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messageBarclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by anchor 01 July, 2019 21:13

Barclays in Lordship Lane is getting worse. Today there was only one cashier and a very long and unmoving queue. There were three staff members on the floor, and each customer was told to stay in the queue as the machines could not deal with their particular transaction. One of the staff said that 50% of people were happy with the changes - and got several irate responses.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by Peckhampam 01 July, 2019 22:32

And be careful if you use their outside cash machine. I used it and it gobbled up my card. I went in to complain and they said " oh it is very temperamental."

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by NewWave 01 July, 2019 23:05

Its dreadful!
They closed Forest Hill and Dulwich Village so its the only branch for SE21/22/23 its an utter joke. I've waited 30mins the other day. there is rarely more than 1 till open and I really pity the staff there tbh.
what kind of muppet decided to leave only 2 counters open during the referb knowing that two other nearby branches are closing?
I'm wondering if it may be worth contacting Barclays head office to complain?

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by bob 01 July, 2019 23:25

Went in to day 1.45 ish big queues 2 traps open 10 minutes later one closed when complained no staff available to keep both open Bob S

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by keano77 01 July, 2019 23:45

Itís deliberate to drive people to online and mobile banking (doesnít help local traders depositing cash).

Iím waiting for all the banks to start charging a small percentage on each contactless transaction - thatíll make them squillions as you spend your own money (maybe a year or two away yet when everyoneís hooked).

I received a new bank card last year (not Barclays) and the accompanying brochure that detailed the bankís fees had the entry under contactless transactions Ďfees not currently chargedí.


messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by singalto 02 July, 2019 08:02

I was queuing for ages in there recently so asked the man who was walking around asking what we wanted to do why only one till was open. He said they were short staffed as two members of staff hadnít turned. He was the manager of another branch who had been drafted in Ďto help.í I asked why he wasnít doing something useful, like open the second till, but that, apparently, isnít part of his job. He then welcomed a young man who had arrived from another branch and would open the second till. A good 5 minutes later I asked the manager again when the 2nd till would open and was told the young man was just about to do it. He was rather bemused when I pointed out the young man was helping someone at the machines! At this point a miracle occurred and a member of staff who always works there opened the second till! What a shambles.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by JohnL 02 July, 2019 11:13

Every bank has gone the same way - all open plan and chaotic atmosphere. You'd think they're more vulnerable to fraud then when every bank felt like Fort Knox.

But I'm sure they know what they're doing smiling smiley

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by yorksgirl 02 July, 2019 20:50

Definitely avoid the machines. Especially the one facing LL if you are not tall. Took my card three times, eventually they admitted that the machine and its camera are too high up to capture the faces of smaller persons properly. So the machine decides that if it can't see your face, you must be hiding it, and up to no good, so it retains your card.

Barclays has obviously known this for some time but has done absolutely nothing about it. Eventually they gave me £25 in compensation which in no way made up for the embarrassment of not being able to give someone the cash I had just promised them!

Peckham Pam, perhaps you should ask for compensation as they know this is going to keep happening.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was 2019:07:02:20:52:05 by yorksgirl.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by Lynne 03 July, 2019 10:20

Don't get me started on the new arrangement. Took hours of my and staff time because the staff didn't really know how to sort out my problem on the new system .

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by NewWave 03 July, 2019 16:13

I'm short and can't see properly to withdraw cash on LL cashpoint.
and when I say short I'm 5'2" not exactly tiny!

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by holloway 03 July, 2019 22:41

That machine took my card just before Christmas last year, was distraught even though I had a bit of ready money at home. Interestingly though I went to the big Barclay's branch in Piccadilly Circus, and they gave me a new card there and then. Was in and out in about 25 minutes.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by Pugwash 04 July, 2019 00:39

Not a Barclays customer but with HSBC closing - went in there some weeks ago to use ATM and card was rejected as not recognised. Before they changed over to new system - had no problem withdrawing money out of that branch.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by Peckhampam 04 July, 2019 07:39

Hi Pugwsh
The machines inside the bank will only accept barclays customers cards. The two outside (including the one that gobbles up cards) accept other banks cards.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by Maria Mac 11 July, 2019 23:12

I don't trust the auto machines inside. Twice used and twice got the cash amounts wrong and the machine lost £20 in the process of attempting to count then broke down. They gave me the money back but not using them again.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by yorksgirl 13 July, 2019 15:39

Would urge everyone who has had their card confiscated by the machine for the crime of being "untall" to ask for cash compensation. Who knows they might even be prompted to adjust the camera so it can actually see us.

messageRe: Barclays Lordship Lane problems
Posted by anchor 13 July, 2019 21:32

I went into Barclays on Friday and when I eventually reached the counter I asked to withdraw £1,000. The cashier said that the machines dispense up to £2,000 so why not go and try one. I explained that I didn't want to count that amount over there, and preferred her to count it behind glass and pass it to me, which she did.
She said that we should trust the machines to dispense the correct amount and if customers want to count their money from a machine they are directed to sit down next to where the back end of the lengthy queue was standing, which is also near the door.

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