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messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by LibraCarr 12 July, 2008 16:49


Just to recap on my earlier postings with regard to the cloning of cards. The following businesses have had fraudulent activity. The majority of card suppliers are aware and you may, as a result, have your card declined.

Please note that this does not suggest that the company/business involved are fraudsters, but have also been subject to the crime.

Texaco Garage - Grove Vale (interior card facility)
Tesco's - East Dulwich Road (Exterior Cash Machine)
Budgens - Lordship Lane (interior card facility)
Somerfields - Lordship Lane (Interior card facility). It must be pointed out in this case that the units that have been corrupted are the multi flow units and NOT the single units facing the front entrances.

And finally.....You must remember that if a Credit Card Company gives you a credit facility, it is up to you to make sure that you act responsibly with it, and not wilfully ignore there advice.

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by hoolley 12 July, 2008 17:40

Apparently when they clone your card they may keep it for a while until they travel abroad so it may not have been cloned on Lordship Lane but sometime in the past. I think the lesson to be learned is to never let your card out of your sight at any time.

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by LibraCarr 12 July, 2008 18:15

Hi Again,

Just to set the matter a little bit clearer the cloner does not even have to leave the UK. Within twenty minutes of my card being read in East Dulwich it was being used for a transaction in Abu Dhabi! Not even Stelios or Richard can fly you that fast!.

Libra Carr.

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by dosser 13 July, 2008 16:23

hya everyone.
well my card got cloned, my bank told me how and when and i can tell you it was at the petrol station close to the round about at grove vale. like 30 minutes after i got petrol someone was trying to use it in canada, but being like i am and my bank has it all covered , barclays tell all there clients tell us before you go abroad or you wont beable to use your card, hence they were refused my money on 2 occaisions , lucky me.
so now in future i pay in cash for my petrol.and very importantthe machines they are / were using have the devices fitted in the back so watch out please

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by Strawbs 14 July, 2008 13:07

Mine also got done a few weeks back, Ive not been to that petrol station I have to say but certainly lots of other places in ED.. They tried to buy some train tickets and hsbc called me, anyhoo all sorted now but I guess its happening quite alot out here..

First time Ive ever fallen victim to something like this.. When I first came to the UK I didnt even know what identify fraud was (I think peeps in Oz are far too laid back to go to the trouble) but alas now my fraud cherry has been popped and Im shredding everything!!!

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by Wombat 14 July, 2008 14:17

Mine was done (for the 2nd time this year) about 10 days ago. HSBC (excellent and speedy both times) called to say someone tried to use it in Germany (Germany seems to have come up on this thread a fair few times).
(far too much use of the bracket in this post as well)
I too have used the garage near the roundabout - but want to stress that I have no idea whether there's a link or not.

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by jim_the_chin 15 July, 2008 13:34

this is what i wrote last week:

"i've just started going back to texaco after boyotting for a long time. i tried one lloyds card and it was declined and another was too, then used my debit card which did work. i rang the card co. up after and they said they'd put a security block on it because of unusual activity, which there hadn't really been, so i wonder if they're aware of this and declining transactions from this place.

48 hrs later and no strange trasnactions on my cards."

today - 10 fraudulent transactions.


messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by LostThePlot 17 July, 2008 09:54

Now reading this is curious. I looked at my transactions yesterday and discovered last week i was apparently in Essen in Germany and took out 150 at the bank. Needless to say i wasn't. But I was in Essen in March. What's the view. My card got cloned in Germany, and they've kept it quiet until now? Or i;ve been stung on the lane, and it;s a big co-incidence...?


Move along now, nothing to see here...

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by seanmlow 19 July, 2008 13:21

My boss had 800 quid removed from his bank account, and HSBC are being very difficult about it. Apparently it was done in Germany.

Guess what? He had used the Texaco garage!

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by snorky 19 July, 2008 14:38


YOu are aware that the ciminal gangs / "liberation " organisations that run this type of scheme are quite sophisticated

One of the main sources of income for the likes of the Tamil Tigers are CC frauds overseas, usually through the extended network of overeas tamils ( willing or more often, coerced )

Many of the redundant EBlok state security operations went freelance in the '90s to get involved - hence a great deal of European stuff where you may have a large Refugee / Gastarbieter population to do the groundwork

these are not a one man & dog system in most cases

messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by Siduhe July 11, 11:47AM

Two new posters, both created at pretty much the same time, both have made a couple of innocuous but irrelevant comments on other threads, then one resurrects an old thread and the other post spam links. This is about the fourth or fifth time this week (different posters, different threads). It's spam, just a bit more ingeniously done.

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messageRe: Credit Card Fraud
Posted by RichH July 11, 12:02PM

Yep, that's a fair point. In my cases the card issuer was perhaps unlucky enough to get it "wrong" from my perspective on four occasions. Where my transactions (not the card as I perhaps misled you earlier) were blocked I did indeed have a trusty alternative to use to save myself from a potentially embarrassing situation.

Anyway, perhaps this thread can be laid to rest once again... for a while at least smiling smiley

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