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messageThrough the keyholeattachment
Posted by yorksgirl 06 August, 2019 00:53

Can anyone tell me who is living here please?

Started trying to rebuild a derelict allotment bed only to find that something seems to have moved in overnight. There's a tunnel about 4 feet long, entrance and exit are both about 14 inches x 14 inches. Pics show front door and back door of burrow. Is it Mr Fox? If so why would a critter want to make a burrow in a raised allotment bed? There's only about 2.5 ft deep of soil in the raised bed. Nothing has been grown in it for about a year so doesn't seem they could be digging for food.

Not sure now if I dig down, if I'm going to be disturbing some creature's bedroom. There's a large totally undisturbed woodland area in the allotment gardens so don't understand why they are burrowing into a raised bed?

Attachments: Burrow front door.jpg (119.6KB)   GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpg (137.1KB)  
messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by KidKruger 06 August, 2019 07:11

Perhaps easier to dig down into the allotment bed than usual compacted ground soil.
Is the badger the culprit ?

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by yorksgirl 06 August, 2019 08:53

Hadn't considered badger. If it's a badger, I don't think I'm allowed to disturb it? I don't know but I did think the excavations look quite big for foxes. Do badgers have a sense of humour? Because badger has waited until someone (me) paid a year's sub for the allotment bed before instantly moving in. Going to have to go sit there at dusk and see what creature turns up, possibly try to collect some rent.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by IlonaM 06 August, 2019 09:38

You could set up a wildlife camera with night vision - Amazon often has deals on those and prices have reduced considerably. All you need are batteries and a memory card and you can see who turns up overnight! I love seeing who comes into my garden.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by ianr 06 August, 2019 09:39

What's the programme format? Do you not send a celebrity in at some stage?

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by TheArtfulDogger 06 August, 2019 09:54

Oh God ianr

You just put a nightmare of Loyd Grossman's whining voice in my head now

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by womanofdulwich 06 August, 2019 10:47

I think you need to observe the droppings nearby.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by yorksgirl 06 August, 2019 15:29

Thank you for the useful if queasy images there. Who knew that hares had green poo?
At least the allotments are a celebrity free zone. Not even any politicians.
Still puzzled why any animal would dig itself a burrow in an allotment bed. Unless there was some form of food down there although can't think what. There wouldn't be mice living deep in the soil? Or ants? I hadn't seen a single ant. Can't think what else they might want as food that could be down there.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by Pugwash 06 August, 2019 17:34

Check with the allotment management committee or other allotment owners if they have had similar experiences.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by bigmacca1 06 August, 2019 20:01

Have had the same problem at the back of our garden ?? 2 big holes , filled them back in with earth and old bits of brick and paving stones , 2 days later same again. Friend advised putting down Jeyes fluid, sloshed plenty around 2 days later same again. Give up , any one have any ideas to deter ?? Regularly see foxes about but never had anything like this ??

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by yorksgirl 06 August, 2019 21:22

Is it a sunny spot in your garden where the holes are?

Turns out the ones in my allotment are a fox larder. Foxes have been coming out of the woodland area during the day to sunbathe, apparently they love the sun, and they have been digging holes to keep snacks in next to where they sunbathe. IA sort of fox mini fridge. Am told frequuent human presence will scare them off. Quite relieved to know they are not actually living down there but not sure I will scare them away, they are not especially timid round here.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by Sue 06 August, 2019 22:26

A fox larder!

That's so sweet smiling smiley

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by yorksgirl 07 August, 2019 12:26

Agree although seems it will be stocked with smaller deceased creatures. Just hoping the veg, should any grow, will be worth it in the end.

messageRe: Through the keyhole
Posted by Sue 07 August, 2019 12:46

Saves you buying Blood Fish and Bone fertiliser though!

You can just shove some fish in big grin

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