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Where the heck is Macon Court?


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Hello folks

I may be laughed down as being a bit daft, but as a relative newbie to the area I would hate it for people to go without their christmas cards.

We've had one erroneously delivered to us which should have gone to Macon Court. Anyone have any idea where on earth that is?


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Oh, we do love a mystery!

Address on the envelope is:

X Macon Court

X The Gardens

SE22 9GG

SE22 9QG is The Gardens (hence why it was delivered here, I'd imagine), but I'd definitely say the postcode is written as 9GG. There's no Macon Court near The Gardens as far as I can see/ know...and certainly not at this number.

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During the development process, large parts of ED were punted out to builders in approximately 15m wide blocks.

In places like what is now Crawthew Grove this means that every 3 houses were built to a similar floor plan, but with slightly different trimmings. Hence you can look up and see designs on original door and window lintels that differ every three houses.

Not only this, but each block of three houses had a different street name.. "Rose Terrace", "Honeysuckle Rise"

Just after the turn of the 20th century it was getting really quite daft, so all these terraces were renamed as one - Crawthew Grove in that case.

The whole of the East and West sides of Oakhurst Grove were made out of two adjacent back gardens. The original manor house of the East side is the one on the corner of East Dulwich Road opposite what used to be a fish and chip shop. If they haven't pulled it down recently.

I suspect that the multiple names of the houses on the Gardens were down to the same thing.

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