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messageWWII stretcher fences
Posted by Lordship_local February 05, 09:01AM

Hi all. For some reason, a vaguely remembered fact come into my mind this morning.

We are, (or were) lucky enough to have a bit of history right under our noses, as the streachers they used to transport those injured in the Blitz were later made into fences across South East London. Some, I think, are in Dulwich/Peckham.

I wanted to see if I walked past any in my daily life, and found that there was a campaign in 2017 to 'save' or commemorate them in some way: [www.standard.co.uk]

I apologise if the answer takes somebody else seconds to find, but I couldn't see the outcome of the campaign online, and the campaign website doesnt seem to load from me.

So, were the ones at risk saved? I admit the lack of info doesn't seem positive. Likewise, does anyone know of any that may still exist? I'm not sure why, but the fact that they existed, the resourcefulness of their repourposing, and the fact that we could walk past them without knowing their history really touched me. I'd quite like to know where they are, does anyone have info?

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by Jessicanina February 05, 09:36AM

Hi, there are still some on Peckham Road.

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by MarkT February 05, 09:42AM

There's some info here:

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by RickB February 05, 05:20PM

There are some on the main road between Camberwell and Peckham, a few hundred yards from St Giles Church.
Also in Deptford, at the end of Watergate St and on Brookmill Rd.
These was an online map of all known sites, but the page seems to be down.

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by skylorikeet February 05, 05:54PM

There are still a few on the Dog Kennel Hill estate: on Quorn Road near the Payless Food & Wine. The Dulwich Society has offered Southwark Council an information board to complement them.

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by Blah Blah February 05, 06:04PM

Pretty much every local council estate built in the 30's has them.

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by shelly2106 February 05, 08:10PM

The Dulwich society have kindly paid for an information board in conjunction with southwark council to go on East Dulwich Estate. I'm part of the group working on it. We are looking for photos with references on them of the stretchers being used. I've contacted the stretcher society, they have looked at the message but failed to answer

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messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by Ginster February 05, 08:16PM

Just when I found out the significance of them they removed them all from the Dog Kennel Hill estate on the road facing Sainsburys. Seemed a shame, and nothing was put in it's place so where did they go and why were they removed? This was maybe 2-3 years ago I think?

messageRe: WWII stretcher fences
Posted by shelly2106 February 05, 08:21PM

The council assessed them and deemed them a health and safety problem. couldn't be repaired, were rusting away and peeling off old fashion lead paint. We did try and campaign to keep them but only managed to save the ones on quorn road.

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