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messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by mlteenie 25 August, 2019 07:40

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by intexasatthe moment 25 August, 2019 09:03

From link above

** UPDATE 23rd August**
Case Officer Wing Lau has closed down the commenting system for the planning application 4 days early. When questioned, she stated that it was possible to enter comments but on a different website address. This new URL is not linked to from the planning application page so no-one will know it exists. It also does not have any of the other comments appearing there. The main planning homepage on Southwark’s website wrongly informs people to use the “old” planning register for planning application 19/AP/1867 but in fact the new comments section is on the “new” planning register. So not only have the council closed comments early, they have opened up a separate commenting section on an area of their website which contradicts what the planning page says. All of this happened on Friday afternoon before August bank holiday so there is no-one around to fix the mess before the new extended deadline of Tues 27th August is reached.

Our advice now is to email your comments to mentioning ref number 19/AP/1867. Ask for confirmation they have received it as the comments section on the “old” page has not been updated for 10 days (since 13th August) so we cannot even be sure that comments being sent in are being logged.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by AylwardS 25 August, 2019 10:15

Inthettexas moment thanks. I’ll resend my comments to the email address - I submitted mine on 14 August as the letter we had said the deadline was 15 August

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by sjsl 25 August, 2019 11:57

I emailed with the ref number 11 August, asking for receipt confirmation in reply, not heard from them. As I'm concerned they're not logging these I have copied the email and resent via the online contact form [] again asking for confirmation of receipt.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by AylwardS 25 August, 2019 14:20

Following the posts on here about the planning application moving and only showing comments until 13 August I rechecked and comments from 4 - 24 August are on the old portal and comments from 25 August on the new so it would appear all the comments have been lodged. I have however sent an email to and copied in the Councillors for the area (Peter John, Leader of the Council and Sarah King about a discrepancy regarding the number of comments in the two portals and asking for confirmation all comments will be taken into account.

In case it is of interest this is what I found on the portals when I went in

The two portals show differing numbers of comments on the application and although I understand this will change the numbers don’t make sense.

I looked at the old planning portal this morning and it showed 400 Comments (Objections 120, Supporting 277)

I then looked at the new planning portal which showed 290 Comments (Objections: 36 Supporting: 251) The portal was only showing 5 comments, the earliest from 23 August.

Two questions I asked of the Council were:

1. Can the Council confirm that the deadline for comments will be extended given the issues with the planning portal?
2. Can the Council confirm that all comments submitted on either the old or new planning portal and by email to will be reviewed before the decision is taken on the application?

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by thedukeofmonclar 31 August, 2019 11:52

If you failed to get a comment into the council portal before the deadline of last tuesday don't worry. It seems comments are still being accepted here.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by thedukeofmonclar 02 September, 2019 15:23

A letter has been added to the documantation for the application from Simon Bevan, head of Southwark planning. It looks pretty conclusive and seems to agree with everything the local campaigners have been saying. Have a read of it here.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by sjsl 02 September, 2019 18:36

The letter is very good news, it seems to uphold the concerns about the MOL, as well as those raised about the arrangement, density, height etc of the new development, and the future of the Hamlet football club. I am much relieved at this detailed response.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by hpsaucey 02 September, 2019 23:29

Hi. I managed to add comments yesterday - 1st September (just). Didn't say anything about extended deadline but if you're thinking of commenting worth trying.


messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by intexasatthe moment 03 September, 2019 08:15

duke thanks for posting link to planning letter .
It seems comprehensive .
Covers many of Southwark's concerns and the many omissions and what seems to me to be deliberate obfuscation by the developers .

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by thedukeofmonclar 03 September, 2019 18:27

The decision is still to be made and it could go either way. In all likelihood, the developer/club will now wait to see if the application is refused and then if it is, appeal straight to the Mayor. Sadiq has a record of pushing these applications through regardless of council refusal and local objection. Also, the club have been saying they have the mayor's support. It would be useful if Sadiq heard some voices of the objectors at this point. He's unlikely to know the details of the application or the point that are controversial. The developers keep pitching it as "only regenerating the old astroturf", and talking about 'Green links'. Be good if he knew it was 9245m2 of MOL, only two thirds of which were the old pitch and that the green link was nothing more than a path through the closely clustered tower blocks.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by thedukeofmonclar 05 September, 2019 15:46

Oh dear, A rather partisan article written in the Dulwich Diverter out today. The first third of the article seems to be direct regurgitation of the Meadow's spin. There are some objections from Friends of Greendale, witch is good to see but the article then finishes with two supporting statements written by fans. It is the developer who has pitched this planning application as DHFC fans v local residents. Don't fall for it. We locals love the football club but don't want nearly ten thousand meters square of undeveloped greenfield MOL concreted over so developers can ignore covenants and build over the current stadium.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by almost peckham 06 September, 2019 09:32

Construction company proposes building multi-storey block of flats on top of a public amenity and by way of compensation offers to also build on top of adjacent open public space.

It's a bit like Brass Eye.

messageRe: Greendale development / DHFC
Posted by TheTruthisOut 01 October, 2019 19:35

It's still possible to comment on this application by logging in to the new online planning register.

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