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messagePiplings nursery
Posted by crushedmango 08 July, 2018 23:59

Hello, does anyone have any experience of Piplings nursery? We are planning to send our child there and are about to accept a place but a quick search of this forum brings up a bit of a mix of positive and negative reviews which worries me a little... Would be very keen to hear from any parents who currently have children at the nursery (private message me if you prefer). Thank you in advance!

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by peckhamese June 11, 07:34PM

We paid £1,750 deposit Exclaimation for a spot. We had to cancel 3 months before the start date and they returned £0 (!!!). The worst part is that they are within their right because it says so on their T&Cs. So 2 pieces of advice for newbie, sleep-deprived parents like us:

1. Read the T&Cs. Do not rely on email clarifications from the nursery, read the document.
2. Look for another nursery. Who wants to deal with the kind of people that keep £1,750 they did not earn just because they can?

The whole story is long including an email sent at 9PM on a Friday where the nursery offered to return 50% only if we accepted on the spot: “That offer requires acceptance tonight, after which we will no longer engage in dialogue on this matter and your full deposit will be retained in line with our terms and conditions”. When we asked for a full refund they took the offer off the table. Does this sound like what you’d expect from where you drop off your kids every day?

A couple of notes on this:
Feel free to send me PMs with any questions you have, I have received some already.
Also, if you've had problem with the nursery I encourage you to leave a Google review, other ED parents should know!

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messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by motorbird83 June 11, 09:35PM

Their T&Cs are what raised alarm bells for me on a number of points. We ran a mile after getting them and don't regret from what we've heard.

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by tgb June 12, 12:09AM

We had a terrible time with them. I would NOT recommend this nursery.

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by peckhamese June 12, 05:57AM

Good thing you did motrobird83!

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messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by newtose22 June 12, 04:35PM

Ditto the above, would definitely not recommend.

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by ginpop June 14, 09:37AM

I would not recommend this nursery.

We did not experience significant problems (rather constant minor irritations), but we know many people that have had a very difficult time, for a variety of different reasons.

The nursery has the potential to be amazing, but when we were there, it wasn’t worth the money.

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messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by CLAU September 05, 02:21PM

Definitely avoid Piplings!

Our child attended for a while and although there were constant issues with bad nappy rashes (they only routinely change nappies twice a day!), high staff turnover with no notification to parents of who was leaving / joining and lots of errors in the daily reports which made them redundant as weren’t accurate, the main issue was to accidentally discover that they didn’t have an “onsite chef cooking organic food” (as we were told in the site visit in summer 2018) but were using pre-ready meals.

We complained about that and asked for an explanation and instead of an apology or any other form of reassurance, we received an email giving us notice of termination of a few weeks. This was highly devastating for us as a family as our child had built friends there and I was 8 months pregnant, which of course they knew about.

The “management” which you will never see or speak to (everything is by email) is very defensive and rude and every response you’ll see is dismissive and just to protect themselves.

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by Pugwash September 07, 03:28PM

can you complain to OFSTEAD or whatever body now does these visits/scrutinises?

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