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messageDogs in the park
Posted by Captain Marvel January 15, 12:23PM

I like dogs. I also like to trot around the park in a kind of staggering, on-the-point-of-death kind of way. I fell over a tree root last year and fractured a finger but that's been the extent of the injuries in five years.

There's one nasty looking stunted Lassie type dog that's come after me a couple of times and on the second occasion I had not impolite words with the lady owner who accused me of bullying her dog.

However last week, a couple of playful mutts sideswiped me and down I went. I'm 6ft 2 so it's a long way down: skinned both knees, both elbows and the palm of one hand. Lieutenant Marvel was picking gravel out of me for half an hour.

I've now got dog fear and try to avoid peak dog early mornings but even at midday, people with pooches and little bags of poo are everywhere.

Today, a big violent looking sod got right up behind me trying to push its nose up my rear end and only ten yards further on a thing that looked like a hairy sock came at me growling whilst its owner ineffectually twittered 'Lucky! Sloppy! Dicky! or whatever it was called.

I appreciate that you owners need a place where you can wring out your exotic breeds but if any of you read this; pity the poor jogger

messageRe: Dogs in the park
Posted by Jules-and-Boo January 15, 03:41PM

Dogs do like to chase. Sorry to hear you've been hurt.

Extremely bad manners on behalf of the owners, as they should be teaching their dogs how to behave.

Our park is extremely chilled out but a bit small for running

messageRe: Dogs in the park
Posted by Loutwo January 17, 09:44AM

Only posh people go jogging, first sign of gentrification. Just saying.


messageRe: Dogs in the park
Posted by diable rouge January 17, 10:17AM

Working class people do too, but usually only when making off with a couple bags of frozen turkey twizzlers while being pursued by the Iceland security guard...

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