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messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by JohnL May 21, 10:32AM

Not all people will objectively calculate risk (people still had unsafe sex in the 1980s) others calculate risk and think 'I'm alright jack' - judging the risk to themselves not society.

Others have financial or other interests - many people still claiming the herd immunity agenda is still there.

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by Sally Eva May 25, 08:31AM

The daftest one (heard from one of a group of 3 well-spoken but unrelated people)

"I don't know of anyone who has died of it"

Dismissing the world-wide epidemic and all the news from the last two months with a personal anecdote.

There you go, it can't be happening.

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by cactus May 25, 09:58AM

A similarly daft one - 'Well if I get it, I get it. It was obviously meant to be.'
Said by one of my neighbours whilst having a 'socially distanced' bbq in our communal garden a few weeks back.

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by Annie5 May 26, 04:59PM

beck Wrote:
> Queuing outside M%S ( near E Dulwich station)
> today - the man behind me in the queue kept moving
> really close - eventually I said that the
> recommended distance was 2 metres and could he
> move back a bit - he then announced that the
> science says that the risk of catching Covid in
> the open air is virtually nil.
> what can you say to someone with that attitude?

So how does he think the 37000 victims caught the virus?

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by Peckhampam May 26, 05:03PM

From all the evidence I have read, he is not wrong. The risk of catching the virus outside is low. Most of the people who caught the virus caught it int he home, from household members. Inside, including shops carries more risks and crowded venues and public transport as well. Still no excuse for making you feel uncomfortable

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by Sally Eva May 26, 05:35PM

The "keep your distance" advice applies outdoors.

There is a Chris Whitty lecture (at Gresham College) [www.gresham.ac.uk] in which he says people are probably safe one metre apart but two is recommended because two is better.

I know we are all "using our own judgement" nowadays and damn everyone else but OTOH it's nice to be nice.

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by Penguin68 May 26, 06:15PM

I think the issue in a queue is that at one metre, if you stand back, or someone else does, you can make contact quite easily - Covid-19 doesn't transmit easily across space in the open, certainly (as also the virus is more likely to 'die' more quickly in the open) - but contact, either person to person or person to object to person is a much more likely transmission route - so maintaining 2 metres in a static queue is a good idea, even if someone passing you (without touching you) only a couple of feet away is probably quite safe. It also allows someone to pass through a queue (as can be necessary on retail streets) whilst still coming no closer than a metre during transit.

And for one individual to nay-say another's very real fears is just rude.

messageRe: Ignoring lockdown in ED
Posted by rahrahrah Yesterday, 08:03PM

The parties have started already. Blaring music and lots of people in a garden near us. No social distancing going on, but lots of weed smoking. This is going to be a tedious weekend.

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