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messageCan anybody advise re an insurance claim complaint?
Posted by Sue 20 June, 2019 13:19

I made an insurance claim last July (2018) re subsidence (my bay).

Due to a series of errors, bad decisions and lack of communication by the various people/organisations concerned, the remedial work which was supposed to have been finished before Christmas is still not completed.

Since the claim was made, I have been left to chase everything up myself and try to make sense of different information given me by different "professionals" , or in some cases by the same "professional" at different times.

I have not had the use of my through living room (all boarded up, including between the two halves of the room, and with no front windows) or front bedroom (where all my living room contents are now stored) since February.

All this has had an impact on my mental and physical health, plus I have had to cancel arrangements made for a (very) significant birthday. The only place I can sit (apart from a very small office) is my kitchen. Otherwise I have to go to bed. I have been quite ill during this time, and have not even been able to lie on a sofa.

A formal complaint was made to the insurance company at the beginning of March, followed shortly after by a detailed summary and outline of events. As a result of this, what had already been done (which was in a half completed state) has now all had to be taken down again and rebuilt.

Following various emails, the insurance company sent me their "final decision" in May in a letter which made it clear that they had not understood some of the issues.

They also sent me a cheque for a derisory amount of compensation which I have already told them I am not accepting.

I think they are hoping I will just give up. I sent them an email correcting some of what they had said and saying I would be sending a fuller response, but due to intermittent ill health I haven't yet done that.

They have told me that if I am not happy I can "make another complaint" !!!!!!

They have also told me I can take my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.

Somebody told me yesterday that I should involve a solicitor, and that the insurance company would have to pay their fee, but that sounds unlikely to me.

Can anybody advise me on my best way forward? I have obviously not cashed their cheque.

Oh, and after my complaint had been submitted, they upped my annual insurance premium by 40% .....

messageRe: Can anybody advise re an insurance claim complaint?
Posted by J&J_GrovePark 20 June, 2019 15:19

Hi there,

I would recommend you take this to the Financial Ombudsman (FOS). If you write to the FOS and explain that you have complained to your insurer and are not happy with their decision then they will review your case and make a decision which the insurer must abide by.

The FOS can take a long time to review your case though. It might be best in the short term to make another complaint to your insurer, insurers have to respond to your case within 8 weeks.
In your complaint outline why you are not happy with their current response and that you will be going to the FOS if they do not address the issues.

I wouldn't assume an insurer will pay your solicitor fees, in fact I think it quite unlikely.

Best of luck,

messageRe: Can anybody advise re an insurance claim complaint?
Posted by Sue 20 June, 2019 15:26

Thanks J. Yes I think you are right about the solicitor!

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