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messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by binkylilyput April 11, 08:39AM

I agree- 14.50 was enough to turn me away last week

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by jonnywalker April 11, 10:30AM

@blinkylilyput it is crazy. Obviously I paid it as I was there with an excited child but the price is madness especially as you're just there to accompany the child. Its a similar approach when you take them to softplay @Gambado Beckenham, the price of an adult is about 12 which is madness.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by TheArtfulDogger April 12, 05:58PM

I am curious, do you also object to paying adult prices on public transport when accompanying a child ?

Not in the same price range I grant you, unless travelling to Glasgow, but basically a similar principle

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by jonnywalker April 12, 06:03PM

@TheArtfulDogger I'm curious do you always post clickbait ?

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by TheArtfulDogger April 12, 06:35PM

Sorry jw

Don't understand, I asked a legitimate question and you responded with an insult

Now who's insulting who ?

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by loves1t April 12, 07:00PM

Cheaper than Everyman cinemas. Last week in one of their venues just outside of the M25 we paid 53.25 for two adults and two kids to watch Dumbo, then another 15 for two small popcorns, a small bottle of coke and a water...

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by Sazzle30 April 12, 07:03PM

Peckham plex every time

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by DulwichFox April 12, 07:42PM

Love a trip to the Cinema..

Proper night out. Followed by a Fish n Chip supper.


messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by renard April 12, 08:00PM

Another idea with kids are the free projections of family friendly movies every weekend at Peckham Levels. Been there few times with the little ones..[]

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by jonnywalker April 14, 09:26AM

some great posts many thanks

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by Bic Basher April 17, 05:22PM

Penguin68 Wrote:
> It is worth noting that whilst Picture House
> prices can be high, for some showings, there are
> numbers of cheaper options - Mondays are close to
> half price, Thursdays cheap for pensioners and all
> prices are reduced for 'members' - including a
> number of free seats to use through your
> membership year at will. There are also special
> reduced price showings for e.g people with babies,
> children etc. Having a cinema again in Lordship
> Lane I take as a bonus, and, whilst Peckham Plex
> is definitely cheaper, it is not, in my experience
> as comfortable and clean. It is a choice for us
> (where before there was none). As with all things,
> caveat emptor, at least as regards checking
> comparative prices, is a reasonable watchword. I
> am lucky that I can normally choose, within
> reason, when to go to see films, and thus choose
> my (economic) moment.

Non school holiday Mondays are discounted for people on benefits.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by ribrob April 20, 04:36PM

Okay, let me pre-face this by saying i see about 4 or 5 films a month - so i go to cinemas, a lot of them.

But if we're focussing on ones walkable from East Dulwich...


Without fail - and i mean *every* time i've been there in recent years, people have been more than happy to talk throughout the movie and use their phones at any opportunity. By "use" their phones i mean the full range; take photos, make or take calls, browse the web, have full txt conversations etc. Staff don't do anything about it.

As a result i can't enjoy a movie there anymore - i used to live 30 seconds from it and used to go to it all the time - but back then it was way better - but these days it's a bit of a free for all. The only way round that is to wait until the film is about to leave the cinema (as everyone who may want to see it has by that point) or go and see some off-beat art-house film that nobody seems interested in. Screening rooms are also always a mess, which i could live with if i could enjoy the film without someone there always spoiling it for everyone else.

Lots of big screens, but the seats are incredibly uncomfortable.

Other than the price, it's easily the consistently least pleasurable cinema-going experience i've had. I still go as PH doesn't get all the releases, but always end up regretting it.

Dulwich Picture House

Never had any disturbances from the audience, the screening rooms are always clean when you go in, sure the food and drink on sale is expensive, but so is what's at PeckhamPlex and at least PH's is healthier if you want it to be. Only not-ideal visit was when they ran 15-rated trailers at a kids film screening and a couple of the trailers had swearing. A word with the manager on the way out resulted in 6 free tickets.

Sadly not all big screens, but all seating is *very* comfortable.

In terms of pricing, sure it's way more expensive than PeckhamPlex, but it's not really any more expensive than any other of the main cinema chains out there if you ignore discount days. PH has it's own discount day when tickets are are half price, and Tue/Wed you've got 1 get 1 free with Meerkat movies (which you can get for a year by taking out single trip travel insurance for just 1 - try it!). There's also 2.50 for kids screenings however old you are and discounts at Silver Screen showings (again open to all ages). If you go a lot, there's annual membership - 104 gets you 8 tickets, 2 off regular ticket prices and 10% off all food and drink (20% if you renew again).

Personally when i go to the cinema to watch something, rather than wait for it to be on streaming / telly, i want the experience to be as good as it can be. Sure PH is pricier, but it's better, and there's all manner of ways of making PH's pricing work, and get a better customer / viewing experience as you do.

If the experience isn't important you should *absolutely* save your money and go to PeckhamPlex, but if it does, PH is your best bet.

Edited 7 time(s). Last edit was april 20, 04:43pm by ribrob.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by bsand April 20, 05:46PM

Please for the convenience of patrons could you confine smoking to the right hand side of the cinema. Thank you for your consideration.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by Ghlpc April 22, 07:22AM

I agree with lot of what Ribrob says.

I suppose it's horses for courses, but it's great as locals we have the choice between 2 places offering an experience with different standards/tastes/prices etc.

You cannot deny PeckhamPlex is excellent value for money. I usually take the kids, or if it's just me it would be a daytime weekday screening.

But PH is obviously a nicer place and a much better all round cinema experience. I often find it at least comparable to Odeon prices, but cheaper than an Everyman.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by Fractoggen April 22, 08:46AM

It is expensive ticket for kids. I think that you should get membership.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by Pugwash April 22, 01:15PM

Family paid roughly 12 per ticket to see film in Surrey Quays ( it was not showing at Peckham where they usually go) Slight reduction for our 15 year old as a student.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by fuzzyboots April 25, 04:53PM

I am with Ribrob on this. I have been a committed peckhamplex user for years and years - but recently (in the last year or two) whenever I have been it has either been filled with very noisy kids or very noisy (and drunk) adults and I have finally given up on the Plex in favour of ED picture house which is not noisy and I have yet to encounter anyone drunk in the cinema. Makes it a no brainer for me.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by malumbu April 25, 06:33PM

Plex every time - generally audience OK and and times a little participation adds to the excitement. Don't do the main blockbusters, Superheroes and the like, so less rowdy.

Dulwich was an assault on the eardrums - the trailers and ads went on for ever (having not been there before I didn't time it right). Plex doesn't go to this extreme.

I also remarked at Dulwich that the food was more expensive than the West End theatres and Saddlers Wells

I enjoyed the old Ritzy - sound was poor but eclectic programme and you can't make a lot of noise eating home made cakes and the like that they used to sell. Subsidised arts cinema long since gone.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by ribrob April 26, 02:22PM

It's important to remember that Picturehouse was once an indie, and as a result was good value.

Now they're part of Cineworld / Vue, they've picked up most of the inflated costs of that part of the cinema world.

Fortunately they've retained their indie feel, as that's one of the main draws for me.

Each branch has it's own personality, rather than cookie cutter approach of Odeon, Vue etc.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit was april 26, 05:41pm by ribrob.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by rahrahrah April 26, 02:59PM

There's now an Everyman in Crystal Palace too. Personally, I like to watch a film without the distraction of people talking / mucking about, so would pay extra to avoid the nonsense that people describe as taking place in the plex.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by cella April 26, 06:48PM

Anti social behaviour happens in all cinemas in my experience, including ED Picturehouse.

messageRe: Dulwich Cinema Prices
Posted by garages2018 April 26, 08:50PM

If you don't like the prices don't go. There are plenty that don't look at the price but to see a film in a
great place, plenty of room, so if you want the run down, sometime dirty and less legroom , go to Peckham or
even better get a membership at E/D/Picture house and get tickets, drinks and eats cheaper

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