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messageMugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by belladonna October 02, 06:26PM

Sunday night at around 7 pm a young lady talking on the phone in Chadwick Road,leapt on from behind, dragged to the ground and kicked. She didnt want to give up her phone as she was talking to her boyfriend, who must have been very alarmed at her screams, as were we. Many neighbours came out to her aid, and she was alright although shaken up. Off duty policewoman saw the offender run down the road and get into a waiting car. Never seen or heard anything like that around here before but just be alert people. If someone wants your phone, just give it to them.

messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by Humdinger October 03, 09:27AM

Its a pity no one jumped on, dragged to the ground and kicked the piece of scum doing the mugging.

Interesting how the muggers even had a getaway car, for the relatively simple theft of a mobile phone. With any luck, the registration plate would have been taken.

messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by belladonna October 03, 12:30PM

By the time we realised it was a serious scream and started heading to help he had scarpered I'm afraid, Jason across the road saw it but he was some distance away. Even the off duty policewoman arrived to late to do anything apart from chase him down the road. Hopefully there is CCTV footage of the car licence plate. These guys are working in gangs I think and plan the attack. Stormy night, windy, just getting dark but not so late that people are cautious.

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messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by Angelina October 03, 12:41PM

chieken st*t, targeting girls.

They were probably driving round looking for victims

messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by lukemcclure October 04, 12:43PM

On Sunday at about 11pm on Avondale Rise & Coplestone Road crossing a lady was approached by a man with a knive on a moped demanding her mobile phone. She was walking home and was close to her front door. She also screamed very loudly and a lot of us came out to her aid. Lots of great caring neighbours round here.

messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by fishbiscuits October 04, 12:58PM

Nice work Luke. Did you guys get out in time to scare the mugger away, or did he manage to snatch the phone first?

messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by Rosebud*56 October 07, 06:45PM

Could be same people as above - I had my phone stolen from my hand on Copleston road at 7.30pm on September 27th - the guy ran into a waiting car on Oxenford road I think. Im 8 months pregnant also. Luckily no knife or violence though.

messageRe: Mugging in Chadwick Road
Posted by TTW October 08, 03:56PM

Where on Chadwick Road was this?

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