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messageToddler sleep problems
Posted by Newmum2018 13 December, 2019 12:03

My 2 year old wants to co sleep. She's been in her own bed in her own room since she was 6 months. She started nursery a few months ago so she's having a bit of separation anxiety and of course she's had a few bad colds recently and I brought her into our bed.
I've had a sleep consultant before so I guess I know how to sleep train but I'd prefer not to have 3 nights of her crying. so today I'm really wondering what's everyone's experience. I always prefer to be gentle and let things take there time but she's a strong willed toddler now.
We'd prefer her to be in her own bed! Thank you for your thoughts : )

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by Ninjapig 13 December, 2019 18:48

Sleep consultants aren’t ‘one size fits all’ and most would happily work out a plan for you that doesn’t involve controlled crying.
We used Nicola Watson and she was fantastic. Good luck!

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by Capitals 15 December, 2019 22:08

To gently train sleeping in own bed you might use technique known as gradual withdrawal. Every night you sit a tiny bit further from your child's bed , until the child is able to stay by themselves. Do it as slowly as needed, even if it takes 2 weeks. If the child is unwell, it's normal that they would love to stay close to you.

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by Ginster 19 December, 2019 10:08

We haven't had it as bad but for a while our son when 2 or 3 kept coming in - a friend suggested a bed on our floor - so if he really wouldn't go back in his room he slept on that (old toddler bed mattress) so he was in our room but we could get back to sleep. It was a happy medium I guess. We don't really have him come in now (he's 4.5) but the odd occasion. Sometimes he wants to sleep on his floor (the trusty mattress comes out again).
Where possible I always try to think in my head "don't do anything you're not willing to repeat" as I don't think they really realise the difference (e.g. well I was allowed in your bed when I was sick). Always hard though if they're upset or you're half asleep. When we do manage to return him it's because we've offered to cuddle him in his chair first (carefully move to bed when sleepy or asleep) or put him in bed and sing.
She's still quite young so you'll have all sorts of things for a while as she gets older, it'll get there.
Good luck!

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by loveED86 19 December, 2019 11:49

We have a similar problem.

Our little girl who has just turned 3 will not fall asleep unless I am sat in the room with her, as soon as I leave the room she follow me downstairs, she then wakes in the middle of night to get into bed with us.

We now have baby number 3 on the way so really want to nip this in the bud!
Any tips much appreciated!

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by sam&pat 26 December, 2019 12:34

Here's me thinking we were on our own....
Firstly Merry Christmas to everyone.
My son is just under 2.5yrs & has always been a great sleeper until he turned 2. It takes him at least hour-1.5 every night to go to sleep sometimes not until 10pm which you can imagine is extremely exhausting. He's active, eats well but just won't go to bed then us restless throughout the night waking several times. The only thing that works is if I sit by his cot but sometimes that can go on for 30mins+. Some have told me it might be his molars or as he still has a small daytime nap usually an hour? Any help would be great from a very tired mummy.

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by Jules20 27 December, 2019 09:36

Sounds like he is ready not to nap anymore. We have the same with my toddler. If she naps bedtime can be 9/10pm
Good luck !

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by NathanielMorris 27 December, 2019 09:37

All children have trouble sleeping. Just everything at different ages. If the child wants to sleep with his parents, do not refuse him. Because fear can spread, that it is not needed at all, and much more.

messageRe: Toddler sleep problems
Posted by lucylui 30 December, 2019 17:21

Hi, this is something I could help with. At www.totalpickle.com we can make a sleep plan which is personalised to your individual situation. It sounds like you need a gentle technique which shouldn’t involve a lot of crying but more comfort and consistency to get your child sleeping in their own room again. Our plans offer support as you implement the changes. Take a look at our website for our range of sleep plans.

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