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Nuisance hedges - BBC Documentary


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Slow ideas day?

We thought about it, came up with hedges being a totally hilarious subject, and now we're clean out of ideas.

Some one had a wonderfully funny story about sewage, but it was crap.

Then we had one about a library, but it got shushed.

Hedge funds might be a laugh unless you've put your money in one.

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Hmm, not quite sure. If the milkman was upset by one and he took it out on a customer who took it out on a cashier in the bank who took it out the till operator in the shop on the way home from work and she took it out on me when I bought my bread, then I suppose so. What fee is involved?

PS Why not just rerun Hairy Women.........I missed it first time?

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I would have thought you would most likely find huge hedges in suburbia. They have far more space and more provincial minds.

One case in Lincolnshire was a courtroom battle for several years to get the hedge cut, finally the neighbours got their way and cut it down, only to find a second huge hedge planted a metre inside the first one.

I think it's unlikely for this subject to create much hilarity, as the perpetrators of such hedges are such selfish cretins, and their sparring partners are whingeing anal retentives.

I wish you luck with your project, I fear you will need it to maintain your ratings.

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That looked o.k to me Lilith.

If a different angle on hedges cpould be made,it would be more interesting,I couldnt sit through yet another crackpot

neighbour feud ,just because one of them is a control freak. Lots of those have been on the tv.

Rather see topiary and more futuristic type projects with hedges and gardens,and some thought given to wild life.

You sure your project manager has not got a beef with his neighbours hedge and wants to do some point scoring.

Education in life is what we need, not education in strife.

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