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message'Dental beauty'
Posted by claresy April 08, 05:47PM

Having been a customer of Townley Dental for over 20 years I'm appalled at their new branding which prioritises 'beauty' over health, which is not what I want for myself or the message I'd like to give to my children.

Since they've been taken over, I've been unable to get through on the phone, instead being subjected to a long and annoying message on 'aesthetics' and had to go in personally to change an appointment. While the (new) receptionists were helpful and polite, assuring me that health is still the priority, this is not the message they're projecting through their branding. There are plenty of places offering 'aesthetics' but I would have thought I'm not alone in wanting a reliable dentist (who hopefully will also make my teeth look nice) and not wanting to support cosmetic procedures.

Can anyone recommend a good alternative NHS dentist in East Dulwich? I tried to post this in the 'businesses' section but it wouldn't allow me as said the 'exact same message' had already been posted! As I just composed it after going there this is completely untrue - unless by bizarre and improbable coincidence somebody typed the 'exact same' words as me!

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by LucyInTheRye April 08, 06:35PM

My husband is a patient and was similarly bemused. I agree with you it sends a strange message!

The children and I see Dr Matin at Dulwich dental clinic on the LL (by the post office.) I havenít had anything complicated done and donít know about the other dentists but she is extremely nice and gentle and is quick and thorough. If you want to see the hygienist (also lovely) though, you do have to go to their cosmetic branch which does Botox and other beauty things as well as dentistry. As itís the other end of the LL it doesnít bother me as it isnít being foisted on the kids.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by Zig-Zag April 09, 01:18AM

I agree with original poster. I'm also looking to move from there. The re-registration questionnaire I had to complete was full of loaded questions along the lines of "do you want a whiter smile?" "Would you like more even teeth?"

Mind you I think the Townley Rd original dentist went downhill when Shane left and has dropped further downhill with this new takeover

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by claresy April 09, 09:01AM

Thanks for the replies - and pleased to hear I'm not alone. And thanks for the recommendation Lucy.

I would have thought 'Dental Beauty' could have written to existing customers to explain the change at the very least.

Zigzag, I actually misread your 2nd questionnaire example as 'would you like even more teeth' which did trigger a (probably not whiter!) smile!

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by zebedee April 09, 12:06PM

I'm also unhappy with the changes and considering a move. Hema, one of the long-standing dentists, is leaving this week too.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by rushhour72 April 10, 07:47PM

I too have been a patient at this practice since childhood. Recently I was disappointed to hear that Madalina had moved on, hence was skeptical. However after chipping my tooth i visited Dental Beauty who reassuringly told me that they would keep me as an NHS patient. I think people need to be aware that most practices are private and Dental Beauty obviously cares enough about dental/oral health to keep their NHS contract, even though it costs more for them. Secondly I was seen by a very professional dentist called Niva who did not once insinuate or bully me into having cosmetic work done and charged me under NHS banding. They have invested heavily into new equipment and the all round experience was very pleasant. I really think people need to make their own opinion before listening to that of others. I will continue to use this practice for the future. If I was to go for cosmetic treatment, would you not prefer it to be in the hands of a professional in the UK than having a slapdash job abroad? Also they are partnered with another branch in Swanley who have got consistently highly ranked reviews/recommendations. The grass is not always greener..

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by Roberto1 April 11, 01:13PM

Ohh, I had a lot of problems with my teeth because of smoking. And to be honest I didn`t even realize the connection between it. After reading this article [] I quit with it immediately. It is a lot cheaper and healthier than to repair the teeth))

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by claresy April 11, 01:52PM

You may be right and quite prepared to accept the dentists may be good. However I wasn't basing my comment on anyone's experience except my own -which was that I was unable to get through to them on the phone and was put through (following a prolonged and irritating marketing message) to a call centre. I also find the branding and new name very off-putting and feel they should have contacted existing customers to explain the change.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by Tonydbg April 13, 09:29AM

I have moved to this area about a year ago, and after losing all hope in finding a dental practice that can rely on. I saw Dental Beauty, while on the bus. Then a friend of mine recommended that I try Dental Beauty in a last ditch attempt to restore any hope in a local Dentist. I walked in and although is was busy at reception. I sort of thought, well busy means a good thing, because people obvious are coming here for a reason. Lovely attentive receptionist took time to find out what I was booking for. She took my details booked an appointment, got sent an email and a text about my appointment.
On the day of my appointment, I had to fill in forms on a tablet. Which is good, as it reduces paper waste. I saw the owner of the practice. I had my check up and I asked a question about braces. He gave me all the options available to me, payment options, took photos and Xrays to explain what was going on in my mouth. He also told me about how braces will move my teeth. To be honest it was a very positive experience. I have booked back to have braces done at dental beauty.
I can understand that there have been changes, but from what I have read in this forum, the old owner should have told his patients that he was selling the business. I like the fact that, I donít have to go in to central London, pay high prices, for all the new technology. I have been ripped off by a dentist before. This could be be good for the local community. At least we donít have to travel far for a good dental practice.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was april 13, 10:32am by Tonydbg.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by elanu1912 April 15, 12:47AM

Hi all,

I have been a patient here for over 10 years, as have my family. Iím actually more or less a neighbour.

I was also really disappointed that the change in ownership wasnít shared with us patients. I have had a full explanation and accept that this was the fault of the previous owners for not letting us know. The new team are very polite and my family were well received.

I was actually mid way through a treatment with the previous owners and am now having it completed by Dr Patel. Heís been excellent and explained everything well so far. It turns out the team of dentists are now more qualified than previous and cover all areas of dentistry...thatís good.

On of my issues with the old owners was that they both smoked. My kids picked up on that before and we didnít like that.

The practice looks great and yep, absolutely accepting NHS care. Clearly had some much needed investment to make it into an inviting place. Iím also having a tooth 3-d printed at the practice this week, with some amazing new machine they have introduced!


messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by robocop April 15, 02:19PM

I know! Hema. My entire family is distraught. But, she's getting married so it's nice news for her. We saw a new dentist and she was delightful. As long as Margaret doesn't go, or handsome Raj (ahem), I can work with it!

Have to say, cosmetics make money and are a choice. They're still an NHS practice and every new staff member I've met has been lovely.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit was april 15, 02:19pm by robocop.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by lpool April 23, 12:26PM

Have to echo previous comments about it now being impossible to get through to reception any more and being subjected to marketing recorded message and promises of call back. Looks like the only way in future to book an appointment is turn up in person.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by jmsc May 20, 12:01PM

Does anyone know whether Hema is working at a new practice, and if so, which?

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit was may 20, 12:11pm by jmsc.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by bobbsy May 20, 01:59PM

I recently went for the first time - must admit I got straight through to reception and made an initial appointment easily as an NHS patient. Initial checkup was quick, efficient. Dentist seemed very good. I agree the name isn't the best choice, but can't fault the service.

messageRe: 'Dental beauty'
Posted by zebedee May 20, 11:01PM

Hema has moved to North London, I think. She was getting married.

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