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messageTongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by ChrissyF 09 May, 2013 11:23

I just gave birth via c section 2 weeks ago and unfortunately we have feeding problems.
We went to see the breastfeeding specialist at kings who diagnosed baby having tongue tie.
It takes over 2 weeks to get the appointmt to get it cut at kings tongue tie clinic, but I heard that there's a midwife offering private tongue tie divisions in the area, shes called Chloe Fisher, I can't find her details anywhere and my team of midwives recommended posting here...anyone knows her or was in the same situation??
Thanks, Chrissy

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by Pickle 09 May, 2013 11:48

It's Katie Fisher, details here, good luck x


messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by alieh 09 May, 2013 11:51

I think it is probably Katharine/Katie Fisher you are thinking of? She is amazing! If her contact details haven't changed they are 020 8662 0184 / 07949 176776.

She couldn't do our actual operation as it was a complex posterior tongue tie situation but was a huge support before and after - with my first son we had the operation done through the NHS but with my second son I couldn't take the extra weeks of agony and we did it privately at Kings. If I remember correctly, Katie helped get the appointment. We have health insurance and were able to claim through this.

I would call Katie in the first instance and she will help you navigate.

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by ladyruskin 09 May, 2013 11:54

She's called Katie/Katherine Fisher. I first encountered her at the kings TT clinic 18months ago where she assists. I was in a similar situation to you and had been told by the surgeon that they wouldn't perform the procedure as my son's tongue had good flexibility and we shouldn't be having problems. I ended up sitting in the recovery room sobbing uncontrollably whilst feeding my so and Katie Fisher have me a URL to her own website saying 'this woman has some good advice if you download her 'a problem free feed' leaflet'. I had to pay to download it (she also has a helpline at £1.23/min) and still ended up back at the TT clinic where my son was diagnosed with a double tounge tie and operated on immediately. I am highly dubious of the ethics surrounding the whole clinic, especially as one of the lactation consultants seems to be making money out of it! I spoke to a midwife from another district and they check all babies for TT immediately on birth and treat there & then. There are no ridiculous '2 referral from breastfeeding clinics' process. It took me 12 weeks in total to get everything sorted with my son. I imagine a lot of women would give up breastfeeding in this time because of the pain and then feel guilty because of all the pressure from the health service to breastfeed for as long as possible!

Sorry for the rant but I feel very strongly about this after my experiences.

Go private if you can afford it and save yourself all the effort of jumping through the hoops that kings put in front of you, but steer clear of Katie Fisher if you ask me!!

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by ChrissyF 09 May, 2013 12:36

Thanks for the feedback everyone.
Ladyruskin, I'm a bit confused as to what Katie actually did wrong? Is it just the money making part? They are offering a private service after all... Why did you land up at the TT clinic again? Did her clinic not want to do it?

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by Sonners 09 May, 2013 16:38

An alternative is Ann Dobson who will come to your house for the appointment. She was recommended to me by a friend and cut my daughter's tongue tie at 8 weeks. []

Good luck!

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by theratprincess 09 May, 2013 21:35

My daughter had her TT divided at the private clinic run by Katie Fisher and Mr Patel in Croydon. Katie was a great support to me during some pretty difficult times feeding my daughter. She made herself available on the phone a lot (no charge) including evenings and weekends and this was really invaluable. I also like the fact that she has an evidence based approach. I would reccomend her.

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by ladyruskin 10 May, 2013 06:11

We were at the nhs clinic so weren't paying. That's my objection. She was supporting at the nhs clinic so I didn't see her privately.

If we have another baby with tongue tie we will go privately, so I'd be interested to hear your experiences. Good luck with it all. It made such a difference for us once it was done.

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by sandy_rose 10 May, 2013 08:45

Another recommendation for Kate Fisher. She offers two follow-up appointments within the fee quoted and unlimited phone support if you need it, when I looked up Ann Dobson I seem to remember she didn't offer this. The tt is likely to grow back so it is important to have follow-ups. Katie a very good lactation consultant, and so supportive, without her I wouldn't have been able to carry on breast feeding my son. Going privately means the issue is sorted quickly and you don't really have time to waste when it comes to establishing breast feeding.

I don't know anything about her website but I thought her fees were on the lower side compared to others and she even came to my house on public transport for follo-ups as we struggled to get to hers in croydon.

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by mcclelll 02 November, 2018 09:29

Another recommendation for K Fisher - she helped me via phone (no charge) in the initial weeks of breastfeeding having had challenges prieucibg enough milk due to past surgery. She by far had the most knowledge and sense than anyone I spoke to and knows alit more than midwives etc based on her years of experience- especially for women who had had proper breast surgery and the impact on breast feeding. She answered calls and texts on the day and Iím so grateful for her support esp given her phone service was free.

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by sillywoman 03 November, 2018 10:17

can I also recommend these two local, and both absolutely excellent midwives who can assess tongue tie and perform frenulotomy if necessary?

Charlotte Mills
Tel: 07757 812140
Additional info: I have 15 years experience as a midwife and 5 as a lactation consultant. I will visit you at home to provide a thorough assessment and support you to work through the problems that a tongue tie presents, performing division when required. Drop in clinic starting Thursdays 10-11.30 weekly, SE23.

Carmelle Gentle
Tel: 07519 096129
Additional Information: Your home visit will include a thorough feeding and tongue-tie assessment. A feeding plan devised and telephone support offered to support continuation of breastfeeding.

In particular Charlotte, who in addition to being a midwife is also a qualified and experienced lactation consultant, and now runs a TT clinic just up the road in Honor Oak.

messageRe: Tongue tie surgery privately?
Posted by cazbee 22 November, 2018 13:21

Charlotte Mills assessed and treated my daughterís tongue tie and I canít recommend her enough. She was so professional and knowledgeable and arranged to see me within 24 hours at home, on a Sunday morning no less. We had immediate relief and I was so incredibly grateful to avoid the multiple referrals and NHS waiting list process. Weíre lucky to have her in the area.

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