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messageBrilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by Valerie Rowe 25 October, 2016 12:03

David Wilson has been working on helping my fitness and muscle strength for the last 2 months and I am currently beginning to notice a real improvement. Before having individual sessions, I attended some group sessions that David led, and they were also very helpful. But I find the one to one sessions better at focusing on my particular needs. He is a GREAT encourager and his positive feedback really spurs me on. He did a very thorough initial assessment, and clearly is able to tailor his exercise programme to the needs of myself as an individual. His manner is easy and respectful and I feel confident following his instructions. These sessions are fun and enjoyable and I can highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
He can be contacted on his e-mail
and more testimonies are on the website
and his contact phone number is 07886819934
Dr Valerie Rowe FRCP MRCGP

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by tassiebear 27 October, 2016 22:26

Personal fitness has never been one of my high priorities. Unfortunately, this means it tends to come in small bursts and have a short shelf life. David has not only taught me easy-to-learn skills, but he has raised my awareness of fitness and helped me see a better picture of what I can and should become physically. I am feeling progressively more motivated and eager to see the changes that need to take place. I am so grateful for his motivation and encouragement.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by Darren Gray 01 November, 2016 10:57

I recommend David to anybody seeking professional guidance towards their health related goals. David is committed to using his knowledge and skills to help create change. His holistic, educational approach to health & fitness helps him arm clients with the tools that enable them to tackle saboteurs head on. He is a trainer with a natural ability to motivate you to go the extra mile to achieve your exercise and health related goals. David is known for his calm, likeable personality and infectious enthusiasm and passionate approach to exercise and well-being. In his training sessions he utilises an array of equipment and training methods ensuring that all sessions are fun, challenging and work towards achieving your exercise goals. Check him out, he's great!

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by David Wilson 02 January, 2017 14:19

To all my clients of 2016 well done in all your hard work and fitness achievements. Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to helping others to also achieve their fitness goals in 2017.

For personal training you can contact David Wilson on T:07886819934


I'm a local mobile personal trainer living in West Dulwich

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by N.Veena 20 February, 2017 16:39

I can only agree with what has already been said - I've been working with David since January and find his manner and approach perfect for me. He's got a lovely calm style, encouraging without being shouty, motivating while setting realistic expectations. He also mixes up the sessions so I don't get bored and even brought workout music to distract me. I'd definitely recommend him...

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by David Wilson 11 August, 2017 17:35


I've started training with David because I suffer from a bad fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder. My goal is not to lose weight, although in only 20 days without a strict diet I have already lost 2.5 kg. My goal is to get healthy and tone up a bit, but the weight and fat loss were also welcomed!! In only 10 sessions my fibromyalgia has never been better and my anxiety levels have dropped considerable too. I don't have chest pains as often as before because my heart is also getting stronger. David changes the sessions every time, working with my capacities and age -I'm a 45 yrs old woman with sedentary life- combining weights, cardio and high interval exercises without allowing me to exert myself. This makes the workout fun and challenging but within my limits. Every week I'm feeling stronger. I don't get out of breath now or have chest pains when going up the stairs to catch the train. We exercise outdoors in the park which is also equally rewording and he even sends me encouraging videos or nutritional tips during the week. I can't recommend it enough!

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by JMitchell 15 August, 2017 12:48

David is proving an effective personal trainer for me. Both encouraging and demanding at the same time. David is full of knowledge and flexible in his ways, adapting his sessions to meet my specific goals. He's hot on technique and what's proving valuable is his willingness to create routines for when I am travelling. We do a mixture of strength (core) and cardiovascular.

James M

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by mminnsy 14 September, 2017 10:34

I found David through this forum and he's been brilliant. I train with him and with my wife once a week and he gives us a routine to follow on the other days of the week. It's been just over a month and we both feel fitter, stronger and just generally better. He built us up slowly (I hadn't done any exercise for a long time) and he's given us both a lot of confidence and motivation. He flexible with times, reliable and friendly and he's having a brilliant impact on my health. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

You can find more details about him here -

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by David Wilson 14 October, 2017 15:50

Thanks guys for your kind words, looking forward to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendationattachment
Posted by David Wilson 02 November, 2017 19:18

When James came to me for Personal Training he was quite unfit and a bit oversight. He was 103kg and wanted to get down to 90kg. That was 18 weeks ago today his weight is 88kg he has lost 15kg and 4inchs of his waist.
His feeling fitter, healthier and is looking great.
If you're interested in being healthier, fitter, slimmer and more toned pls contact me or leave a comment below #Personal Training. We bring the gym to you. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💪😊
David 07886819934

Attachments: IMG_20171101_130412_835.jpg (227KB)  
messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by julianrainov 07 November, 2017 10:01

David is also MY PT, I found him through the ED forum, thanks to this thread!
So I thought Id come back to reflect on my experience.

Thanks to the posts above, as they were so helpful and I was lucky to manage to get regular slot with David.

To you, who are looking for personal trainer, I was in your position and didnt know who to turn to and was enquiring here and there, I was only getting either ridicules pricing or not too professional manner. I can highly recommend David.

It was totally different when I approached him, as David was friendly, very professional (offering free first trial session) and prompt (in his replies), in addition, David offered very reasonable price for the sessions.

I have to say, I havent got particular sports background and am more of an amateur.
David picked this up and he is always very careful, as he is giving me very balanced work outs (not too intensive neither too laid back).
He is always in time and well organized.
Every time he make sure he has prepared special work out plan for each session, which makes the work out diverse and more interesting.

I am very grateful I found David, as I finally managed to stick to a regular physical activity and was meaning to do it for ages and was always giving up very quickly..., not this time, thank you David!
I cant recommend you enough.

Thank you

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by DulwichSal 20 November, 2017 13:34

My husband and I have been training twice a week with David since September with the aim to tone up and lose some weight, and importantly stick to it. He has transformed our thoughts towards exercising and carefully plans and tailor the sessions every time so that we dont have time to worry about repetition. We were not looking for a pushy trainer, we wanted someone who would do so without us realising and that is just what David does, all with a great sense of humour! I have found I have muscles I never knew existed.

He also has helped us think more about what we eat we used to skip breakfast and then be starving by dinner time, but we now eat three balanced meals a day, have cut down our wine intake massively and are watching the calories more sensibly. I didnt realise for my age that 2000 calories was actually 500 too many for my previously sedentary lifestyle!. We still have our fun/eat/drink too much at weekends and are less careful but make sure we try and do one or two exercise sessions on our own to keep up the momentum - we now 'earn our treats'. Ten weeks in and I have lost 9lb, have tone in my arms and previously very flabby belly and feel fabulous. My husband has also lost about 9lb. We are so pleased with David that we have already booked him for our second block of sessions, now not really to lose weight, although a little more would be nice, but just to keep fit - we have found it beneficial both physically and mentally.

Highly recommend him.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by marcelafr2411 06 December, 2017 11:13

I started to train with David just over year ago. I wanted to get fitter and stronger and I knew, that I wont be able to do it without help. David really helped me to overcome my laziness and also some inner barriers I had towards exercising. Every session is unique; it is fun but also hard work. I very appreciate Davids patience, sense of humour and encouragement.
If you want to contact David please call: 07886819934
You can also reach him on: www.
or email him on:

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by David Wilson 24 December, 2017 13:23

To all my wonderful clients, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, well done on all your great achievements.

Thank you East Dulwich Forum for this great community and support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
David Wilson

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by logicandeddie 22 January, 2018 21:43

We started out with David about 4 months ago and we have not looked back! We are a slightly overweight, very overworked couple who spare little time for exercise. Realising we needed to do something about it, Rob booked a couple of sessions with David and quickly persuaded me to come along.

I'll admit all I know of personal trainers are the ones I see in the films shouting at their clients, this is not David. He's calm, patient, hugely motivating and a lovely person to hang out with for an hour. Our levels of fitness have improved dramatically since training with David and this motivates us in our sessions to push harder.

Not only has the exercise improved our fitness, its reduced our stress levels, motivated us to get outside and bettered our relationship! I highly recommend David if your thinking of getting a personal trainer, I promise you won't regret itsmiling smiley

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by CS 02 April, 2018 16:29

I have been working out with David since January to get fitter and lose weight after a long period of inactivity due to ill health. He is great...tailoring programmes to suit the individual's needs and working around any problems. For me, he's planned a combination of strength and aerobic exercises which I find both enjoyable and effective. I have lost at least four kilograms (that doesn't sound like much but it is if you realise this weight loss has been pretty effortless -- just by doing his easy exercises and eating a trifle more sensibly). He's great at giving you food and nutrition tips too...and has an easygoing, humorous manner which makes the sessions good fun.
CS (woman, fifties, West Norwood)

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by thelionqueen 02 June, 2018 09:42

I just wanted to add my recommendation for David Wilson. I have been training with David for almost 6 months now and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He is always cheerful and friendly and it is good to see him each week. He comes along with a plan that he has devised in advance, which is designed to make me work hard but within my limits. However, if I turn up feeling a bit unwell or tired he changes the plan to suit my energy levels. He also tweaks the work outs when he can see I am not as energetic one week or am feeling good and can do extra.

I really enjoy my weekly work outs and feel really good and energised after them. David always makes me feel as though I have worked hard and often right up to my limit but I don't feel drained afterwards. In fact, I feel great and really proud of myself. I am much stronger than I was when I started and this was one of my goals so I am really pleased.

David also sends through exercise ideas for me to do during the week and motivates me to do additional work outs. But crucially he doesn't make me feel guilty when I admit I haven't had time to do anything between our sessions!

If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you get out, get fitter and stronger all while feeling totally within your own limits, I can highly recommend David. He will help you achieve your goals. Good luck!

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by julianrainov 22 June, 2018 13:30

I just wanted to update: I have been training with David Wilson for over 6 months now and I feel fantastic! Results are amazing! I can't thank this thread enough for helping me find David.

If someone is searching for PT, here is his contact: David Wilson- 07886819934, you won't regret it!

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by DiD 27 July, 2018 12:47

I can also highly recommend David Wilson. I am a 50 year old woman, seriously burned out from work-related stress and auto immune related conditions. I tried going to the gym, but was struggling to drag myself out there. And when I did, I barely managed to get through a whole workout.

Following other recommendations from the Forum, I contacted David to help me get fit again and to manage my stress levels. My body had given up, with achy joints and general fatigue. Its been about 3 months now, and my energy levels are better than theyve been in years, and were now at the point where I can push myself further.

David has been really good at working with me, varying our workouts so I dont get bored and encouraging me along the way. I had only intended to do a short course with him, but Ive enjoyed it so much, I keep coming back for more. I couldnt have done this on my own.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by mpfg 22 September, 2018 00:23

I also want to recommend David Wilson...I have come back to exercise after many years and I have not being looking forward to fact I would do just about anything not to exercise !!!

David has been patient and kind and has eased me back into exercising and I am starting to enjoy it

He is very knowledgeable and trains people at all levels and all ages

Great bloke

David Wilson mobile number is 07886819934. He does a free try out session so there is nothing to lose ifyou give him a try

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by 22fdunst 12 November, 2018 19:25

I got in touch with David based on the comments above and I cannot recommend him enough... Id just turned 40 and with 3 kids and a busy job I was making excuses not to do more exercise. Pre kids I was petty active but I havent done much in the last 4-5 years. David eased me back in but ramped up the intensity quickly. The routines change regularly so its never boring.

In addition to the above David is a lovely bloke and we always have fun whilst working out. As many people have mentioned he offers a free taster session.

Happy for people to get in touch if they have an specific queries about his sessions.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by Janetlee12 14 December, 2018 14:36

I am a 61 year old women who started working out with David after a recommendation. I have always done exercise and yoga and am now thoroughly enjoy my sessions with David. Infact I look forward to them. He is an impressive trainer on many levels. Through his extensive experience he pitches each session to work you to your own fitness levels whilst still making it enjoyable! He varies the sessions each time to include strength based work, aerobics and stretch. He is gently encouraging but also steely when he thinks you can do more. Over the last few months my level of fitness has increased - my upper body strength which I had struggled with has improved so much and my problematic shoulder is no longer giving me trouble. My stamina and vitality is much better and the strength based work has improved my core and my legs actually looked toned!!! I can highly recommend David. He has a lovely encouraging manner that helps you believe you can do all he asks!!! Go for it. You will only end up feeling great!

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by David Wilson 28 December, 2018 12:30

Happy New Year EDF and to all my Wonderful clients, well done on all your hard work and great achievements.🥂

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by mpom 20 February, 2019 14:19

I would endorse all of the recommendations above for David.

My wife first started training with David as an alternative to a gym membership because the regime of weekly sessions and bespoke training plans meant that you avoid the usual drop off in motivation (and attendance) that you often find with a gym. My wife absolutely loved having a personal trainer and saw a significant improvement in her fitness levels.

I had always been sceptical about personal trainers and preferred just jogging and playing team sports. I started training with David when I took over one of my wife's sessions when she was sick one morning and I have kept going ever since.

David is an exceptional motivator but not in a "boot camp" way. As a result of my previous sports activities I have never had any upper body or core strength. I was doing press-ups on my knees in our first session! Since then I have significantly improved my overall strength and my stamina. Press-ups are still my nemesis but I can rattle of twenty normal ones now no problem as part and parcel of the whole set.

David has also got me to focus upon my flexibility (which was awful). I used to be extremely injury prone (knees and shoulder) but the result of the strength and conditioning work that David has put me through is that I have not had a muscle injury in the last year.

Above all, David is a great companion through the exertion! A genuinely nice guy (until he makes me do one more push-up!!).

Try it out. You will not regret it!

David Wilson's mobile number is 07886819934.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by honor_oak_catherine 06 May, 2019 11:50

I'd like to add my recommendation for David Wilson as a personal trainer...

I started training with David once a week from last autumn. I'd had a bad back earlier in the summer and also had never really got back into doing any exercise apart from occasional yoga classes since having my son 7 years ago. Together with working full time and wanting to spend my free time with my family I never made it to any exercise classes and got to a point where I felt like I needed to do something for my health.

Since I started doing the training I haven't had any trouble with my lower back and it has increased my core strength. I can notice that I feel less tired in general, my general energy levels have increased.

I find it hard to motivate myself to do exercise so having a personal trainer solves that for me as we have the appointment and then David motivates me to do it! We usually do a mixture of strength training with small weights, core training like sit-up type exercises, and boxing exercises for aerobic health. The strength and core are quite hard work but the boxing is fun!

David has a great gently encouraging manner which suits me better than some boot-camp type class. He is flexible in designing workouts to suit me and is happy to send me exercise routines if I want to practice in-between our training sessions.

I now feel like seeing a personal trainer is a good investment in your health, especially if you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise by yourself or don't have time to go to classes, and David is a skilled and patient trainer.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by RBrowne 10 May, 2019 21:14

I would also like to recommend David as a personal trainer. Im in my late 40s and I started training with David last September. David has really helped me to build up my strength and flexibility at exactly the right pace for me. He gradually steps up the exercises and frequently introduces new ones to keep things interesting. He has also advised me on the importance of stretching and nutrition. The stretching in particular has been really important and I wish Id started with that years ago. Hes an all-round positive and friendly person and so if youre looking for a trainer to help you build strength and gain fitness, then David is a great person to work with.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by kitryall 04 June, 2019 18:03

I would definitely recommend David as a personal trainer. I've been training with him for the past few months in Peckham Rye park (really convenient for me)and i've already seen great results. He is also very inspirational when it comes to training and nutrition. I have lost weight, I have a lot more upper body strength and can do a lot more push ups- his focus on technique really helps.

He makes the sessions fun and varied and knows how and when to push you, as well as giving positive feedback and tips on a healthy lifestyle. He's also a very friendly warm person and great to chat to.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by AYarker 09 July, 2019 09:50

David has been an excellent personal trainer for me, helping me to regain my confidence in exercising with a long-term knee injury and designing a bespoke programme of low impact exercise I can do in between our sessions. Combined with this he is knowledgeable in diet and nutrition advice to help you get healthier and fitter a bit quicker.

I've found our sessions really enjoyable and have noticed a boost to my energy levels very quickly. My joints/knees have benefitted from being strengthened and my mild but chronic lower back pain has almost disappeared since starting our sessions.

David is great at gently challenging and raising your confidence and enjoyment of exercise to suit you - I actually look forward to exercise sessions now! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to boost their fitness or regain fitness following injury / pregnancy.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by Tala76 02 December, 2019 21:56

I would definitely recommend David as a personal trainer. Im in my early 40s, work full time and have 2 x small children so finding time to exercise is always a challenge. I started training with David six months ago as I really wanted to get active again especially after having fractured my ankle but I lacked the motivation and time to do so. Along came David and everything changed for the better!

David worked with my injury from the outset, adapting certain exercises so that I was still able to do them. Our workouts are always different and focus on cardio, strength and core as one of the areas I wanted to improve was my lower back pain and sore joints. The strengthening and core work has made a huge impact to my general health and wellbeing, my aches and pains have reduced significantly, my body shape has changed and Ive lost weight.

David has introduced me to boxing which I love but more importantly hes helped me find an exercise routine that works for me and my lifestyle. Im not a gym person, so our sessions are always outside surrounded by nature and even on freezing cold days I look forward to our sessions and his encouragement and positivity keep me going. I also love the fact that David sends me home with new workouts every week that I can do in between sessions.

Im the most active Ive been in years and Davids been instrumental in making that happen. I cant recommend him enough.

messageRe: Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation
Posted by David Wilson 22 December, 2019 21:12

Wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year! And a special Happy Christmas to all my clients and well done on all your great fitness achievements this year.

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