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messageSummer holiday dilemmas
Posted by nunheadmum 26 November, 2018 19:44

We all like the independence of self catering house / villa holidays but we'd love to have other kids (ours are ages 11 + 13) around so we keep our sanity. We've done caravan parks and French gites but want to try something different. Kids really want to fly but can't be too hot.

Anyone got any suggestions that don't cost Mark Warner prices? I feel like I'm going round in circles!!!!!

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by edanna 26 November, 2018 22:29

Could you get a self-catering place in an estate that has other properties? There are places like this in France and Italy and no doubt other places. On cheznous you can actually search for places that have more than one property. And try Homeandaway, which covers lots of countries.

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by hazelnunhead 27 November, 2018 13:00

We have found the agritourism site really useful - []

and through this site (and other googling) booked and planned two trips to Italy this way. We book places with swimming pools, and you eat communally (breakfast and then cooked for at night, usually with fresh produce from the farm)(this is a good way for chidlren to be able to meet up and play with others as well as meeting people from all over and having some realy good adult chats as well).

The agritourism places are generally very big farms / old houses restored, so they are a bit out of the main city place, so we hire a car and during the day drive somewehre, but back late afternoon to relax at pool, read books, and enjoy some wine & good food under the stars!

You can usually choose costs according to accomodation etc. we do a mixture throughout

e.g place still in my dreams []

or this place run by the fabulous domenica ...


We have also done a holiday in Portugal at this spot -


messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by mayo 27 November, 2018 21:33

I think its hard to beat camping as a family holiday. Weve been to some amazing campsites in France and Italy, booked a 3 bed mobile home / chalet so have bathroom and obvs self catering. Have always felt safe enough for the children to wander round on their own and they have always made friends easily at the swimming pool/ table tennis/ football etc. We usually do some day trips out and some lazing around the campsite and works for everyone. Some sites have more going on for teenagers. I often use Eurocamp site to choose as they have good info and categories but then book direct with the campsite for better prices and often better accommodation. (And campsite staff are usually more helpful then the Euro amp reps anyway)
Also Spain (and possibly elsewhere but have seen a lot in Spain) have a lot of aparthotels so like a hotel with facilities etc but rooms are larger and self catering.

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by nunheadmum 01 December, 2018 14:49

Thanks for the ideas - I'll look into them. It's the eternal problem of trying to keep everyone happy.

I really should book what suits me on the basis that I'm doing all the legwork!

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by alieh 02 December, 2018 13:51

We had exactly this dilemma and found a good option this summer. Most of the other children were Dutch, German or Italian but most of them spoke English. It was called Belmonte Vacanze in Tuscany. Close to Pisa and Florence but we flew to Bologna as it was much cheaper

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by nina_maniana 06 December, 2018 11:41

Peligoni club in Greece, though it will be hot. They specialise in getting secondary school age kids ganged up with others and doing sport, activities etc.

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by Miran77 06 December, 2018 22:42

Well, making the kids happy is making everyone happy in a way. I've had the same problem recently, my internet addicted 9 year old insisted on a place with wifi but we prefered a campsite. As a result, 10 days of holiday turned into a total nightmare, he gaves us hell. For rental house and villa I usually prefer this site: [] For cheaper options I strongly recommend Greece, you are not going to believe how cheap is food etc. So, good luck!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

messageRe: Summer holiday dilemmas
Posted by nunheadmum 10 December, 2018 19:00

Thanks for all the ideas. We've settled now on something in Croatia. Can't believe how expensive everything is....puts all the more pressure on getting it right. Keeping my fingers crossed now!!!

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