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messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by geneie 03 February, 2014 07:39

I was at Heber around that time, jacqui t, well I certainly recognise all those teachers' names. One you didn't mention was Mrs Sanderson, who was my form teacher for my last two years there. My sister and twin brothers were there before me, too.

Somewhere on this forum I recently read that the school keeper's house is being ?renovated? When I was a pupil, Mr Norgrove was the school keeper and his son David was in my class. To quote Wikipedia, " David Ronald Norgrove[1] (born 1948) is an English businessman, former chair of The Pensions Regulator and current chair of PensionsFirst, the Family Justice Board and the Low Pay Commission."

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 02 March, 2014 09:56

Absolutely fantastic photo Pam, the boy on the right, end, looks like Phillip Ramsey, I attended Heber Road School from 1957-1963, my brother, Dad & Uncles also attended Heber Road School, my dad & his brothers lived in Rodwell Road, I grew up in Underhill Road in a Prefab, we lived there for 17 years, we then moved to Greendale Close, My dad worked for the Council on the Parks & Gardens and my Mum worked for Everitt Veros at the bottom of Crystal Palace Road. I remember Mr Reagan who had a ring on every finger, I remember that because he used to hit me over the head with rings, he also lifted me off the floor once by my ear, I was under the Childrens Hospital, Ear,Nose & Throat, he had a son Keith who was good at Cricket, we used to have Games in Dulwich Park, I remember Miss Dyson, she was lovely, Mr Heester was the Headmaster, Don's sweet shop, fantastic times. I'd love to see more of the photos you have, I have a couple of photos of Heber Road School, one is of my brother in one of his lessons, approx date 1954/55, and another one outside the school,(Group Photo) I have another one of my Dad, also outside the school (Group Photo), I still have most of my old school reports from Heber Road & Thomas Calton. I have set up a website and I am looking for any help with photos, cine film, etc, if you can help in any way at all Pam that would be great, I am hoping eventually to put together a DVD about East Dulwich, I shall be uploading the school photos/reports as soon as possible, my website is about Camberwell Borough Council, East Dulwich, Surrounding Areas, etc, the web address if you want to have a look is

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by pamelamcnamara 02 March, 2014 11:59

Hi Johnny, that photo is the only one I have. I'm glad you like it. You must have been in the year above me - I was born in 1951 and started at Heber in 1956. I lived in Friern Road. I remember 2 boys in particular - Paul England and Peter Morris. I was friends with them. I remember that I was neither happy nor unhappy at the school. It was just school! You are welcome to use my picture on your website if you wish.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 02 March, 2014 14:51

Hi Pam
Many thanks, I will upload your photo if that's ok, do you have a small memory/description/school life to go with it ? I lived just near the junction of Friern & Underhill Road, on the corner of Friern Road used to be Derek Stores where you could buy a pint of milk, a slab of Cheese cut with the wire, etc, do you remember that store ? my Prefab was up a small alley at 198, next door at 200 lived Mrs Smith & her 2 Daughters, Pat & Jean, Jean Married Francis Rossi from Status Quo, 196 lived Mrs Burns with her Daughter Jean, 194 lived Mr & Mrs Moy with their son Bobby, Don't know if you recognize any of these names, Thanks again Pam, Best Wishes, John

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by pamelamcnamara 02 March, 2014 15:55

Hi Johnny, Well I don't remember much but Miss Bromley was lovely. And I remember Mr Ibbotson slippering the boys. I was always last in any sports as I was the smallest person in my year (probably in the whole school!!). I hated PE and sports and always tried to get out of them. I don't recognise any of the names you mentioned but I remember the shop. I think I remember a shop called Bradshaws which was on Goodrich Road. I remember the two off licences opposite each other on Goodrich Road too - one run by Mr Cross and the other by Mr Evans.
Best wishes, Pam

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 02 March, 2014 16:54

Many thanks Pam, I will upload your photo + info, I also remember Mr Ibbotson, he told me to go and wait outside his office once, he was going to slipper me, I didn't go, just kept out of his way and luckily for me he forgot about it, Best Wishes, John

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 02 March, 2014 17:45

Glad you like the Prefab pics Pam, they were lovely were'nt they, I loved living in our Prefab and really sad when we had to leave, I was 17 when we moved out, damp was starting to come through. The name Peter Morris rings a bell, I have now uploaded your photo with your memory on my website, it's on the My School page, Thanks again for your help Pam, All the best, John

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by prefabgirl 22 February, 2015 01:08

Just joined the forum. I now live in NW London but went to Heber Road School in about 1955 - 1961 (56 -62?)and lived in a prefab in Friern Road. My grandparents ran the laundry/dry cleaners in Crystal Palace Road and I spent the first year of my life in rooms behind Dee's, the grocer, opposite. All my aunts and uncles lived locally and most, plus my mum and my grandad had gone to Heber.
I remember being terrified on my first day and, not knowing where the loos were, asked a boy of about my own age who, naturally, pointed to the boy's. They weren't very clean or sweet-smelling!
I had Mrs Sanderson as form teacher who managed to get 50 of us in her class of 52 kids, successfully through the 11+.
Very strict and very religious - I remember her saying she'd rescue her bible first in a fire and I'd thought "why not just buy a new one? - she smacked freely and I used to get a whack across the ear for having untidy handwriting. She went with us to Swanage in 1958question mark.
My best friend was Valerie Fuller, a gifted artist who made the tile picture of Hansel & Gretel that was hung in the assembly hall. Mr Heester was the headmaster who wore white plimsolls and was keen on the cane. I remember Mr Regan who I think taught maths and was notorious for throwing a blackboard eraser at anyone not quick enough to answer.
The girls and the infants had their playground on the left, from Jennings, and the boy's on the right, next to the science block.

Memories! In winter, a patch of ice would form next to the caretaker's house which everyone fought over as a makeshift, tiny ice rink! Hated the compulsory milk and still throw up if I drink any. I was one of those who had to have cod liver oil tablets; my health was never brilliant and we were quite poor, I suppose. I remember being one of the few girls who wore a gymslip, tied with the red belt of Rodwell House. I'll try and find some pics!

I remember the fancy dress parties at Christmas and being dressed as a Christmas cracker and hardly able to walk in it! I also remember a production of 'Wind in the Willows' in which I was cast as a duck. And being bitterly disappointed as illness yet again prevented me from being in it. After school we used to spend our 3p a week pocket money in the sweatshop round the corner in Crystal Palace Rd, a few doors down from, Norton's, the hardware shop on the corner. Yvonne Norton was in my class.
I was bullied quite a bit as I was quite a skinny, shy thing although I will always be grateful to Mrs Sanderson who never stopped believing in my (latent!) abilities.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by pamelamcnamara 22 February, 2015 20:53

Hi, I remember Valerie Fuller. I was born in 1951 so would have been at the school at a similar time to you. What is your name? I was the smallest pupil in the whole school for the whole duration of my education there !!!

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by prefabgirl 22 February, 2015 22:48

Lynda Lipman. I think you're name rings a bell. Valerie and I were also quite tiny (I'm still only 5' 2"!) I was born Dec 1949 but 2 of my cousins were born in 1951 and went to Heber: John Owen and John Bull. I'm so thrilled to have found the forum!

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by prefabgirl 22 February, 2015 22:58

Hi again, Pamela.
I see you lived in Friern Road. I lived there too, at the top in a prefab at number 287. Valerie lived further down near the junction with Landells Road and I used to knock for her on my way to school. We were also friends with Sally Webb but she left when her family moved away. Other girls in my class that I remember were Susan Dalton, Yvonne Voisier and Julie Fitzpatrick.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by pamelamcnamara 23 February, 2015 19:44

Hi Lynda, I don't recognise any of the names unfortunately. My maiden name was Coates. My Dad was called John and my Mum was Barbara. We lived at 189 Friern Road, near the junction with Goodrich Road. The prefabs were fabulous little homes weren't they?
Best wishes, Pam

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by prefabgirl 23 February, 2015 23:40

Trouble is, at 65, my memory is now like a sieve! Your name does sound familiar though. 287 Friern was Lordship Lane end, near Etherow Street. I loved living in a prefab! We had such a lovely big garden and a bomb site next door to play on. They were so convenient; warm and well-fitted out. Whenever it had been raining Dad used to put me up on the roof with a broom to sweep off the puddles before they seeped through. Valerie lived near the junction of Goodrich, not Landells. I was getting mixed up as that was where one of my aunts & uncles lived (Bill and Joyce Owen) and I seem to remember they lived in Friern Road before that. And I was in the Brownies at the Emmanuel Congregational Church in Barry Road. My great grandmother ('Big Nan' we called her)lived in Rodwell Road and died aged 95. Her surname was Bull. I'm sure I was in Miss Nicholson's class in the Infants. Just remembered that.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by racyjan2 24 February, 2015 18:26

I went to Heber road as did all my brothers and sisters..there were 5 of us! I was there in1962.. I remember the head mr Easter...I loved that school and when I was 2 years old I could,nt wait to go to school. There was a big rocking horse outside the reception class and that is all I ever wanted from the day I saw that horse..I have been lucky enough to have real horses...our family name is Prankard..don,t know if anyone on here remembers our family..some of us are still in dulwich....

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by prefabgirl 24 February, 2015 19:29

That was about the time I left, but you've solved a puzzle for me! Lately I had a memory of a big wooden rocking horse, well-worn and with a red bridle, and I couldn't think where it was from. Certainly couldn't afford one at home and didn't have the space! So, thanks for that. Weird though. Mr Heester was the headmaster and was very keen on caning kids....

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 28 February, 2015 21:12

My Dad, Fred Chinery, was a Parks Foreman for Southwark Council and worked with Alf Prankard, all our family went to Heber Road School, I remember Alan & Linda Prankard, If you have any photos & memories you would be willing to share I have built a website, its about, the Council, East Dulwich, Peoples memories, etc, always looking for new material to add to help build up a picture of a community that has now gone, any help you could give would be great, the website address is

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 28 February, 2015 21:27

Hi Prefabgirl
I lived in a Prefab at 198 Underhill Road from 1953-1970 and loved every minute, my next door neighbor at 200 was Francis Rossi, lead guitarist with Status Quo, an Elderly peoples home is now on the site where my Prefab once stood, I went to Heber Road School as all of my family did, my Dad worked for the Parks Dept on Southwark Council, My Mum worked for Everitt Veros at the bottom of Crystal Palace Road, my Secondary School was at Thomas Calton in Adys Road, My Grandparents also lived in Rodwell Road, I remember two of the names you mention, Julie Fitzpatrick & Susan Dalton, did Julie have a brother called John ? I have uploaded a lot of photos onto my website if you have any Photos/Memories you would be willing to add that would be fantatstic, my website address is

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by JOHNNYBOY 01 March, 2015 14:55

I remember walking home from Heber road school about 1960/1962 in the thick smog, I had a piece of old white sheet that my Nan had given me in the morning to wrap around my nose & mouth, you could hardly see your hand in front of your face, I started at Heber Road School about 1956/57

Don's sweet shop was always handy if you wanted some sherbert pips, potato puffs, fruit salad's, bubble gum, gobstoppers, sweet tobacco and all of those other wonderful sweets, I remember on the opposite corner to Don;s the wall attached to the corner house had broken glass cemented on top of the wall, I cut my hands on it once, the last time I looked it was still there.

Miss Dyson was my Teacher for the first two years, what a lovely person she was, anyone remember her ? I still have some of my old school reports. Mr Regan was a bully, he used to hit me on top of my head with a clenched fist and his rings would dig into my head, one time he lifted me up off of the floor by my ears, I had to go to the hospital after that, he was very lucky he didn't have to after my Dad had a word, Keith Regan, his son, was also in my class.

I Never stayed for school dinners, I always went to my other Nan & Grandad's in Whatley Road for dinner at lunchtime.

I remember Roy Daniels, Andrew Gould, Tony Randall, Julie Thorn, Sandra Legon.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Martipe 04 March, 2015 16:38

I attended Heber School in the 50's as did my Brother Colin.
Our Father also went to the school as did my 2 sons.
We lived in Frien Road and we both made many friends during our time there.
Good memories.
My Teacher was Mrs Baket

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Penguin68 04 March, 2015 16:46

ADMIN - there have been some really great sets of social history posts in recent years, is there any chance that these could be specifically archived? - not as a new forum area for new posts, but just as a set of links - I believe that social and history researchers could find this a really useful asset. People like computedshorty are research gold, believe me. Although it's possible to search the site for these things, you already have to know the site's value and, well, history to know what to look for.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Goodrich36 04 March, 2015 21:39

I went to Heber Road school in 1966 when I was about 5 and also attended the Juniors. I think my first teacher was called Mrs Newson. I remember crying over my milk and biscuits on my first day. I remember in assembly the headmistress had a hymn book that had a gold cover I couldn't stop staring at that book, not sure why. I remember a girl being sick all over me one morning in assembly and I had to wear "dressing up clothes" all morning while my dress dried on the school keepers fence - don't think my mum ever believed that! I can remember in the playground to the right of the entrance gate there was the big shelter held up with metal bars and everyone swinging on those metal bars in the morning and at playtime. I can also remember 3 or 4 coal bunkers to the left of the gate which we used to try and climb on. My sister who was a little over 2yrs older than me also went to Heber as did my brother 6yrs younger than me. I know at one time my sister had Miss Graver as a teacher and one morning in winter my mum took me into school late after having a doctors appointment and my sister was in the playground in her vest and knickers doing PE. It was freezing and Miss Graver was wearing her sheepskin coat, scarf and gloves and my mum ordered my sister to go inside and get dressed whereby there was an argument between Miss Graver and mum! When I was in the juniors I know Mr Stevenson was headmaster, I can remember Mrs Pearson who played the piano, Mrs Parsons who had a baby and I think left, Miss Girling who had long ginger hair and I think I remember a Mr Beaston? In the juniors Miss Graver was my class teacher and I was also in The Unit which I think was experimental where all the classrooms were knocked down to make one big long classroom. I remember a film crew coming in making a film on The Unit and being shown on TV. We seemed to be left to work at our own pace through exercise books but I don't think anyone kept tabs on whether you did or didn't. In my case I preferred playing all day with my best friend Susan Mustafa. My other friend was Pat Randall and I can remember Tony Magee, Gary Johnston and Timothy Moore. I don't think I learned an awful lot in the juniors and when we were told we would be doing the 11 plus the following week it didn't really mean a lot. If you passed it you went to a grammar school if you failed it you went to the comprehensive. Simple. No stress. I went on to go to Friern. My sister went to Peckham Girls and my brother to Kingsdale. We lived in Goodrich rd there was a shop at the end called Blackmores, owned by Mr Blackmore this sold sweets and also useful things like plasters! However I do remember Mr Blackmore died and I don't remember it opening as a shop again. At the other end - Crystal Palace rd end there was at one time a bakery on one side and The Castle pub on the other. Opposite the bakery (which did close and become a house) was a fish and chip shop, next to another sweet shop which became known as Ally's. Found memories of the school, Goodrich Road and East Dulwich. It was a great place to grow up.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Martin-Bailey 04 March, 2015 23:41

Everyone seems to remember their time at Heber Road through an affectionate mist. I was there 1950-54, and certainly wasn't unhappy; Mr Hatton could be an inspirational teacher when the mood was on him. When it wasn't, he could show a vicious temper. East Dulwich was a deprived part of a very shabby London, and we came from homes that would seem miserably poor and uncomfortable by today's standards.
There could be a hidden, nasty side to life at Heber Road. The teachers plainly thought theselves a cut above the children. Physical punishments were frequently and arbitrarily imposed on pupils - boys, at any rate. Casual wallops and cuffs by some of the teachers, canings by the headmaster Mr Hester, were commonplace. I still have a vivid memory of a scene I didn't understand at the time, and about which I have never spoken to anyone - not my parents, not my wife from whom I have few secrets, not a glum psychotherapist whom I saw many decades later (not that it was relevant but it would have cheered him up professionally). At the end of each summer term a party would go to "school Camp". I went, with many of my year, to a shabby dump in Surrey called Sayers Croft. It was like a grubby, run down military establishment with buildings like Nissen Huts. A teacher slept in each hut, and we children had bunks in long dormitories. One evening we were ordered to shower, and Mr Hatton supervised a dozen naked little boys while we sploshed about cleaning ourselves. Very necessary, no doubt, but I have never forgotten a look of extraordinary fascination that came over Mr Hatton's face as he watched us oh so intently. I felt horribly uncomfortable. As far as I know, he did nothing to anyone; I didn't understand what it was about; I mentioned it to no-one. He was a very musical man; in his spare time he was a church organist (first rate) and choir master. No doubt he had dealings with many little boys. I hope he kept his feelings under control, and maybe this in some way explains his temper.
I also recall another teacher called Mr Welch who made a practice of terrifying and ridiculing his pupils. He had been a sub-mariner during the Second World War; no doubt he'd seen some terrible sights just a few years before I first encountered him, but that was no excuse for such bullying behaviour towards small children. Hard to imagine a less suitable person to allow in a class room. To my horror, he turned up at my secondary school, where his behaviour remained as unpleasant as at Heber Road. At least he was consistent!

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by the-e-dealer 05 March, 2015 11:03

Is it ok to say this about Mr Hatton? Admin?

Nor do I

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Martin-Bailey 05 March, 2015 11:35

I thought very hard about this, The-e-dealer, but felt that truth about the past is a very complicated matter and Heber Road School in the 1950s was no exception.
I've always thought Mr Hatton was (for me at least) one of those very few teachers that can unlock their pupils' potential. He was also a much more complex man than one might have thought. Please note I am not retrospectively claiming he actually molested anyone, but that there was a dark side to his character just as there was a dark side to the School. On the whole I enjoyed life at Heber Road; I had challenging teaching from Mr Hatton and made some good friends. Indeed, where are they now, David Weedon (nephew of Bert, the famous guitarist), Neil Evans, Roger Cook, Paul Vining...

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Penguin68 05 March, 2015 11:37

If he is dead, you can say anything you like. If he is not, as long as you have accused him of nothing criminal (and he hasn't been accused of anything criminal) then I cannot see that there are grounds for action - if the event described was invented out of whole cloth (i.e. simply wasn't true) there might be a case, but I am not sure what it would be.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by the-e-dealer 05 March, 2015 11:56

The family might also have a stake. I just don't know but I do know admin is careful!

Nor do I

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Penguin68 05 March, 2015 12:55

The family might be upset, but they have no legal dog in this fight.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Charles Martel 06 March, 2015 01:23

> [...]
> Miss Dyson was my Teacher for the first two years,
> what a lovely person she was, anyone remember her ?

Yes I remember Miss Dyson from Top Team at Heber when I was there 73 77. She was a great teacher. She had a brother who had a open topped sports car. Once when our class went on a school trip to Devon her brother took me and another boy down to Devon in his car rather than go on the coach with the rest of the class. It was an outstanding trip. He drove at 100mph at times, laughing and pointing this out to us on the speedo. We went past Stonehenge then stopped off at the Fleet Air Arm museum.

> Mr Regan was a bully, he used to hit me on top of my
> head with a clenched fist and his rings would dig
> into my head, one time he lifted me up off of the
> floor by my ears, I had to go to the hospital
> after that, he was very lucky he didn't have to
> after my Dad had a word, Keith Regan, his son, was
> also in my class.

I remember Mr Regan. As I recall he was PE teacher who also ran the pottery kiln that was in the Jennings building. I still have a pottery piggy bank I made in his class. I don't remember him as a bully, but maybe he had mellowed by the mid 70s when I was at Heber. I did see Mr Regan get beaten up very badly by the brother of a pupil he had slippered. To date it is the worse act of violence I have personally witnessed anywhere. The boy's brother just walked into the classroom and knocked Mr Regan down with a series of punches to the face then kicked him across the floor. Mr Regan was left drenched in his own blood. I vividly remember how it gushed from his mouth and nose soaking his shirt. The boy and his brother departed as quickly as they had arrived. Mr Regan was away from the school for several months after the attack.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by jaydee1847 25 May, 2015 19:48

I am the brother of Miss Dyson (now Mrs Anne Ncheke living in Lesotho) mentioned above.
I do not remember ever having an open top sports car - in the years 73-77, only MK1 Cortina. Are you sure it was not slightly later when I had a bright read Ford Fiesta 1100 cc with tilt/sliding/removable roof? I can certainly remeber the journey but am not sure if any car I owned at the time could do 100mph.
I have forwared the address of this web site to my sister and she may well reply.
There is a possibility she may be comong over to London later in the summer

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Old Gold 06 April, 2016 17:30

Hello prefabgirl . I was just casually browsing the web looking for Heber school and found this website - fascinating after so many years . I was in the same form as you ( Mrs Sanderson's )after having been in Miss Rabbatts class for the first two years at Heber .I remember Valerie , Susan and Julie and the other girl was Elaine Voisin. Susan was my country dancing partner.There were 11 boys and 31 girls in the class I believe . Other names I recall are Sarah Haunton ,Brenda Search ,Sandra ?,Alison ? also , weren't there loads of Susans ? Of the boys ; Richard Wood ,Graham Ryder , Robert Irving , John Burchall , Maxwell Gross , Christopher Muscio ,John Wells .It's weird hitting 65 or more and yet Heber seems like only a few years ago ( I realise I'm kidding myself ).

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