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messageNew trees in SE22
Posted by Nigello April 10, 12:50PM

I've seen a new tree on Goose Green (Adys Road end), at the corner of Goodrich and Upland and outside the shops on LL (Saucy to Lush (RIP)). I don't know what kind they are as the labels are not on them, unfortunately. Plane on GG and fruit elsewhere? If anyone knows and knows of any others let us know!

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by rch April 16, 01:18PM

Hi Nigello... apologies, most of these trees are due to me working with the tree officer to replace dead trees in the area (having consulted relevant shops and residents), as per a previous thread that I got too busy to update (will try to go back and reply).

The two trees on Lordship are both Plane trees, as the Lordship Plane Avenue is now being regarded as a high street feature.

There is another plane stump in from of Foxton's which was removed yesterday and is due to be replaced with a plane soon... am also trying to get the stump near SMBS replaced this year, but we're running out of budget.

Sadly, I couldn't get a memorial tree planted for John Kennedy due to complex water drains under the pavement, but will try to get another nearby location agreed for next year.

The plane on GG was meant to replace the dead tree in the grille next to it... it was originally meant to be a spectacular Foxglove feature tree, similar to the one that we planted and have recently replaced in Dulwich Village, but we couldn't get a good enough specimen and a spare plane become available so we decided to go with the GG Plane theme rather than wait another year.

Also, got various cherries replanted on Melbourne Grove and Colwell Road, plus a few trees in Dulwich Village.

Don't know what the tree on the corner of Goodrich and Upland is, as that's outside my patch. I can see 4 trees on my spread sheet due to be planted on Upland, but they only have house number references, so I need a house number.

Apologies to other people asking questions in the previous thread, will try to go back and post replies... or else let's have another discussion on this thread.

More soon!

Twitter: @ex_cllr_rch

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by Penguin68 April 16, 02:52PM

The ornamental cherries locally have been magnificent this year - I suspect the balmy period in February helped that along - but for a couple of weeks that planting in the streets has really worked. [And private magnolias have also been particularly good].

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by Sue April 16, 02:52PM

Absolutely delighted to hear that new trees are being planted locally - thanks to all involved!

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by amlh April 16, 08:02PM


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messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by skylorikeet April 16, 09:24PM

Thank you Robin for all the work you do on trees in the area. And I agree with Penguin68 that the cherries have been fantastic this year.

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by Moovart April 17, 07:50PM

Hi Robin

Although I am also delighted to hear of new trees being planted in the area I am concerned that the "Lordship Lane Plane Avenue" is being considered as a high street feature. Unfortunately I think the planting of London Planes in Lordship Lane was a poorly thought out bit of high street planning. These trees are currently young but already huge and have a considerable amount of growth to undergo in the future. Having had great problems trying to get the council to maintain the trees to stop the branches banging against the windows of our flat and being very concerned about damage to pavement, building subsidence and buses due to the growth of these young trees, I fear that the council and therefore residents will have a considerable bill to pay in the future. I have suggested that the council plants more appropriate trees for this setting and am impressed at the use of magnolia grandiflora in several streets in the borough but so far my conversations with the council have fallen on deaf ears. I see that some plane trees are being pollarded but this won't limit their girth in the long term and needs to be repeated regularly to control growth of the canopy which will also be costly in the coming years. Unfortunately I fear that the expense of reversing a poorly thought out planning decision some years ago will prevent a more sensible long term approach now.

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by James Barber April 18, 05:47AM

Much of the funding for this year tree planting was from Cleaner, Greener, Safer applications ward councillors 2017/18 allocated in response to applications from the Dulwich Society and one from myself.

former Liberal Democrat Councillor for East Dulwich Ward (2006-2018)

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by treehugger April 18, 09:50AM

Robin, you have done a fab job of getting East Dulwich greenified. I remember what LL was like in 1991 when we moved here and it was nothing like the pretty, thriving street it is now. I am really proud to be a resident.

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by rch April 18, 11:25AM

Thanks treehugger... yes, I moved into the area in the mid-80s and Lordship Lane was a barren wasteland for years due to a series of issues which are slowly being addressed.

I am going to try to address all the historical and technical issues brought up my Moovart above, as there are explanations for everything, but I need to find time to type! Might have to do it bit by bit...

Twitter: @ex_cllr_rch

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by rch April 18, 11:34AM

James, just to be clear about my tree work... the CGS funding awards that you refer to above have actually become obstructive to local tree planting projects.

I now work "independently" with council officers directly as a highway "stakeholder" with the council's internal funding in order to circumvent various obstructions, or can sometimes access CGS underspends if the political machinations drop the ball.

But it's taking a lot of my time to circumvent the obstructions, which is why the dead tree replacements are limited and planting new trees is difficult. I didn't even bother to submit a CGS bid for tree planting this past year... instead, I coached other local residents on how to do this and I noticed that the new councillors have allocated funding more democratically.

Twitter: @ex_cllr_rch

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messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by Juno70 April 19, 08:35AM

Dear Robin
The trees in Beauval Road and the cherry's in Milo looked amazing this year.
Do you know if the council plan to replant the cut down tree near the corner of Milo Road and on Beauval Road (I think opposite number 76). The tree stump was taken out of the ground about 2 weeks ago.....
Would be great if we could tie it in with the replants done last year and the year before?

Many thanks!

messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by jamesmcash April 22, 03:28PM

Dear all

18 new trees have been planted in Goose Green ward!

Huge thanks to Robin who has done some great work with the council on this issue.

The Goose Green councillors - Victoria Olisa, Charlie Smith, and I - are keen to continue this in the future. The Dulwich planning documents support the provision of plenty of trees and they have such a positive impact on air quality, mental health, and the beauty of the area.

Please find below the locations and species for the 18 trees:

(Road - Location Number - Species)
Barry Road - 74 - Tilia x europaea
Colwell Road - o/s 32 - Prunus x yedoensis
Crystal Palace Road - o/s 305 - Crateagus x lavellei
Cyrena Road - adj to Rodwell Road - Prunus avium Plena
Goose Green - inside park - Platanus x hispanica
Heber Road - o/s 14 - Prunus Pan_dora (no underscore)
Landcroft Road - 72 - Prunus x yedoensis
Lordship lane - o/s 96 - Platanus x hispanica
Lordship lane - o/s 104 - Platanus x hispanica
Melbourne Grove - close to Grove Vale - Prunus x yedoensis
Melbourne Grove - outside Melbourne Terrace - Prunus x yedoensis
Melbourne Grove - o/s 133 - Prunus sunset boulervard
Melbourne Grove - o/s 65 - Aesculus x carnea
North Cross Road - corner Fellbrigg Road - Liquidambar styraciflua
Nutfield Road - outside 47/48 - Prunus Umineko
Nutfield Road - o/s 13 - Prunus Umineko
Nutfield Road - o/s 15 - Prunus Umineko
Zenoria Street - O/s 23 - Prunus tai Haku

Best wishes

Edit: I had to edit this almost a dozen times because for some reason the word Pan_dora (with no underscore) is blocked!

James McAsh - Labour Councillor for Goose Green ward
[] []

Surgeries: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 7pm, East Dulwich Community Centre on Darrell Road

Sign up to the Goose Green councillor newsletter: []

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messageRe: New trees in SE22
Posted by rch April 22, 06:02PM

Hi James thanks for posting this... I have a spreadsheet, but have been too busy to type it out on a list. FYI, eight of those trees on that list are my babies, which I liaised with the tree officer on. I was out today watering some of them with my Red Bucket.

I'm going to try to stay more in touch with the councillors on the planting schemes in the area, as I've been doing these projects (some of which are now covered in the media) since 2005, and I am very familiar with most of the history and the successful and failed urban tree planting experiments.

I'm also going to address the questions on this thread and a previous thread when I have more time to type!

I have always believed that we all need to stick together on this, as tree planting is so important to a neighbourhood... therefore I try to always knock on residents' doors to explain options and listen to opinions, but I also think public discussions are extremely important... and the EDF is really useful for this.

Twitter: @ex_cllr_rch

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