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messageEDF/eon Reps
Posted by Ms T 28 July, 2009 16:42

Yesterday, it was EDF and, today, eon and I'm getting really fed up with having to justify why I do not wish to change my energy supplier. Why the sudden surge? (No pun intended).

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by HonaloochieB 28 July, 2009 17:01

Why do youhave to justify anything?
Politely decline, if that doesn't work try the 'sod off' option.

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by SeanMacGabhann 28 July, 2009 17:08

no sudden surge - well, not a first anyway. they have been doing this since the markets were opened up. On the day I moved in 8 years ago I was doorstopped twice

Like all sales forces there will be cycles of heavy pushing tho - and they don't take "no" very easily

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by the-e-dealer 28 July, 2009 17:48

Tell them you don't use Electricity - I do this for phones Gas Electricity TV etc. If they dont understand explain politely that you are a Mormon!

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messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by Loz 28 July, 2009 18:45

Are you near ED station by any chance? I've had a couple of people ringing the doorbell in the last day or so. I don't bother answering as I can see from the upstairs window that they are selling something. (Shoulder bag, clipboard, name badge).

Persistent buggers, too. They come around a couple of times in the day, seeing if you are back.

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by danrees 28 July, 2009 19:52

Tell them to bugger off. Unfair on the poor individual, but the only way these companies will learn.

I had Sky call me last night offering me an extended warranty on my Digibox which I apparently now own. I quoted the Sale of Goods Act at them ("fit for purpose") and clearly sent the guy off his script.

Besides, even if my box broke down do Sky really think I am going to pay them for the privilege of replacing it? If they won't replace it, I'll just cancel...

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by computedshorty 28 July, 2009 20:09


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messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by dbboy 28 July, 2009 22:28

Some months ago we had a persistent @#$%& from Southern Electricity being a pain trying to sell electricity and gas, saying all the neighbours had already switched and so should I. He was quickly encouraged to move on.

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by Ms T 29 July, 2009 08:35

Thank's everyone. the finger smiley

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by Moos 29 July, 2009 09:13

Ms T Wrote:
> Yesterday, it was EDF ....

Honestly, Admin, leave the poor punters alone. If they want to donate, they will!

messageRe: EDF/eon Reps
Posted by Xanadustar 29 July, 2009 10:08

danrees - the Sky box warrenty thing is a scam. The people who call you are not from Sky but from some dodgy company trying to make you feel paranoid about your Sky box and how much it would cost you if it broke down and had to be repaired/replaced. They got me a couple of years ago and I foolishly signed up (the thought of being without my beloved box sent me into paroxisms of fear!) I cancelled the agreement within 14 days and got my money back, but if they called again I'd give them short shrift.

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