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messageSkills Swap Success
Posted by altessefitness 04 July, 2013 18:43

6 weeks ago I put a skills swap ad up to give a certified driving instructor the opportunity to exchange 10 driving lessons for 10 personal training sessions. I was glad that Nick from Nicholas Driving Academy took up the offer to exchange services. Nicholas Driving Academy has been based in East Dulwich since 1981, I was sure I would be in the right hands. Nick has a calm, laid back personality which has worked perfectly for me as I have not had lessons for almost 4 years. I have been growing in confidence as the lessons go by, with Nick pitching the sessions just right. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor.

Nick's personal training sessions with me have been going really well. Nick has a football background having played a good level 11 years ago. He plays badminton on the weekends. I have been working with Nick on acquiring the right nutrition to suit his work & lifestyle to enable him to attain his health & fitness goals. We have been working on Nick's cardiovascular fitness, his agility and flexibility in particular to enable him to compete effectively at badminton. Nick has had back problems and so we have looked at correcting postural issues that have been enhancing the problem.

This experience has been a great learning point for me, having to almost begin driving from scratch, needing Nick to guide me step by step and exhibit the patience I need to excel. I am used to being on the other side having to exercise patience and care, especially for those having to make a complete lifestyle change from being inactive with poor nutrition, to being active and making the right nutritional choices.

I would most definitely recommend Nick to anyone looking to start driving lessons or looking for an instructor for a friend/family member. You can contact Nick on the details below:


messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Cora 04 July, 2013 21:29

Great post - love seeing skills swaps work.....

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by altessefitness 05 July, 2013 11:52

Thanks Cora. Have you done one yourself?

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by balanceforlife 05 July, 2013 22:21

Have you passed your test now? smiling smiley
I'll be needing a driving instructor soon (so my other half keeps telling me).

AJ Lau Coaching | Nutrition, Health & Fitness.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Nicholas 06 July, 2013 00:04

Just to say, thank you Altesse, I'm so glad I took you up on that skill swap. It has been 15 years since my last game of competitive football and all I play is badminton but that's not enough to keep me in shape, never mind my chocolate addiction. I must say that getting back to the gym with Altesse has been better than I expected as I suffer with back problems, but having someone understanding and who knows my limitations is fantastic and although he pushes me hard I know that under his watchful eye I won't cause myself an injury.
As a professional driving instructor who knows his stuff it's a pleasure to work with someone like him and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who,like myself wants to get fit and in shape.
He also has a very relaxed/cool studio in East Dulwich with various equipment.
His mobile number is 07886 176893.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by altessefitness 11 July, 2013 14:53

Hey Balanceforlife, I'll keep you posted winking smiley. Defo give Nick a shout. Nice one

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Fidoc87 16 July, 2013 11:59

For driving lessons would definitely recommend Nick. Have been working with him for the past year (work full time as a teacher so took longer!) and passed my test first time yesterday. Good, professional service and I would highly recommend him.

messageRe: Skills Swap Successattachment
Posted by Nicholas 11 August, 2013 17:23

We've both had 8 sessions now, Altesse doing driving lessons and myself doing fitness lessons. The last two sessions were tough and demanding. Altesse and I both share a footballing background, the difference is he's a bit younger than me! As a personal trainer and as a motivator, I can't recommend Altesse enough. Although he's in the early stages of learning to drive, all seems to be going well and in due course he will definitely pass his test with ease. We will keep you all posted on both of our progress.

Attachments: nick.jpg (40.2KB)   nick2.jpg (33.2KB)  
messageRe: Skills Swap Successattachment
Posted by altessefitness 08 February, 2015 20:38

I should have posted this 2 weeks ago! Been too busy on the road! Great feeling to have passed my driving test 1st attempt, only 4 minors. Thanks to Nick! I took a lot of time away from driving lessons with work and family commitments, gave myself a short time to practice for my test, just wanted to get this done. Nick was great getting me test ready and keeping me reassured. Top man Nick. Driving has definitely improved the quality of my work/life. I have more energy for the family when I get home. Awesome!

Anyone looking for a driving instructor contact Nick 07956221706. web: drivinglessonsdulwich.tel

Attachments: skills swap photo.jpg (116.7KB)  
messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Nicholas 09 February, 2015 23:31

Very well done Altesse!

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by ahindley1983 24 February, 2015 14:03

Another Nicholas Driving school success. Me and my wife both came back from our holidays last year keen to get started with learning to drive. Nick was able to fit us in early and give us all the support and advice that we needed. We both have just passed so wanted to say a big thanks! Certainly recommend!

messageAnother success for Nicholas!
Posted by PatoAlli 12 March, 2015 22:06

Passed first time with Nicholas!

Great instructor, flexible on timing for lessons and very nice new car!

Highly recommended.


messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Zuki16 27 March, 2015 15:02

Found Nick on this forum under driving tutors.So glad I did I just passed today @Westwickham test centre.Thanks to Nicholas.Find him on drivinglessonsdulwich.tel and his recommendations go back a long way

Thanks smiling smiley

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Shona Elliott 22 April, 2015 14:25

I passed my test today with Nicholas at West Wickham, with only a few minors. Just had a baby so needed a good instructor to pass quick. His website is www.nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by SJB24 20 May, 2015 14:05

I would also recommend Nicholas for refresher lessons. I had not driven for ten years and having found his details on the EDF have now had 4 lessons with him including a motorway lesson. He has a very calm and relaxed style, and after the last lesson practising parking in my own car I now feel far, far more confident to drive on my own around London.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by GeorgeHenshaw 08 June, 2015 17:33

Just passed first time with Nick. I found Nick on the forum a few months ago and has really helped me improve my driving skills and get me to the point where I was very confident going into my test.
Nick has a great knowledge of the East Dulwich area, so each lesson is tailored to your needs. As well as being very calm and relaxed, he's also really flexible (which is great if you're trying to work at the same time).

I would definitely recommend using Nick if you're looking for an instructor in the area.


messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by TylerVR 23 June, 2015 14:34

I passed today at West Wickham test centre with Nicholas. I had a great examiner, great experience thanks Nick.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by magda-lena123 12 November, 2015 21:05

Found Nicholas on EDF. Had some refresher lessons in town and motorway in my own car. He has really helped my confidence. Watch out Dulwich in a big Toyota Avensis estate! Highly recommended👍🏼

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Luluredshoes 22 February, 2016 13:31

I can also recommend Nick for refresher lessons. I had been a nervous driver with only a couple of years experience under my belt when I stopped driving for just over five years ago. Nick was calm and chatted just enough to take my mind off my nervousness but kept me focussed. We had about 5 lessons and then a motorway lesson. I have just come back from a trip down to Somerset and drove all over the county with total confidence. Couldn't have done it without Nick's help. Thank you!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was 2016:02:22:13:35:29 by Luluredshoes.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Femke 11 April, 2016 19:14

I had a series of refresher lessons from Nick. Having not driven for years and with no previous experience driving in the UK let alone in a busy city I was worried that I would have had to learn to drive from scratch. Nick quickly rebuilt my confidence and within a few lessons I was able to drive around my local area and further afield. Nick is an extremely chatty and parient instructor who helped me to eliminate any feelings of anxiety thanks to his very positive and encouraging attitude. With years of experience he is extremely knowledgeable about the area which is advantageous when learning to navigate around East Dulwich. Being new to the area myself it also means that I walk away with a list of shops and restaurants to try out as well. Thanks very much, Nick!

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by edli 29 April, 2016 15:44

I passed my driving test first time earlier this week after taking lessons with Nick. I'm due to have a baby in two months and it was really important to me that I learn to drive before the baby is born, so I'm really grateful to Nick for getting me up to scratch in time and for all his patience in our lessons! I started as a very nervous driver but Nick managed to keep me calm and make me feel comfortable on the road - he's incredibly calm, friendly and relaxed.. after a pretty bad experience trying to learn to drive about six years ago, this really made a difference. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an instructor!

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by jolly17 28 July, 2016 22:55

I have just completed four refresher lessons with nick and would highly recommend him. I hadn't driven in over ten years and needed to get my confidence back. Nick was very positive and helpful and by lesson four I was on the motorway and feeling comfortable behind the wheel again. Great experience, thanks nick.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by vsfamurri 28 December, 2016 15:25

just passed my test today with Nicholas, it was my first time and it went super smooth! He knows his way around and how to point you out to the right direction, and is a pleasant guy!

Thanks Nick

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by AlexSmith87654 18 January, 2017 14:55

Passed my test today first time after learning with Nick. Very good instructor, relaxed and patient. he has brought my driving up to a very good standard. Lovely to chat to and very trust worthy.

Thanks Nick!


messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by ALAISE 26 July, 2017 16:49

Nicholas is great. Had a refresher lesson with him and now feel a lot more confident to drive to Cornwall. Thanks nick.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by LevS 13 December, 2017 13:53

Nick is very good. Just passed my driving test this morning at Bromley Court. Very happy. Very nice teaching manner. Highly recommend.
contacts nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Beano 21 September, 2018 22:20

Nick is really patient instructor, who makes you at ease in the car. I had refresher lessons with Nick several years ago. He was so good, I looked him up again! I wasn't disappointed, after three lessons I feel much more confident and ready to drive on my own.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by ArmenL 27 September, 2018 08:26

Lovely experience. Passed first go at West Wickham after three lessons with Nick from nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk making me feel comfortable and confident the whole way. Highly recommend!

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit was 2018:09:27:08:33:01 by ArmenL.

messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by Nicholas 10 March, 2019 07:28

Hi my names Nicholas Ive been teaching in Dulwich and surrounding areas for many many years. I specialise in refresher lessons, motorway, confidence booster, and passplus au pair drivers from overseas etc. Lessons in own car are more than welcome. Feel free to drop a line or call me for an informal chat.

Look forward to hearing from you.


messageRe: Skills Swap Success
Posted by wonker 26 June, 2019 12:37

Currently taking refresher driving lessons with Nick; after so many recommendations on this forum.

He was able to build up my confidence on the roads very quickly; having not driven since I passed my test over 10 years ago.

Great instructor/tutor.

Nice and easy to drive car as well for beginners.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was 2019:06:26:13:38:25 by wonker.

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