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messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Sally 20 May, 2018 20:50

Another recommendation for Saied - he is nearly finished on transforming our garden - in 8 days he has taken our garden from an over grown jungle to a garden which feels so much bigger (we had bushes taking over half of the space) to a beautifully ordered space which promises to be a colourful easy to care for garden. We have just got the turf to go down and I will then post some photos.

He has been a delight to work with - very patient explaining everything we need to know - we are not very knowledgeable at all when it comes to gardening and he has talked us through the provess step by step!

Saied obviously really cares about what he is doing and has taught us a lot already

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by charlief 24 May, 2018 18:03

Saied has just been back to give my garden in east Dulwich Road it's springtime makeover and it is once again transformed, the various hedges are all now coming along fantastically under his tutelage and it is all maturing very nicely indeed.

Saied is an absolute pleasure to liaise with, kind, thoughtful and, worth mentioning, incredibly hard working!!

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Sally 02 June, 2018 18:40

Hi Attaching some photos of our finished garden - Saied has done an excellent job - would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to transform their garden

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardeningattachment
Posted by Sally 03 June, 2018 12:59

Hoping that this time my photos actually attach! As I said in my previous post would absolutely recommend Saied to transform your garden - a pleasure to deal with and someone who really cares about what they do.

Attachments: garden 1.jpg (207.1KB)   garden 4.jpg (41.6KB)   garden 2.jpg (40.6KB)  
messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Peter Sidhom 12 June, 2018 14:25

Janet and I have just had Saied and his assistant Richard over to strip out our overgrown and messy front garden, lay a weed barrier and then gravel and stones ready to receive a mixture of pots, planters and shrubs. At the same time they tidied up our back garden, gave general advice, and even went and did some grocery shopping for us! All done in 5 days, with unfailing good humour and obvious love for the work. Saied is a lovely, gentle man, who, when he became aware that Janet is sadly ill with an incurable condition, offered support, love and prayers as well as carrying out the work he was there to do. I can't stress enough how much we both appreciated this, and I have no hesitation is recommending Saied for any jobs big or small in your garden. You'll be in safe hands and end up realising that there are still lovely and loving people in this world! Thank you.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by AnyaB 16 June, 2018 15:51

I don't think Saied knew quite what he was letting himself in for when he agreed to take on our little garden and rescue it from the weeds. But three days later he and Richard have created a wonderful space that we can be proud of - with a colourful mixture of plants - removing bags and bags of rubble too. Hardworking and helpful, with lots of good advice. Highly recommended.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by katemills1980 24 June, 2018 19:58

Saied and his assistant Richard are currently in the middle of creating a miracle! We recently moved and our garden was full of concrete and bricks, and totally shaded by overgrowing plants. Four days in, we have more space than we could have hoped for, and Saied and Richard have removed several tonnes of rubble. Next stop, the turf....
I have been amazed watching them work- they work so hard, and get so much done in a short space of time. Saied is incredibly knowledgable and really works with you to create the garden you hope foe. Saied and Richard also make sure the job is done properly- even if it means digging for that extra morning, because they know this is what will make a garden flourish and grow for years to come. This is what sets Dullish Eco Gardening apart- they put their heart into it to create a garden that will thrive. They are also lovely people and a pleasure to see and talk to. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED>

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by katemills1980 01 July, 2018 18:23

Just a further recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening. Our garden is finished and we couldn't be happier. Saied and his team are really fantastic- reliable, knowledgable and they really stop at nothing to do the best job possible. They made it an easy and enjoyable process for us, and have created a garden we love. Quality of work is incredibly high- you won't be disappointed.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Cazz 03 July, 2018 14:02

Another recommendation for Saied and his assistant Richard apart from being delightful people to have around they managed to tame my out of control privet hedge which was wildly overgrown. In doing this opened up my garden which they then managed to clear, for me to discover plants I had forgotten were there.
They were extremely hardworking especially in the recent high temperatures and very consciousness constantly checking that everything they were doing was what I wanted and was there anything else they could do.
I have no problem in highly recommending them for any of your garden projects.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by misslashark 13 July, 2018 12:56

Saied has just helped me hugely removing unwanted plants in my front and back garden and planting some ideal replacements. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Saied's services - its the second time I've used him and it won't be the last!

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Ceceperle 20 July, 2018 21:59

I had actually contacted Saied months ago but for whatever the reason, we weren't ready. So when I called him months later, I expected a bit of a cold shoulder. In fact, he was completely the opposite, very warm and immediately put me at ease.

We met after I explained my predicament - a large overgrown jungle area under which lurked the foundations and promise of a large rockery. An uneven paving stones area, rocks scattered all over the place, weeds galore and ivy strangling everything in sight.

This was coupled with a difficult-to-handle prickly client (my 80-year old father) who knows 'everything' about gardening and hard work. Dad isn't the easiest with professionals coming into his home. He can be sullen and a bit offish. But Saied has a fantastic quality - he's collaborative, he listens and he involves. 3 days work - with my dad 'overseeing' which some would see as an interfering nuisance but not Saied - has produced fantastic results and I'm amazed at what he and Richard have done.

They carefully dug up and potted plants that we want saved for re-planting and Saied has given me recommendations on plants to buy. He has gone the extra mile with landscaping and my dad can also see that. The jungle is completely cleared out, trees have been sympathetically pruned, the paving has been properly re-laid with sheeting underneath (a lot of work), gravel has been added, rocks have been moved and 'planted' and broken crazy paving on the stairs have been repaired and cemented down.

Saied and Richard have done an amazing job and now that we can see what we're actually working with, they will be back to plant up the rockery when I get the plants from places that Saied has recommended. It's one of the first times that I can actually say that my dad is extremely happy with a tradesman! Absolutely no complaints! We can't recommend Dulwich Eco Gardening enough :-).

Before and after photos will be posted.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by tersiered 30 July, 2018 15:09

Look no further for a professional gardening team who you can trust 100% to do a fantastic job. Based on all the positive recommendations on here we called on Saied to give me us a quote to lay a new lawn on a really rough and tough old area in our garden. Saied and his assistant Richard are truly lovely chaps and were a pleasure to have as contractors in our home. They were very professional, knowledgable and hard working and after 2 days transformed our garden by doing all the ground work and laying a lovely new lawn. Saied hand picked the turf himself to ensure it was top quality and has given us great maintenance advice and he offered to pop by in a couple of weeks to see how the lawn in growing. We will certainly be calling on Saied for any other gardening work needed and for any advice. Another very happy client.

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messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Ladygooner 25 August, 2018 11:29

Saied has just been to mend my shed and searched a lot of timber yards to get the right size wood. He replaced 8 planks of rotten wood and hopefully my shed will now last another 20 years. I recommend Saied for all your gardening needs

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by Asif 04 September, 2018 23:58

On the back of all the great recommendations I decided to ask Saied to look after my garden while I'm abroad. The house is rented and he liaises with the tenants for access. Visits monthly,is extremely trustworthy and happy to leave house keys with him. Saied is clearly passionate about gardening, gives good advice, knows his stuff and that's before he starts on the garden! He sends me regular photos after each visit, the garden looks great and couldn't ask for more. I'd recommend Saied to anyone who maybe looking for a great gardener who's also friendly, hard working and completely relaible.

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messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by doozer 10 September, 2018 12:08

Saied has just finished an incredible job on my garden at extremely short notice.

I asked him to;

Breakdown and remove rotten fencing and table and chairs, clear grass patch that was so overgrown there were small trees starting to take root, level grass area and cover with sheeting to prevent further growth. We considered turfing and he was very knowledgable able to give an accurate price on the spot.

He went the extra mile to respond quickly, to get the job done to a high standard and offer advice on how best to use the space. He also did a couple of odd jobs for me while he was there! He left the garden looking like new and its made such a difference!

He is such a gentle, caring, professional man and with Richard they make a great team.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by squash 11 September, 2018 20:32

Having read all the great recommendations for Saied, I asked him to tackle our rather overgrown garden. He fit us in super quickly and did a fabulous job today, clearing all the weeds, cutting back the overgrown plants and making two trips to the garden centre to source extra plants and a container. Throughout, he was extremely kind, courteous and professional. Our garden has been transformed and I will definitely be asking Saied to come back and help us out again!

Saied can be contacted on ‭07538 760671‬.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by IanS 30 September, 2018 08:19

Saied and his team have recently finished work on my garden and they have done a brilliant job. They worked incredibly hard to clear all the flowers beds of old plants and rubble. There were around 30 bags of old soil and rubbish which were disposed of efficiently and cleanly. They have repaired the lawn and re-shaped the lawn area, laying new turf The beds are now ready to plant. All the team are very pleasant to have around, with Saied willing to offer advice and all work is done in a tidy and efficient manner. I would strongly recommend them

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was 2018:10:09:12:27:48 by IanS.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by robhayns 01 October, 2018 21:22

Hi there,

Could you please give me Saied's number.

I have a facing job, and he sounds perfect.

Many Thanks


messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by mrsgoggins 12 October, 2018 16:24

We recently moved into a house with a huge and terribly neglected garden. I asked Saied to come and have a look at it and give us what would realistically be required to turn our jungle into a garden again. He and Richard have been excellent - punctual, enthusiastic, friendly and very hard working, they are half way through the job and it is a miracle how much they have achieved in three days. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and look forward to using them for years to come.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by jules b 15 October, 2018 19:20

Saied and Richard have tackled the mammoth task of bringing order to the neglected bit of the garden, including doing battle with 'the beast' (an enormous rose that has defeated all who came before). Miraculously, they won (albeit having shed some blood!), and we now have a whole new bit of garden.
Hardworking, knowledgable about plants, very kind, and lovely to have about the house, thanks for all the work guys.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by 11 November, 2018 15:28

Saied and Richard have just transformed our garden by dealing with 20 plus years of accumulated brambles, ivy and other detritus, building a retaining wall with recycled material from the garden and ending the run with railway sleepers. They have dug the bed and then sourced and planted shrubs, all the while consulting to make sure I was happy. I am indeed happy and thoroughly recommend this company.

messageRecommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardeningattachment
Posted by Ceceperle 11 November, 2018 23:43

My second job this year with Dulwich Eco Gardening and I'm thrilled that once again, Saied has done a wonderful job.

We know he's busy and constantly booked but we called him very short notice to magic up a planting scheme outside a restaurant in Herne Hill. He came to see us to understood what we wanted and then got Mick (the carpenter) on the case to build some rustic reclaimed wood planters. Mick has done an outstanding job - its clear he loves wood and to get the boxes to their finished state, he has lavished time and attention on making them. The finish is great.

Saied made room in his busy schedule to go plant shopping with me - he's so knowledgeable and has a great eye for textures and colour. The result has softened the hard street landscape outside and the restaurant team and diners have said they love the results. Photos are attached.

I will definitely recommend Saied - he really is THAT good at his trade and lovely (yet professional) too.

Attachments: Planting 3.jpg (259.5KB)   Plants Nov 18.jpg (244.7KB)  
messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by robhayns 12 November, 2018 14:13

I found Saied from Dulwich Eco Gardening through recommendations on the East Dulwich Forum, and he came and replaced all the fencing in my back garden in Peckham. He was a lovely man and with his team did a fantastic and swift job. The new fencing looks fabulous. All the new fencing and equipment, plus old fencing, had to be taken up the stairs and through my flat, as we have no side access, and Saied left the flat in an immaculate condition, which considering it was raining for the 3 days of the job just goes to show his attention to detail and customer care.
I thoroughly recommend Saied and his team, and look forward to using them again.

Rob Hayns

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by DulwichRugg 25 November, 2018 14:06

Weve just had Saied back to our garden to put everything to bed for winter. As well as cutting everything back and tidying everything up, he has added some winter flowers and bulbs and fed the lawn and soil. Once again, he has done a wonderful job and we have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending him.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by HelBel65 14 December, 2018 08:25

Saied has been round to prune the fruit trees which he planted a few years ago. I usually do this myself but felt they needed his expert eye this year. As always, he was reliable, friendly and full of useful advice. Did a great general tidy up too. Thanks Saied.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by saied 01 January, 2019 13:33

Thank you all for supporting us through 2018.
I wish every one a wonderful and A Happy New Year for 2019.
This time of year fruit trees can be pruned as they will be in dormant.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by mrsgoggins 25 February, 2019 13:33

Saied has worked wonders on our garden, twice. He is enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and incredibly hard working. Our garden was like a fairy tale forest of brambles and ivy when we moved in and thanks to Saied and Richard we are now able to begin to enjoy it. He shared a wealth of plant care advice, garden centre contacts, help with getting rid of the endless bags of waste cuttings and dead plants and all with good cheer. He won't spray weedkiller on your garden, he'll dig each weed out at the roots. And he's competitively priced, consistently punctual and a pleasure to have around. We will certainly ask him back in the future!

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by TNC 01 March, 2019 17:28

This is the second time that we have used Saied have been very happy with his work and so have invited him back. He has worked extremely hard this week, pruning trees, and then grubbing out and disposing of a very old hedge. He advised on hedging types and purchasing plants and will be returning next week to prepare the ground and plant the new hedge. We are very please with what has been achieved and are looking forward to the final results.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by TNC 07 March, 2019 15:01

Saied returned this week as planned and after an heroic effort has prepared the ground and planted our new hedge, after sorting out some hassle with the suppliers. He has also chosen and planted ground cover for us and tidied our rear garden. He has also left us detailed aftercare instructions, We are very please with what he has achieved this week and with the overall work he has done for us. We expect to use him again.

messageRe: Recommendation for Dulwich Eco Gardening
Posted by hannahspanner 18 March, 2019 16:59

Another recommendation for Saied. Last week (during the heavy rain and strong winds) Saied cleared our overgrown garden and made it ready for spring.

Saied had good ideas and suggestions, he was friendly kind and trustworthy. We would use him again without hesitation.


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