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Thames Water (essential work in your area)


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louisiana Wrote:


> Looks like Thames Water has chosen a rather odd

> moment to notify some of us of "essential work in

> your area".


> On this road, we've got the water off for 6 hours

> on Wednesday 6th. YMMV.

Sorry, but why is this an odd moment? Essential works have to be done at various times of the year - or it could even be that the latest very low temperatures have caused some additional damage that needs work all of a sudden.

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peterstorm, I'm sure that essential and/or urgent works have to be carried out at all times of year. We've had water spewing for days and weeks on end at various spots in this neck of the woods, repeatedly, every winter, week in week out, month in month out. Every winter except this one. Indeed, the lack of water spewing out this winter has been so remarkable that it has been the subject of local dinner party conversation over the last couple of weeks.

This seems to be more 'planned works' than the other kind (they gave a lot of notice AND there is for a change no water streaming down the various local roads to seemingly precipitate the action).

And given that the consequence of TW digging up the road here often seems to be that fresh streams of leaks are created, I await the upcoming works with interest.

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made some phonecalls. work was delayed because of gas works in lordship lane. area involved immediately is lordship lane between overhill and dunstans rds. outstanding work on defective control valves on a 42inch diameter pipe with a big big hole in dunstans rd and yes you may have guessed it half road closure to lordship lane with traffic lights AGAIN.
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It didn't seem to happen on Wednesday as promised but today the contractors have decended like vultures of doom on Lordship Lane and have torn their first hole. (The fact that vultures usually open their prey by thrusting their heads up a rear facing orifice and pulling the insides out is not meant to be derogatory to anyone living in Lordship Lane)(A friend told me this. I said,"Rectum?" "No!" was the reply, "Just missed 'em. I can still have children").
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