
> However, thereís always been this balancing act, a
> verge of chaos with his way of broadcasting (and I
> include his Twitter feed). He prided himself on
> not conforming, not turning up with a running list
> of how his show would run, all based on his past
> ability to deliver, mostly or much of it
> off-the-cuff. And for years he pulled it off, he
> had form and could deliver on the day and of the
> moment. In some ways he was a dream ticket for
> producers, though I suspect a nightmare for
> others. He was a broadcasters, broadcaster.
> But itís a Ďlive by the sword, die by the sword
> situation. Baker prides himself, styles his
> reputation on nuance and the power of words, and
> words are there to illustrate thoughts and
> visualise them. He was trading on his
> knowledgeable and knowing ways, and within the
> world he created, he was king. Sadly though here
> heís hung and swung by his own petard, his own
> standard.
> The litmus test is wether Baker would himself have
> been understanding and/or forgiving if member of
> the establishment he lampoons with such regularity
> ( he admits he has a file of stock images to do
> so) had made such an error of judgment. Iím fairly
> sure heíd have been taken (rightly) to task, and
> Baker knows this.
> But is Baker a racist? Iím not sure wholly, but
> the post on Twitter hit all the notes of that
> category. Though Iím not sure if Ďracistí is a
> 100% binary thing. I think most people in the high
> percentile Ďdonít want to be perceived as racistsí
> though there are deep seated and ingrained tropes
> in the world that we work hard on removing, both
> from society and ourselves.
> In this and other incidents it turns out thoughts
> to ourselves, in a Ďthank f**k I didnít do thatí
> and maybe itís a light shone on a before we even
> moment, where we reflect and pause before we open
> our mouths, or post about such things.

Fair comment, well said.

messageRe: Danny Baker sacked
Posted by malumbu May 13, 10:27PM

Wow Ė what have I caused here in provoking this level of debate and strong feelings?

Perhaps I can close it down with a few concluding comments.

Firstly the original questions were (a) was he being racist (I suspect not) and (b) should he have been sacked (I think a suspension was harsh enough). Legitimate views range from yes/yes to no/no, which is the whole point of argument and debate.

But some reactionary posts (almost diametrically opposed to the Daily Mail in terms of the ranting), probably knowing very little about the matter, led me to ask if there had been a sense of humour failure (it could be seen as funny, I suppose) and what is wrong with mocking the royal family?
Then there is a question on BBC hypocrisy as there have been other occasions (Lord Sugar anyone?) where action has not been taken including football pundits making inappropriate comments about womenís football (usually with an apology afterwards).

The next issue for debate was if he didnít mean to offend, and isnít racist, is he still guilty for not being more aware (although I still struggle to see why all references to primates can be inferred to as racist) and therefore continuing to propagate the white male perspective on life (ďshe was asking for it mílud, the way she was dressedĒ). Or someone who is so obsessed by self publicity he was blind to the wider impact and deserved what he got?
After then there is my ignorance confusing the two Duchessís and even referring to them as princesses. Off with my head. I tried to bring in a question about KMís ethnic identity. I donít care about her ethnicity but ethnic identity is an interesting subject, retaining and celebrating oneís culture, influencing/melding with other cultures and the like. Could they have included an African American name? None of my bloody business of course, but that would have been a statement.

Then there is a good question about how societyís norms change, generally a good thing and Iíll be first to put my hand up to apologise for jokes made in the past that were not intended to be offensive but clearly would be seen that way now. Although pleased to see that Seth McFarlane still pushes the boundaries Ė we need to be truly offended to realise what is right and wrong.

Thinking of the norms and the BBC, have a look at some of the old episodes of Black Adder, The New Statesmen and the like and they can slip into casual homophobia, yet this was the cutting edge of the new age of cutting edge right on comedy. As for Alexi Sayle and calling himself a FB, well how sizest is that?
And finally some of you decided that you would give your views on me. Bit naughty and I am sure pretty inaccurate, but thanks to those who argued in my favour.

Overall itís been very exciting. Thanks DB for inadvertently provoking such deep thoughts and one of the best threads for ages (and well done Malumbu).

PS thanks for pointing me to the Billy Bragg twitter feed.

messageRe: Danny Baker sacked
Posted by Seabag May 16, 06:43AM


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