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messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by rhys 30 November, 2016 15:47

Iíve been training with Giulio since February 2016. My initial motivation was to lose weight and 'get fitter'. Before starting the 'journey', back in the bleak blues of the 2016 winter (when everyone seemed to be dying) I donít think I did understand what Ďget fitterí really meantÖat least relative to now. Iíve lost 22.5Kg / 50lb in that time, while increasing my muscle mass, so thatís a big TICK. What Iíve also done, which is far more important, is learn why I was unfit and how to stop myself regressing. It seems simple, and ultimately it is, Ďeat healthy and do exerciseí but what to eat and what exercises and when, and for how long, etc etc etc Ė for that I needed educating.

For me the decision to get a PT was a long term lifestyle choice and not about having one off sessions here and there. Itís been about becoming a healthier person, and to use a very 2016 clichť Iíve "taken back control" (of my health). All of which has required a great PT, and Iíve certainly found that in Giulio.

Iíve decided to categorise my reasons for recommending Giulio and the benefits to having a PT into headers as I have a tendency otherwise to waffle (see above).

- Giulio is an Advanced Instructor level 3 with the Register of Exercise Professionals
- His professionalism is evident, always focused, never a Ďmeaní PT
- He meticulously logs details of exercises performed, weights lifted, reps repeatedÖ
- Giulio pre-plans each session

- My first session began with an assessment of my exercise abilities / weaknesses, past injuries, discussing my general health, and past experience with trainers and gyms
- Iím weighed every week, which helps give focus to assessing progress (itís also a good deterrent for mid week drinking sessions)
- Every 3 months we do key body measurements
- The regularity has been tailored to me, so you may decide a different routine suits you better.

Targets have been the key for me, I can see where Iím heading and know how long itís taking me to get there. To ensure this works itís vital that I have realistic goals, and that I get encouragement through the difficult plateaus. Giulio worked these targets out carefully and is very encouraging and genuinely happy to see targets being hit. He really does care about his clients.

Following Giulioís advice I keep a log of my food intake and discuss this during our sessions. I changed what I was eating, especially the quantity, for reasons of calorie intake and for improving nutritional balance. For example, I wasnít eating enough protein, so we discussed this, we discussed ways I could increase my intake, and Giulio also explained how protein works, when I should be eating it, how much I should be aiming for. Now Iím eating enough protein to maintain my progress and to make the most out of my exercise.

With Giulio your workout is fully tailored to you. Itís really important to train across a range of exercises, itís therefore key to have this education if you intend to make real strides. Giulio varies the workouts, so itís never boring, and it also challenges my limits.

A friend of mine recently (who doesn't see a PT) suffered a distal bicep tendon tear due to not doing full ranges when liftingÖif you donít know that means please get a PT before you start doing weights! Having a trainer like Giulio means that heís looking and commenting on your posture, how youíre standing, how youíre positioned, which way your head is facing etc etc which avoids injuries.

You can of course work out at a gym without a PT, and most of my gym sessions are without Giulio. However, I discuss with him what I will be doing between sessions, and thatís all part of the bigger picture. The benefit to getting a trainer is of course that you will get an education in how to effectively and efficiently 'get fitterí, learn what best works for you, improve your technical skills, improve your confidence with using the gym (especially the dreaded free weights).

Having a PT isnít just about getting someone to help you at the gym, itís about getting support to improve your health holistically. Giulio delivers on this in spades.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit was 2016:11:30:17:33:49 by rhys.

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by will skid 24 April, 2017 15:05

I have a private (well, formerly private) nickname for Giulio: I refer to him as the "smiling sadist". He's an extremely friendly guy, and is unfailingly polite and easy going. But by golly he makes you work hard! Like many people who have commented on here, I had no particular expectations about personal training when I started - I simply wanted to get fitter. But I have found it to be a hugely rewarding experience that, in its way, has been genuinely transformative: when I am training regularly (and I haven't always managed this) I feel good about myself, have much more energy, and hugely raise my performance in whatever sports I play. Giulio always keeps the routines varied and (again, as other have said) seems to know exactly how hard to push you - in his sessions, I work far harder than I am able to when training on my own. He's a great motivator - and a great guy - and I certainly recommend him. The only problem is that a lot of other people have realised this, and so he doesn't have all that many free slots!

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by SarahAlice 09 June, 2017 08:38

I want to add my heartfelt thanks and recommendation for Giulio's personal training.

After going to the gym for many years I was looking for a bit of direction and motivation so decided to seek Giulio's support. Giulio was professional, always accessible over text if I needed a bit of extra advice during sessions and always focused during our sessions. I also liked that he used a digital i-pad to record my progress rather than paper and pen and seemed to prepare ahead of our sessions. We didn't waste a second during the hours PT and I always really enjoyed the sessions, knowing I had worked harder than I would without him. As Rhys mentioned in an earlier post, most of my workouts were not with Giulio but he sent me the exercises we had done in between so I could continue my momentum.
I didn't have too much to lose but in 3 months I lost 10 pounds and toned up. Most importantly, I regained a love for the gym, a dedication to keeping fit and on track and became educated on what to eat, especially portion size and how to train.
I am only giving up my slot with Giulio as I am moving out of the area - nab it now before it goes!

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by Yvettek 02 September, 2017 21:00

I have been working with Giulio for over two years. I orginally went to him requesting a half hour slot to help me stretch, due to painful and often imflamed joints. He quickly moved on from that to specific exercises and weights to improve my muscles and strength. I find the time with him invaluable, though I do sometimes dread it. I always, always feel better after the session and extremely grateful.
He has been immensely helpful and supportive, and would not hesitate to recommend this thoroughly efficient and professional trainer.

Thanks Giulio.

Yvette of Honor Oak

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by SandraED 05 January, 2018 19:50

I started working with Giulio exactly two years ago as one of my New Yearís resolutions was to become fitter and I wanted to lose a few pounds. Initially, I was sceptical about starting Personal Training. Would one session a week be enough for me to see any results? I am traditionally not a gym person but prefer to go running instead and I didnít want to commit to going to the gym three times a week.
Well, two years later I can honestly say it was one of the best investments in my health I ever made. Having that one scheduled weekly session has not only made me fitter, stronger and leaner but it has also given me a great stress outlet. I know that during hectic times, I would not have stuck to my exercise regime had I not had Giulioís sessions to keep me focussed. I always felt so much more energised afterwards which then motivated me to find that extra time for a running session later on in the week.
What I really appreciate about Giulio is his down to earth, no nonsense approach. He listened to my goals and then gave me a concrete plan with some real, practical advice on how to achieve them. At the same time, when I didnít manage to stick to it, he encouraged me to keep going rather than making me feel bad that I hadnít. I also really valued his flexibility when it came to the type of exercise we did, mixing up the routine each week and going outside when the weather allowed. Most of all, heís got a great sense of humour so that working out was fun rather than a chore! If I hadnít moved away from London, I would still be working with him. All I can say is, donít just think about it, give it a go for a couple of sessions and see how you feel afterwards. You wonít regret it!

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by sammy97c 10 March, 2018 11:36

This is another recommendation for Giulio.

I've been a client of Giulio's for more than four years.

He is a total professional, very knowledgable, and has helped me to achieve my fitness goals.

I highly recommend!

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by adey 29 May, 2018 20:48

Giulio is an amazing PT. He is very professional and keeps a record of all your sessions. He obviously knows a lot about exercise, fitness and diet. I feel my strength and fitness have improved massively since training with him. He also helped me train when I was pregnant. If you have unpredictable working hours he is fantastic at fitting you in last minute.

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by David Giulio Fan 07 October, 2018 17:02

Giulio has been my personal trainer for over 12 years and has really helped me maintain my physical health and fitness during all that time whilst juggling a busy career. You get top value and quality with Giulio. He knows absolutely what he is talking about through his professional qualifications and experience and keeps up to date through continuous professional development.

Giulio works with a range of clients of all ages to help them achieve their fitness goals. Giulioís sense of humour and practical suggestions are invaluable and the hour long training session flies by but you do realise youíve been through a tough workout!

I would thoroughly recommend Giulio as he really achieves that balance between support and not letting you, the client, get away with any sloppiness, after all why would you pay for a quality personal trainer like Giulio if you are not going to take your health and fitness seriously.

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by charliep 01 March, 2019 13:25

I'd highly recommend Giulio. He has been a friendly, motivating coach for my 9-year-old son who needed to get fitter after an illness. He keeps a close eye on progress from week to week and knows what to do to push his clients further and make them feel good about their progress.

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by greenwater 09 May, 2019 21:36

Giulio has been helping me get fitter, stronger and slimmer since having my two kids. I can truly say I look forward to our sessions as they are always varied and actually quite good fun! He pushes me to the edge of my ability and I achieve a lot more with him than when I go alone. Now convinced the husband to go, who was very reticent following a heart attack and years of no sport. As predicted - he too has also now caught the bug! If you are looking for a seasoned, friendly and non-intimidating PT, give him a whirl.

messageRe: Scala Personal Training at Everyone Active (was Fusion), East Dulwich.
Posted by KevinJ February 14, 02:01PM

I've been training with Giulio in At Everyone Active in East Dulwich for several years and I highly recommend him. I'm not a natural when it comes to health and fitness but Giulio has really motivated me to stay focussed on my goals and I'm very pleased that I'm still exercising and improving even through rehab from operations and surgery. Giulio is a very professional trainer and he puts me through my paces but we have a laugh too which is the perfect balance for me. I'd advise anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness to try working with Giulio, you won't regret it.

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