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Would you recommend your builder, plumber, electrician or carpenter?
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messageFab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by CAROANTY 07 December, 2012 14:15

Just wanted to recommend following Decorators and general bril handyman services Minns and Langton, who are locally based and have been absolute stars in fully redecorating our new house, as well as doing building work, making shelving units and fixing things around the house. Its really hard to know who to go for/trust but I was recommended to Nick and his team by a pal, and wanted to return favour by recommending them on as they've been such a help and we've actually liked having them in the house too!

Nick is on 07866267581, and based in W Dulwich, think they have a website too

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messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by medina 16 January, 2013 19:48

yes we have used Nick too. He's painted our downstairs and next month is painting upstairs too. Would recommend him as did a very professional job for us and prices pretty good too

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by susanhadley 24 March, 2013 20:54

Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Nick and Minns and Langton. They did a great job in decorating the exterior of our house, plus carried out all sorts of other jobs for us too, including unblocking a drain, and making a cupboard unit for our daughter's bedroom. Immaculate work, and a pleasure to have around!

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messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Carmelita 08 April, 2013 13:26

I agree. I live on my own and was a bit nervous about having someone I didn't know in my flat but minns and Langton were recommended to me and they turned out to be great- they were really efficient and reliable when helping me do my kitchen- I would use them again definitely

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Izzybelle 07 May, 2013 11:52

We used Nick after reading glowing references on EDF and agree, he and his team are top quality with great attention to detail and very respectful of our house and space. Would also recommend. Plus they fixed a number of things around the home - uneven floorboards, roofing on our shed, and leaking shower head while they were here, all very handy.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by neighbour_ed 10 October, 2013 11:35

When I asked Nick where I could leave a testimonial for his great work he suggested this forum so I'd like to say what a lovely chap he is and what a great job they did for us.
Highly recommended
Nick sorted out a problem that emerged during the job - as these things do (no fault of his) - with great aplomb and style. He didn't run away as some tradesmen might. He handled it all very well and finished the job on time. Fantastic work

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by hettievid 27 November, 2013 22:31

We just had Nick and his team decorate our whole house and they did a great job. Would recommend.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by george777 27 February, 2014 15:46

Seconding this recommendation - had Nick and team to redecorate and found that we were able to get lots of other handyman jobs done around the house at the same time. Easy to talk to and kept in touch about timing, costs and the jobs in general as we went along.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by susanhadley 02 March, 2014 21:42

Another very professional job done by Nick and his team. This time fixing fencing, and replastering and decorating a ceiling. Highly recommended.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by tyor 07 March, 2014 09:28

Just wanted to add my recommendation of Nick as well. We had him over at our place yesterday for some minor decoration. Very professional. We'll definitely be calling on him again.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Fi from West Dulwich 27 June, 2014 21:10

Another recommendation for Nick and his team from Minns and Langton - the perfectly housetrained decorators: friendly and helpful but didn't spend hours chatting; got on with the job in super quick time, made a special effort to fit us in in order to get our house ready in time for an Open Day, made their own tea...we were so impressed at how efficient and unobtrusive they were. We'd definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Tjraff 30 June, 2014 20:16

Nick and his team did an excellent job on repairing damage caused to ceiling, walls and flooring in my flat by a water leak from the flat above. Good communication throughout and caused minimum bother. Finished job was great. Highly recommended!

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by HelBel65 14 August, 2014 13:35

Another rec for Nick Minns at Minns/Langton. He and his team have just been doing some decorating and repair work at my flat. All very nicely done and thoroughly nice guys too. Recommended!

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by HelBel65 15 August, 2014 18:45

I feel I have to update my rec of yesterday - pretty much as I was writing it, the heavens opened and my flat was flooded due to a blocked drain outside the kitchen. Unluckily for him but very luckily for me, Nick Minns was working in the kitchen, spotted water pouring down the hallway, climbed out of the kitchen window and unblocked the drain - the flooding inside would have been much worse if he had not been there. More to the point, he started to clear away the water and even rang round to see if he could hire a carpet cleaner (before spotting mine in a cupboard) I was at work and could do nothing, meanwhile Nick stayed and did what he could to clear as much water out as possible, probably saving my carpets. Not many people would have helped to that extent - he was still there when I got home at 6, and amazingly was still smiling too! Thanks a million Nick!

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Fra81 31 August, 2014 08:05

I would like to second the recommendations for Nick and his team, who did a great job painting a bedroom and some furniture, going the extra mile to ensure things were done to perfection. Nice guys, clean, tidy and respectful of our belongings. The work was done on time and hassle free. Would user them again!

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by PeterED 01 September, 2014 09:29

I would also be very happy to recommend Nick - he spent the day with us on Friday fitting a gate into a fence (did a great job), cut out and installed a catflap into our kitchen door and fitted a shower screen. He also helped my girlfriend decide on what colour to paint our bedroom, which is perhaps the greatest service of all as otherwise I'd still be looking at samples on the wall! Thoroughly pleasant chap and very easy to deal with. Will be using him again I'm sure...

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by minthemouse 18 September, 2014 21:28

I have also used Nick Minns for a rental property. We couldn't be on site and so he provided photos of the work done and even chose the colour of the front door. Overall excellent service.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Tim Ward 09 October, 2014 14:16

Yes, agree about Nick: he brings the right tools and glues and recommends the right paints, and his assistant was a very careful painter and decorator. He has done numerous small jobs for me and has recently decorated a bedroom to a high standard. Tends to be busy, but not so busy he's never available.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by sra74 04 December, 2014 14:11

Also happy to recommend Nick at Minns & Langton. A very personable chap with a courteous and dedicated team who worked hard to re-decorate our very shabby stairwell and hall. They also embraced the challenges of some tricky wall papering to the stairs and we are delighted with the result.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by peckhamwry9 08 December, 2014 11:27

Would also like to recommend Nick at Minns and Langton... Came round to quuote for some bedroom painting, ending up fitting new bathroom, fixing fence and fixing some damp issues. Felt very comfortable leaving my keys with Nick and his team, which was very convenient for when i was at work. Nick was very helpful and great to have around, even when i was being unreasaonble in my demands. Was very happy with the whole job and would use again without hesitation.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by cidered 10 January, 2015 12:42

Along with everyone else on this thread found Nick a really personable guy and he has done a great job on some general handyman work for us. We used him to plumb in a dishwasher, put up tricky light fittings and a load of annoying tasks like fixing in curtain rails and picture/ mirror hangings etc. Would absolutely recommend him and use him again. Also very child friendly and happy enough to have a slightly infatuated 1 year old follow him round as he worked.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by sharmf 10 January, 2015 16:34

We have used nick and his team as well. Very high standard of work completed quickly and efficiently at a competitive price. We had insulation on the loft, new garden fence and a lean to built....very very happy with the work. A pleasure to do business with.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by apmuso 19 January, 2015 10:52

Very happy to recommend Nick and his team, who have completed a number of different jobs for us to a very high standard over the last few weeks. A recommendation not just based on the quality of the work, but on how easy they were to have around. Always punctual, polite and incredibly respectful, on top of being really diligent and tidy. Will definitely get them back whenever there's anything else to do.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by njwestover 16 February, 2015 15:50

Usually I wouldn't bother logging onto a forum to be negative about anyone but as I rely on this forum so much I feel compelled to update the thread on Nick at Minns & Langton.
Having read so many glowing reports on ED Forum I contacted Nick in Dec 2014 as I had a few handyman jobs in my bathroom.

The bad stuff:
* having to call numerous time to go over the same list of jobs before he could give me a date for the work.
* him randomly turning up on a different day than agreed (luckily I was home)
* waiting until 7.30pm to tell me I needed to be there the following morning as they weren't finished yet (hard to contact my boss at 7.30pm)
* not turning up until 10am the following morning as he already had plans and would be 'letting someone down' if he cancelled
* putting a hole in my wall when removing the bath panel - he did fill it and let me know about the damage
* no silicone around the bath tub and new bath panel so it wasn't waterproof and we couldnít shower
* filling a scratch in my bath tub with the wrong filler so it came off within a few days
* damaging a few tiles when removing bath panel and not telling me (even denying it was him who did the damage)
* not getting through the entire list of jobs Ė not even close

The good stuff:
* I have a new bath panel albeit without silicone
* I have a new shower screen (with silicone!)
* I have new silicone around the top of the bath
* he finally agreed to replace the tiles (his time for free) if I could find some tiles which matched

I've spent the last few weekends finishing the DIY in my bathroom myself.
All in all I had a horrible experience with Nick and his team. He told me a few times how he let other people down to prioritise coming back to finish the work at my place. I really didn't feel like a priority from the outset and in the end didn't arrange for him to come back for a third time to fix the tiles as even booking time with him was such a long process which I found frustrating. I appreciate this was before Christmas and a really busy time for him but it was just a mess from start to finish and the only reason I persevered was because I read such great reviews about his work on this forum.

I wish I'd had the type of service many others seem to have on this forum but it's important I leave this feedback to create a balanced view for others to consider their options when hiring a handyman.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by barry3425 18 February, 2015 12:50

Afternoon all,

Just wanted to add my recommendation to Nick and his team.

We had them doing a whole host of decorating work in our house in November and December. Cannot recommend them enough. The work was of a fantastic standard, and has been mentioned before his guys aren't afraid of hard work and when some jobs turned out to be more work than expected they took on the extra work without any hassle.

Very impressed with the service, end result and also the price of the work.

we had all our hallways stripped and re-painted including woodwork over 3 floors as well as bedroom and recpetion rooms painted and even a ceiling replaced for good measure.

my wife had recently given birth to our little girl 6 weeks previously, and the team couldn't of been more helpful cleaning up every evening and making sure nothing got in the way of my wife when she was stuck on site during the early work.

Again couldn't recommend them enough, we will certainly be using them again.

Ben Hammond.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by amelita 20 February, 2015 13:24

We've used Nick too - four times now over the past year - and absolutely love him. He's fixed up cracked window ledges and brickwork,re-attached our gutter, re-strung lighting fixtures and done smaller snagging, painting jobs too. From what we've thrown at him so far there seems to be pretty much nothing he can't do. He's always been reliable, extremely reasonable and tidied up so well it's hard to tell he was here. He's also a very positive, lovely guy to have around! Hugely recommend - he's a gem.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by nminns 23 February, 2015 11:50

In all my years as a painter and decorator and handyman, I have rarely had anything other than highly satisfied customers. Iím sorry that in this case the client felt compelled to post such negative feedback, but I would like to clarify things from my side.

I was contacted by this client at an extremely busy time before Christmas, but did my best to squeeze her in. We discussed a potential morning, but as I feared, existing jobs overran which meant I had to reschedule. As soon as I got a cancellation I checked with her and came round - I certainly didnít Ďrandomly turn upí. And would obviously not have come if it hadnít suited her.

As in many handyman type jobs, predicting how long a job will take, particularly before having even seen it, can be imprecise. We werenít to know that one of the jobs she gave us - to remove an old bath panel which was stuck fast - would have to involve removing it with brute force. On prising it out, a hole was made in the wall, which was unavoidable and was discussed this with the client at the time.

My business thrives on client trust and respect for their property is an integral part of this. If an accident occurs, and itís our fault, I always make good any damage done, replacing for new if necessary. When the client informed me about the cracked bathroom tiles, I offered to replace them if she found out which tiles they were, or waive the £70 still owed me for the work. She said she would get back to me on this matter - I didnít expect her instead to post this review 7 weeks later.

It is extremely rare that I get feedback like this and I hope that the many positive reviews on this forum and elsewhere are testament to the general diligence and professionalism with which I and my team approach our work.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by LadyNorwood 02 March, 2015 13:15

Called Nick and asked him to mend my leaking shower tray - he rang me promptly, gave me a quote, suggested I buy the sealant so I could choose what I wanted and would keep his costs down. We agreed a time/date (36 hours after I first contacted him), he texted me to say he was on his way, did the job well and cleaned up after what is a very messy job! He was very polite, professional and was done within the timeframe and quote. I would thoroughly recommend him and would certainly use his services again for small jobs; I'd also ask him to quote for larger painting/decorating jobs in the future....

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Bubster 06 March, 2015 20:22

Another happy customer here. Thanks, Nick, for putting up our big roller blinds and working around baby-based chaos and schedule! We'll call on Nick again when we need help, for his professionalism and all-round pleasant manner.

messageRe: Fab Decorator/Handyman in the area
Posted by Pip3 13 March, 2015 11:28

Also wanted to add our praise for Nick and his team. They were fantastic and professional and even worked around our baby's nap time for the noisy jobs. Thoroughly recommend!


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