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messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by dulwichquine August 24, 08:29PM

Been waiting on a card posted from Scotland first class from last Monday. We've two missing packages posted many days ago, too. Really poor service.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Pugwash August 25, 12:42PM

First post yesterday around 4.30 pm for over a fortnight.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by garages2018 August 25, 03:51PM

Hi Pugwash. Yes the same with me 11 days. letters stamped 12th August and nector points run out last week for
Sansburys. I put message on yesterdays Forum and it has been taken of today. Seems no one wants to know what we are
not getting.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Lynne August 28, 08:31PM

Today's letter had taken 3 weeks to get here.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by beansprout August 28, 09:12PM

My parcel was delivered, but as I was not in, gone to Peckham Post Office...would have thought postie could have rung neighbours bell.. Arrgh..
Rant over...

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by JohnL August 29, 12:02PM

It's not just one delivery company, many of the parcel deliverers offer tracking and you can see them on the map delivering around my neighborhood followed by a "we missed you" even though you're sitting there waiting for them to ring. They seem to have issues with some blocks and houses.

Last time I wrote to Customer Services and copied in the CEO of one I was so peeved - they wrote back but they never come up with a proper reason (possibly red route, possibly box was at the back of the truck, possibly they couldn't understand the door entry system - all excuses I've heard). The problem is if they miss you one day for their own reasons you're at the back of the queue next day if the truck is full as their only way of marking missed deliveries is "occupant wasn't in".

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit was august 29, 12:03pm by JohnL.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by dulwichquine August 29, 02:15PM

First class letter took 12 days from Aberdeen. Where can we register complaints? Anyone know?

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Penguin68 August 29, 02:36PM

This week (Underhill, south of the Cemetery) I received a weekly and fortnightly periodical on the correct days. And something delivered today as expected. Previous weeks have been very patchy. The service is not consistently bad - but numbers of people away (Covid-19 and leave) have taken their toll. The guys (in my area, we have no women posties) I see out are generally laden down with stuff. I have gone days without any delivery (back in 'normality pre-Covid and pre the move to Peckham I got post every day) but there are still good days (and weeks).

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by melanieF August 29, 06:39PM

if had similar problems recently gald im not alone hope it get better! :-/

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by AD September 03, 04:10PM

A parcel due on 13th August arrived today, still awaiting a bunch of letters due around same time.

I also have still not received a parcel from May that according to the tracking is still with Royal Mail

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Gorse September 04, 05:22PM

We are getting post about once every three weeks on Belvoir Road.

I went into the Peckham distribution office today to check what was there for us (as I was told that we could collect) and was assured that a large pile of post was out for delivery and we would DEFINITELY get it today. But nothing at all has come through yet again. We are waiting for a variety of things - cards, letters and ironically my last three copies of "the Week" magazine.

I feel very sorry for people at the depot and our postie - they are very nice people but clearly hugely under-staffed and demotivated. I have been told that it is "chaos" with a "mountain of post" and even "I'm really sorry, but we are a complete sh!t show at the moment".

That said, it really isn't good enough and it is so frustrating asit seems like there is nothing we can do to change this or to improve the service.

We have now had to start telling people to post things to our work or to order only by Amazon/courier.

I was told today that the local MP is visiting the office next week to try and understand the current issues, although I am not quite sure what effect that will have.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Sue September 04, 11:17PM

Helen Hayes has been very proactive about the delivery issues, including coming to a (poorly attended) demonstration outside the old delivery office in Sylvester Road in a vain attempt to stop it closing.

She also did all she could in other ways to stop our deliveries coming from the Peckham office, but sadly with no result.

Now all the predicted chickens are coming home to roost (not sure that's quite what I mean, but you get the picture).

I really hope that things will change. It does seem to me that at least part of the problem is down to poor management at Peckham, but I might be completely wrong.

It can't all be due to Covid, because the deliveries went way downhill as soon as they were moved to the Peckham office, which was long before lockdown.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by dulwichquine September 08, 10:30AM

I went to the sorting office today to try to find out what had happened to my parcel, still sitting there since Aug 26. They told me there's still a big backlog of parcels. It could be there, but maybe not. They have no idea. Helen Hayes MP apparently visiting tomorrow. Instead of 40 staff, they have ten. Letters/cards taking at least 10 days to arrive to our house. Totally unacceptable.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Penguin68 September 08, 02:34PM

Effectively no mail deliveries for us at all in the last 10 days (but packages are still being delivered). I'm guessing 'our' postie is on holiday, and his walk isn't being covered by anyone - which used not to be the case. If they are really working on 25% staffing levels that's a disgrace. Their monopoly comes at a service quality price (i.e. %age of first class deliveries made next day, 6 days of deliveries etc.) They are clearly failing.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by DulwichFox September 08, 03:21PM

My Postman comes Every day. Not always at the same time.


messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by jackieas September 09, 10:38AM

I too am waiting for two parcels, the first one posted on the 17 August. Letter post is very patchy which we get every three or four days. I wrote a letter to Royal Mail and got an automated response but nothing else. Other than Helen Hayes, who else can we complain to? The postman said no one was covering our round.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by DulwichFox September 09, 12:06PM

There is a Post Van outside my house at this time (12:00) Delivering parcels to several houses.
The Parcel van comes most days. Of course I do not always see it.
It does not Always stop outside my house.

When I order things on line (Not very often) I use the company's mail service E.G. DPD
and use their tracking system. It's very good.
Royal Mail also have a Tracking System.


messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Bic Basher September 09, 01:08PM

I've had no post at all this week after a decent period of deliveries during August.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Spartacus September 09, 09:46PM

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Peckhamgatecrasher September 09, 10:11PM

I received a letter today for a hospital appointment yesterday. Fortunately, I had arranged it by telephone.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Reg Smeeton September 09, 11:03PM

My weekly magazine has been arriving, on average, about six days late since April. One edition was over 2 weeks late, another never arrived at all. A birthday card arrived over a week late. It's the collapse of what used to be a great service that perhaps we all took for granted.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by ianr September 10, 11:36AM

I'm reposting the following post of mine, which got deleted. Sue (post also deleted) followed it up, confirming that her issue of the 26 August Eye was also twelve days late, which was in a sense good to know, and asked what was the outcome of Helen Hayes' visit to the delivery office, to which Spartacus replied with the above link to HH's twitter page.

Posted by ianr September 09, 03:05PM

My benchmark post, Private Eye, gives some indication of the up-and-down nature of the service. The issue due on 12 August was ten days late, and the next one (due 26 August) twelve days. That was after I'd been ringing some virtual bells to celebrate the timeliness of the preceding two, after a previous period of delays. Today's, of course, hasn't arrived.

What I don't understand is why, along with the 12-day late one, posted first class, arrived a 2nd class letter from SE14 franked only three days earlier. Systematic, or simply disordered?

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by AD September 10, 02:48PM

I have two items from May apparently still with Royal Mail, another item from 10th August that is still with them according to the tracking.

I now have 3 months worth of contact lenses that normally get here 1st Sept and still not arrived... we had one letter yesterday that was recent but nothing from all of Augusts outstanding or before.

Its an absolute shambles and I will have to start claiming for missing post soon.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Fwomble September 10, 03:04PM

Likewise seveal items sent to me over past 2 months not yet delivered

any suggestions? Not the poor local post man's fault

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by jim_the_chin September 10, 03:47PM

Called Royal Mail customer services late August due to no post for two weeks, they said if there’s any financially important post expected they can arrange a delivery
‭0345 774 0740‬

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by James Barber September 10, 07:49PM

Royal Mail is regulated by OFCOM who state:

Royal Mail Customer Service Centre, FREEPOST, 20 Turner Road, St Rollox Retail and Business Park, Glasgow. G21 1AA

Tel: 03457 740 740 (textphone 0846 000606)

Royal Mail customer services [personal.help.royalmail.com]

If your complaint cannot be resolved, the operator can issue a ‘deadlock' notice that will allow you to ask the Independent Postal Redress scheme to investigate your case - [www.cedr.com]

The scheme can only investigate complaints about Royal Mail's regulated postal services. If your complaint is about a non-regulated service and you are still unhappy with Royal Mail's response, you should seek independent legal advice.

Regards jamesvbarber@gmail.com
former Liberal Democrat Councillor for East Dulwich Ward (2006-2018)

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by Penguin68 September 10, 10:22PM

Our postie is back off holiday and delivering like fury - he was surprised to hear that there had been no cover for him whilst away. I'm guessing that if they're not providing cover then many of our recent woes may have been holiday related. Although clearly if they are operating 75% under-strength there may be walks permanently uncovered.

Daily post deliveries are actually part of their regulated service requirements (as are around 93% of first class post delivered by the 'next working day'). If they are failing to staff at sufficient levels to provide that (outwith the short-term impact of local illness) then they are in breach of their regulated requirements. My guess is that taking one week with another the local service to us is in breach.

This isn't really about an individual dispute with the Post Office. But about a general failure in a local area. Something an MP would be (and I suspect is) pursuing.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by yummumbums September 10, 11:17PM

A birthday card to my son posted first class on the 22nd August arrived today. I’m missing about 4 parcels and we rarely get post. It’s not good.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by kennarro September 11, 08:54AM

Grandparents "good luck back to school" cards not getting to children (2 weeks late and counting). Kids birthdays cards from early summer never arrived.

Royal Mail has not been functioning correctly for some time. Structural problems since ED sorting office closed. One senses they've given up now.

Think very carefully about the consequences of delivery by Royal Mail.

messageRe: Royal Mail delivery
Posted by sian September 12, 10:22AM

We had most of our backlog delivered yesterday - lots of our parcels and post. Some dated early August. Others not yet arrived. Looks like Helen Hayes’ visit has achieved something but I don’t see the service ever getting back to the level it was at when Silvester Road was open. I will try and have things sent by click and collect in future.

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