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messageWhat's normal food at nursery?
Posted by JL Dulwich 11 March, 2019 16:51

Hello all

I was wondering if anyone knew what was 'standard' for nurseries to offer children to eat? Specifically, is it usual for kids to be offered dessert (e.g. chocolate ice-cream, biscuits etc) at every lunch time?

I'd rather my child eat fruit salad for dessert, since this is what he is offered at home (with ice-cream etc reserved for treats, rather than an every day occurrence), but I don't want him to be the odd one out at nursery. Has anyone else had any experience with this?

I do actually make a packed lunch for our child (at the nursery's request), but they still offer him sweets afterwards. Today I was told that, since he ate the sugary dessert they offered, they didn't even bother asking him if he'd like the fruit I packed for him! So...what is normal???


messageRe: What's normal food at nursery?
Posted by goldilocks 11 March, 2019 19:37

No - it shouldn't be and as a parent you can be 'that parent' and talk to them about offering better choices for all children. We sent ours to Nellys and at the beginning they were offered sugary puddings every day. Over time and based on parent feedback they changed to fruit / yoghurt. I wouldn't be happy with chocolate ice cream / biscuits every lunch at nursery, although I have to prepare you for school where it seems that the whole Jamie Oliver crusade may as well not have happened. Whilst there is a 'healthy choice', there is also a pudding every day and my 7 year old has never managed to make a healthy choice yet when faced with a biscuit!

messageRe: What's normal food at nursery?
Posted by JL Dulwich 11 March, 2019 22:36

Thanks, Goldilocks. It's good to know that another nursery has changed their lunch options based on feedback. Much as I would rather avoid it, I think I will have to be 'that parent'.

messageRe: What's normal food at nursery?
Posted by nina_maniana 18 March, 2019 11:16

Our nursery does the same, which I do think teaches dreadful habits. We asked nursery not to (apparently its a common request), and they offer him fruit or yoghurt instead.

messageRe: What's normal food at nursery?
Posted by snoopy17 23 March, 2019 23:51

so what if your child will be the odd one out. You don't want a sheep for a child who does what everyone else does.
How can a nursery supply ice cream everyday, why not an apple banana ect.

messageRe: What's normal food at nursery?
Posted by Boddle 24 March, 2019 20:43

Our nursery makes a point of offering fruity desserts, crumbles, baked pears etc. Snacks are veg bites, fruit, crackers etc. I think they have the occasional chocolate custard or sponge cake, but they say they only sweeten with fruit. Which is still sugar, but at least has some nutritional value. So I would definitely have no hesitation in asking. You might start a landslide!

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