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messagePiplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by Mantra May 30, 07:43PM


I'd be interested in hearing comments from people who have experience of Piplings Nursery please.


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messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by hellosailor May 30, 08:51PM

If you search the word piplings on here then several threads come up like this one xx


messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by Mantra June 01, 10:16AM

Thank you.

messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by Hannaah james June 04, 08:39PM

Hi everyone,
I am interested in sending my child to Piplings nursery, the elms, Iíve been seeing quite a few negative feedbacks about it and itís quite concerning, could anyone enlighten me on why the have had negative experiences or just let me know your experiences with the nursery!
Thanks everyone x

messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by peckhamese June 12, 12:10AM

Hi, check out the other thread, I just posted my recent experience with them... not good.


messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by HelenAnne July 31, 09:01PM

As an ex member of staff who has recently left, I can and will recommend Piplings based on my experiences.
Yes, I have seen many a comment about management and the admin side of things but I had no issues at all in my 3 years and 3 months working there.
It was a very positive experience for me in all aspects of the job.
I left for the first time in August 2017, and two months later, I was back.
I left for health reasons which was understood, but I also needed time to work out what I really wanted, which I couldnít do while I was working there, I couldnít think clearly or be objective.
I stayed for four months after I gave my notice instead of the required two, and also covered holidays in the two months I wasnít full time working.
My health became an issue so much so, that I requested to change my working days from full time to three days a week, which was agreed and with the same hourly rate.
When I went back in November, I was informed that three days was fine and the hourly rate would be the same, which I was not expecting.
I didnít want to go back as a senior, which was accepted, even though I did find that I was still being relied on for a lot of small things, which, to be fair is to be expected if youíve been somewhere a fair amount of time.
Anyway, I returned in the November and when I did finally leave for good, I had switched to the housekeeping role, purely because I felt that being with the children was affecting my health with more migraines and being plagued by recent illnesses, all of which were dealt with very emphatically by day to day management and the other staff.
I felt that the housekeeping role was not for me, and did not see myself still doing it in six months time.
What Iím trying to say is, the owners gave me all that time and allowed me back on my own terms in a respect and I canít think highly enough of them.
The person in daily charge now is absolutely fantastic and everything she does is for the best interest of the children in her care.
The staff they have there now are amazing and very child orientated, with a mixture of enriched cultures and wonderful experiences, both in life and childcare qualifications.
They are very supportive of each other and strive to bring out the best in themselves and those around them, this leads to a happy team which will then filter down to the children.

While I understand that I am speaking as a member of staff and not as a potential parent or an ex client, I do understand what children need from a nursery and Piplings provides that in spades.
Yes, it could be that the nursery doesnít tick all the boxes for some parents, but that could be said for any nursery.
Itís not all about routes to and from home and work and which nursery has the best direct transport amenities.
It is also in a great location, right in Peckham Rye Park, right near a co-op and other great shops, which is great for if anything runs out unexpectedly.

I would urge anyone to give it a chance, I donít stay at work places for that long, not to mention going back, if I donít think itís a great place to work every day.
I left because the role I had wasnít for me.
It wasnít because of anyone or the way I was treated, which was with the upmost respect and dignity from the owners.

I urge anyone to give the nursery a chance and if itís not for you, then fine, but please donít go on hearsay, go and see for yourself if you can and get the feel of the place, then an informed decision will be easier made.

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messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by george74 August 04, 05:28PM

STAY WELL CLEAR off this nursery!!!!! We registered our little boy with them, only to find out several days later that we were expecting again. We foolishly thought such a reputable nursery, with an extensive Ďwaiting listí to get in, would be understanding. How silly were we...Just an arrogant owner referencing contract terms to us. Yes we lost the full deposit of £1,400, but a close shave for us I think. Has to be better places to place your children in the area. We have since gone on to find that we are one of many families who have been treated the same way.......

messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by george74 August 04, 05:29PM

P.s. worth noting that this was 9 weeks before our little boy was due to stay with them.

messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by CLAU September 05, 02:47PM

Definitely avoid Piplings!

Our child attended for a while and although there were constant issues with bad nappy rashes (they only routinely change nappies twice a day!), high staff turnover with no notification to parents of who was leaving / joining and lots of errors in the daily reports which made them redundant as werenít accurate, the main issue was to accidentally discover that they didnít have an ďonsite chef cooking organic foodĒ (as we were told in the site visit in summer 2018) but were using pre-ready meals.

We complained about that and asked for an explanation and instead of an apology or any other form of reassurance, we received an email giving us notice of termination of a few weeks. This was highly devastating for us as a family as our child had built friends there and I was 8 months pregnant, which of course they knew about.

The ďmanagementĒ which you will never see or speak to (everything is by email) is very defensive and rude and every response youíll see is dismissive and just to protect themselves.

messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by tarafitness September 05, 03:32PM

that is shocking :-(

messageRe: Piplings Nursery - feedback request
Posted by Helen2110 September 07, 06:10PM

We took our son out of Piplings last year due to all the reasons mentioned above, although it took numerous email to get our full deposit back, itís been a complete relief not to have to deal with their awful management anymore. They had complete disregard for the parents and little interest in the well being of the children attending.

He started at a school based nursery, which not only was free but hugely prepared him for starting reception.

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