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messageDoors - any alternatives to french doors?
Posted by alice 05 August, 2019 17:24

Iíve got a window at the back of a typical Victorian living room. I want to change it to a door but not one of those French doors. I fancy just a big piece of glass maybe aluminium frame. has anyone done anything like that and what does it look like and where did you get it?

messageRe: Doors - any alternatives to french doors?
Posted by peckman 11 August, 2019 07:30

We have been doing alot if research re ali windows and doors . Duration windows seem a really good value option . They have a showrrom at canvey island which is actually quite a nice day trip

messageRe: Doors - any alternatives to french doors?
Posted by Lemming 11 August, 2019 10:11

A big fixed glass window will be the most cost effective - but there'll be no access or ventilation of course.

Nicest would be a glass pivot door: they're really nice to use, look good open and closed - but are expensive.

A casement glass door or oversized turn and tilt window (fitted floor to ceiling, depending on the size of the aperture - there are limitations) would also be worth considering and give you the look of a large piece of glass with some vent/access.

They all might look a bit odd in a trad victorian rear lounge setting though imo

messageRe: Doors - any alternatives to french doors?
Posted by alice 12 August, 2019 12:30

Thanks both of you. Coincidentally Iíve got Duration bifolds had them about ten years. Lemming Can you recommend any suppliers of large glass windows. I want to see them in a showroom to make sure, like you say, that theyíve got the look I want.

messageRe: Doors - any alternatives to french doors?
Posted by Lemming 12 August, 2019 14:32

Definitely go and see them. Also be aware that if you're fitting a 'low e' glazing product, most (if not all?) low e coatings can exhibit a slight misty/milky look when full sun hits it - not something mentioned by most suppliers upfront (strange, that) - which might or might not irritate you. There are benefits to low-e to balance this downside.

Consider a solar coating if you get a lot a sun through the window - especially if it doesn't open. Solar is a relatively inexpensive addition. Again, check you're happy with the coating: they do change the colour of the glass slightly (a blue or yellow tint - I think the yellow is nicer. Some companies promise invisibility but I have my doubts!)

We have some 'much more expensive' glazing, supplied and fitted by Maxlight and some 'much less expensive' glazing supplied by Velfac (fitted by the builders, who hated fitting them. With hindsight one of the recommended sub-contractors Velfac recommends might have been easier and probably cost less).

Maxlight were good with supply and fit. Not cheap by any means (but not the most expensive either, there were some eye-watering quotes some way above theirs!).

The Velfac products are obviously less premium - but IMO represent pretty good value, have a nice modern look to them, - with some nice options available (such as being able to have aluminium on one side but not the other - and specify colours of both sides). I know they've expanded their product range in the last few years as well.

Good luck!

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