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messageCaution against Lordship Dry Cleaners
Posted by Rincam07 February 10, 08:32PM

Some months ago I spilled curry on my alpaca wool jumper and had it dry cleaned by Lordship Dry Cleaners (9 Lordship Ln, East Dulwich, London SE22 8EW).

It was returned covered in curry and now with a hole on the front of the jumper. After not being pleased with the patching job they did on the hole, I asked for monetary compensation and was told that the jumper would be sent to an insurance company to be revised and reimbursed for before they could compensate for the item. This event followed 2 months of calling them every week, coming into the shop, and emailing them multiple times. They had my jumper and hadn't even given me my money back for the cleaning.

The clerk said time and time again that they were waiting for the insurance, that he could not give me the managers number because "he would yell at him" and would not give me any proof of this said insurance company. Finally one day he said it would arrive next Monday. When I showed up, a different man was there who gave me back my jumper. When I asked for my compensation he said that the original clerk had been lying to me, that there was no insurance company, and that the business would never compensate me for this. (Why he was honest is beyond me)

Bottom line: I payed 8 pounds to have my alpaca jumper broken, and returned covered in curry. The man in charge of the store lied to my face and wasted my time for 2 months instead of being upfront from the start. I would caution anyone from doing business with Lordship Dry Cleaners for their lack of professionalism and flat out dishonesty.

messageRe: Caution against Lordship Dry Cleaners
Posted by mikehunt February 11, 08:59AM

i dont belive they would return your item covered in curry.i been useing them guys for about 10 yrs and never had a problem and theres many people on here that use them and they have a good rep

messageRe: Caution against Lordship Dry Cleaners
Posted by Sue February 11, 05:23PM

Why would someone go to the trouble of making up a story like that and posting it on here?

ETA: You could report them to the trading standards department of the council.

Or take them to the small claims court, if you could be bothered. If the case was found in your favour I think they would have to pay your costs.

Though they'd probably settle with you before it came to that.

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messageRe: Caution against Lordship Dry Cleaners
Posted by IlonaM February 11, 06:09PM

Didn't you spot clean the curry to remove as much as possible while it was still wet? Dried curry stains would have been very difficult to remove once dried - given the colourful spices (some of which are used to dye fabrics in their own right).

In any event, if the garment was returned with a hole in it the shop should have offered reimbursement of some kind.

Trading Standards via CAB consumer helpline might be the most straight-forward option now: []

London Borough of Southwark
Trading Standards
Regulatory Services
Environment & Social Regeneration Division
3rd Floor Hub 1, PO Box 64529

t: 020 75252000
f: 020 75255735
w: London Borough of Southwark Trading Standards website

Notes: Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06

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