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messageTo my neighbours on Hillcourt...
Posted by Ronnijade May 06, 09:51AM

who decided to promptly start drilling and building crap outside at 9 o’clock this morning, and then to top things off hold a family bloody get together in the garden— Is the whole point of a bank holiday not to lay in and relax? Could you not have held off until at least 10? SHUT THE HELL UP.

messageRe: To my neighbours on Hillcourt...
Posted by singalto May 06, 02:45PM

My neighbours’ builders were working today making a lot of noise.. Infuriating..

messageRe: To my neighbours on Hillcourt...
Posted by loveED86 May 07, 12:19PM

Unfortunately some people are quite inconsiderate nowadays.
Have the same problem on Ondine road.

messageRe: To my neighbours on Hillcourt...
Posted by whodhavethoughit May 09, 09:22PM

I can trump you all - our neighbours deliberately built their extension across the boundary to try and take some of our garden. They gave us fake plans and supplied fake plans to Southwark (who did little when they discovered this), both surveyors (party wall surveyors). Their own builders ran away from the job and have refused to meet my surveyor. When I said I would pay for a boundary surveyor to try and resolve the issue, the owners refused. I arranged for mediation and they shut that down. Our security cameras which we had to buy due to the behaviour of the builders, were hacked. Our property was watched as the builders were waiting for us to leave in order that they could move the fence further in to our garden. My husband was followed the street and intimating heavies were behaving in a threatening behaviour and we had chalk marks left on our wall. If you think I am making this up please DM me as you are welcome to see the extension, fake plans, hacking footage etc.

messageRe: To my neighbours on Hillcourt...
Posted by Sue May 09, 09:27PM


What happened in the end?

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