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messageRe: Can anybody help with a printer issue?
Posted by diable rouge 24 September, 2019 16:49

I'm an infrequent printer so the Instant Ink plan is no good for me, I can quite often go several months not needing to print out anything. It's annoying that unlike the original ink cartridges, the latest ink cartridges now 'expire' even if they have ink in them, since when did ink start having a sell by date like a pint of milk, it just comes across as another money making scam by the manufacturers. Once my current cartridges run out I'll get a new printer and look at the best options for me then...

messageRe: Can anybody help with a printer issue?
Posted by ianr 24 September, 2019 21:01

I'm still using a monochrome laser printer. No more ink problems for me. Presumably that applies to colour laser printers too.

Thanks for revealing printui.exe/dll (owned byTrustedInstaller) to me. It's the semi-obscurity of Windows that's so galling, especially to anyone with *n*x experience.

messageRe: Can anybody help with a printer issue?
Posted by feefifofum February 08, 09:28AM

I've got the Instant Ink plan too. A couple of things to watch out for - despite what it says, it does charge by the amount of ink used and not by the page. If you are printing text from Word, say, you are fine, but if you print out a page that has pictures or boxes, that will use up much more ink, so is classed as several pages. That means that printing out a report with lots if graphs and detail can quickly eat up your entire monthly ration of pages.

Also, I found I was always running out of ink at first. New cartridges are automatically posted out to you when the ink is running low but they weren't being sent early enough and then when they did arrive, they'd be too big for the letter box and so I'd have to go to the sorting office to pick them up. HP sent me a few to have in reserve, so that is all OK now.

On the plus side, colour printing is no more expensive than black & white and the plan has saved me money overall (especially now that I think twice before printing out reports).

messageRe: Can anybody help with a printer issue?
Posted by Sue February 08, 09:40AM

I've found it's a bit like having a water meter. I think twice before printing things out.

It's good that unused pages roll over to the next month (indefinitely I think).

I haven't run out of ink yet. I've found I get new cartridges from HP in good time. I always have a couple ready to be installed.

I haven't found pictures being classed as several pages. The first couple of months I printed out a load of A4 photos.

However what I have found is that there can be a lag between pages being printed out and them being counted by HP, so that you think you've got more pages left in your allowance than you actually have.

I did start keeping a count, to compare, but it got too tedious .....

Have HP told you that they charge by ink not page in some cases, feefifofum? Because if so, that is pretty sharp practice as it's not what they clearly say they do.

messageRe: Can anybody help with a printer issue?
Posted by feefifofum February 09, 09:14AM

Hi Sue

I didn't ask HP but when I got through my 300-page allowance in a flash, Googling suggested HP classed a page as having 5% ink coverage, which seemed to make sense.

That was a year ago and I've been really careful since. Perhaps it's time to let rip and print out some photos and see how I get on! If I can do it without wiping out my allowance, it will be brilliant.

messageRe: Can anybody help with a printer issue?
Posted by Sue February 10, 12:01PM

I did mine in the first couple of months, as it was free via an offer. So 600 pages free!

HP have a Facebook page, and are extremely helpful via private messaging through that

You could ask them what counts as a "page"?

I assumed that it was, in fact, a page. Even if it only has one word on it.

If they are going on ink usage, they should say so.

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