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messageVehicles on diversion
Posted by roban1 September 04, 09:53AM

Why are large lorries and coaches being diverted down Oakhurst And Kelmore Grove. Itís too narrow to take them?

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by sheff September 04, 10:26AM

It's part of the Barry Road junction closure onto the Rye.
Barry Road is closed travelling onto the Rye.
And the right turn onto Barry Road from the Rye is now much narrower.

I think they are therefore routing HGV's that get that far onto Tyrell Road as this is the last exit point travelling down Barry to the Rye.
I assume also that the turn onto Barry Road is now too tight and they are doing the same the other way.

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Sunglasses September 04, 02:21PM

I agree with Roban1 - having just got stuck when a lorry couldnít make the turn onto Oakhurst. I will contact Thames Water to see if can find a more appropriate diversion for HGVs than those narrow roads

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Penguin68 September 04, 02:30PM

As this could be a long run thing, using one (or several) 'not suitable for HGV' signs with the diversion would be sensible - with an HGV route designated. Barry Road is a numbered road, and hence generally suitable for all traffic - but the side roads clearly aren't.

Maybe a councillor (or more than one as a number of wards are being impacted) could make representation to Southwark/ Highways agency.

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Pugwash September 04, 03:39PM

Having been caught up in Oakhurst/Kelmore Roads this morning - even middle sized vans were having difficulty. Coming back up Barry Road - I noticed a very large vehicle ignoring the road closure signs and obvious barriers trying to get past Tyrell. It was about the width and length of a bus but much taller.

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by embracefinancial September 04, 07:52PM

It's badly thought through and dangerous. As Oakhurst Grove is closed off at the East Dulwich Road end, it's a quiet street as traffic wouldn't usually choose to take the long detour through The Gardens. So kids play on the pavements and occasionally in the road on bikes. There's no excuse for good road safety sense, but residents have not been warned about this sudden influx in traffic.

As the diversion is one-way, the traffic comes down the street in waves, and at high speeds if there is nothing blocking the road. This morning, I was trying to get out to the Tyrrell Road end and had to reverse all the way to the East Dulwich Road end twice because vans were too wide to pass and couldn't reverse due to the amount of traffic backed up behind them. I eventually had to turn around and drive out through The Gardens too.

A bit later, a Clarke's coach was trying to get around the bend from Tyrrell Road. I didn't hang around to see if it got through so it might still be there.

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Johnjohn September 05, 09:16AM

This is ridiculous.
There is a sign at the library saying HGVs should not go down Barry Rd, and to divert via Lordship Lane.
But once they are going down Barry rd, the diversion is signed to go down Tyrrell, then Oakhurst, Kelmore and Gardens.

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by PeckhamRose September 05, 08:15PM

OK I just saw the answer to my question in the other thread.

Humanist Funeral Celebrant

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messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Sunglasses September 05, 08:45PM

I emailed James McAsh, Charlie Smith and Victoria Olisa yesterday and none of them have replied so far. The traffic continues...

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by jamesmcash September 06, 10:00PM

Hi all

Just a quick note to say that we councillors are aware of this situation and are doing what we can to deal with it. We agree that it is a serious issue.

Sunglasses - apologies for the lack of response. Being a councillor is not a full time role - I am also a teacher. This means that it will often take a couple of days to respond to emails, particularly at busy times like for instance the start of term!

Best wishes

James McAsh - Labour Councillor for Goose Green ward
[] []

Surgeries: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 7pm, East Dulwich Community Centre on Darrell Road

Sign up to the Goose Green councillor newsletter: []

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by craigy September 07, 10:28AM

This morning the traffic is being diverted down Ferris Road from Tyrrell which adds an additional 2 tight corners in residential streets to the diversion

messageRe: Vehicles on diversionattachment
Posted by Sunglasses September 08, 08:43AM

No worries James and thanks for your help

I've attached some pics of an articulated lorry (Tescos delivery) getting stuck on Kelmore this morning at 7.45am, then reversing back to Oakhurst and getting stuck on Oakhurst. It then eventually reversed all the way down Oakhurst with a lot of angry drivers behind it.

Is there any chance a sign could be put up on Tyrrell / Oakhurst saying "Not suitable for HGVs"?

Attachments: Kel1.jpg (267.7KB)   Oak1.jpg (271.7KB)  
messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by doogsey September 08, 03:56PM

Lordship Lane has been clogged with traffic for the past couple of days, is that related to the same closure?

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by krustyloaf September 10, 10:14PM

Itís a nightmare on Oakhurst atm, cars are driving so fast and this morning there was a collision as a car reversed in frustration at a road blockage and went straight into a motorbike.

messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Sunglasses September 11, 01:33PM

Iíve been in touch with James McAsh and Southwark Council and they told me that they would go to the site and review the diversion and signage yesterday morning (Tues 10th Sept). Iím now waiting for an update from Southwark about what they intend to do. If you did want to contact James McAsh about the problems that would lend more weight to it. His email address is above


messageRe: Vehicles on diversion
Posted by Pugwash September 11, 02:51PM

It would have been more logical to have temp traffic lights from Upland/Tyrrell so traffic can pass by on 'open stretch' of road, with further lights by the Rye (further back than current ones)

Must admit it was easier to go down Dunstans and along Rye than to use Oakhurst .

Where are these 'Not suitable for HV signs'? I have driven up LL and down Barry Road numerous times and have not seen these signs. Also heavy traffic coming down Etherow Street and turning right into Barry

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