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messageCrowdfunding for a deaf person
Posted by TheArtfulDogger 18 November, 2019 20:41

Hello good (and not so good) people of East Dulwich

I am starting this thread to help someone who badly needs our support

I know, it's not like Dogger to assist I hear you cry, (Foxy your voice is so high only small dogs can hear it and Louisa I never knew you were so deep and gruff)

But help is indeed required for a young person with a substantial loss of hearing.

They have such a level of hearing loss that they have to turn the music up in his car so loud just to hear it. Now I know I used to crank up the music of my day, and often got told off by the local beat Bobby as Bach belted out at a shocking 2 decibels from my jaloppy whilst Jeeves walked in front with a red flag, but this poor unfortunate obviously had no idea how deaf they are.

Maybe you know them, they drive through the quiet streets of East Dulwich between 7 and 8 at night and have to have the music so loud that you can hear it about 5 minutes before they pass you, normally starting like a low grumble that seems to penetrate your very soul and essence, building up until you feel like the earth is splitting asunder and hell is spewing forth the very Devils your priest warned you about in your youth if you indulged (I still sleep wearing boxing gloves as a result) and then the vibration builds to the point where parked cars jump to its beat and they sing out thier strange alarm sounding warble, like an Eerie cry of the banshees dragging you to your death, as the car passes

They obviously need our pity and help so I am asking the lovely residents of East Dulwich to assist , dig deep and find it in your hearts to donate towards a hearing aide for this poor unfortunate soul.

Can you help, is there anything you can do at the start of this festive giving season to make sure they don't go through life not knowing the beauty of silence, a lovers soft whisper or the sound of a bird tweeting it's joy of being alive

I don't even know who they are !

It's a lot to ask I understand but someone must know who this person is and the best way to assist them before it's too late.

Should I start a crowd funding page, just giving or put a charity box at the till of the coop ? ( I've never done this before)

Help them, I beg you

Thank you for your time


messageRe: Crowdfunding for a deaf person
Posted by Spartacus 18 November, 2019 23:38

Poor person
I give 50p via whatever method is opted for

I think I felt them drive past earlier when I was in the back of my house

messageRe: Crowdfunding for a deaf person
Posted by Jules-and-Boo 19 November, 2019 12:22

I know who you're talking about!

I think they need more bass - can you add that too?

messageRe: Crowdfunding for a deaf person
Posted by peckham_ryu 19 November, 2019 21:43

Iím willing to fund an under-car neon light kit. I gather itís therapeutic as well as a safety feature.

messageRe: Crowdfunding for a deaf person
Posted by TheArtfulDogger 19 November, 2019 22:08

Oh dear

This crowd funding request is just going to grow isn't it

Maybe we can also order some run flat low profile tyres, lowering kit (so that they can ground out going over speed humps) and go faster stripes (they actually work from personal experience I have to add)

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