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messageGerman tutor for my 5 year old
Posted by Mrs.S January 10, 11:36AM

Hi EDT team,

I'm looking for a German tutor who could come and tutor my son once or twice a week, ideally after school. He understands quite a bit since I come from a German speaking family but could definitely use some structured support. We live on East Dulwich Road, which is really easy to get to. Please let me know if you are a German tutor or know anyone you'd recommend.

Many thanks smiling smiley

messageRe: German tutor for my 5 year old
Posted by UlStED January 10, 12:48PM

I'm not a German tutor but a German mum also trying to foster my boys' German language skills. We've been going to the German Saturday School in Forest Hill for quite some time, they offer classes from 3+ and it's a nice community. [] Maybe another option to explore?

messageRe: German tutor for my 5 year old
Posted by SimoneA February 07, 03:37PM

Hi there

I'm in the same boat. I too am looking for a German tutor (not too formal) for my 4.5 year old son once or twice a week. Perhaps something we could do together? I know of the German school in Forest Hill and have heard good things about it, but for now we would prefer not to send him to school on a Saturday as we are really enjoying the time together on the weekends. I also believe he has to be "fluent" in German to attend, which he isn't quite.

I've starting to look into this and if you're interested in joining forces let me know.


messageRe: German tutor for my 5 year old
Posted by ths0105 February 08, 11:41AM


Our daughter (4.5 years) also attends the German Saturday School in Forest Hill and just to say that it is not a school per se but more of a playgroup where they do arts and crafts. It’s very informal and friendly and your child certainly does not need to be fluent to attend. The children have all sort of levels of fluency.

Hope this helps.

messageRe: German tutor for my 5 year old
Posted by SimoneA February 08, 01:45PM

Hi ths0105
Thank you, this is very helpful indeed!! I love the idea of the arts and crafts element. I will get in touch and explore this again. My son, for the past year has refused to speak or understand any German (a phase I hope) so his German is not up to scratch anymore. I was a little worried, as their website states: "findet ausschließlich auf Deutsch statt. Desshalb ist es wichtig, dass die Kinder die Sprache verstehen, so daß sie am Unterricht aktiv teilnehmen können und Spaß haben." I'm not sure we're at this stage anymore...

Thanks so much.

messageRe: German tutor for my 5 year old
Posted by lillyanginger February 14, 10:35PM

Hi All,

We used the german saturday school many years ago for our youngest son only.

I am wondering if a 'playdate' with a german speaking teenager (17 years old) may be one way forward for your child/children to speak/hear/learn more German. He does babysitting locally and is in year 12 at a local school. He is not interested in formal language teaching but would be happy to play/look after your children - and speak in German to them at the same time.
PM me for his contact details.

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